Italy stops intubating the over 60s with coronavirus

Well, it looks as if Spain (see below) and Italy have pretty much fallen to coronavirus, and since we are likely to be in much the same position, my siblings must be peeing their pants! Far be it from me to remind them of their behaviour when it was their parents in the same position.

Saying that people over 60 will not be intubated means they will not get access to a ventilator, since you will inevitably need this explained to you.

Iain Duncan Smith falls into this category, so I propose that he goes first with a demonstration of leadership in our Logan’s Run future.  We can all decide whether we want to do it based upon his results. Until that time, we look forward to his demonstration of living on 94 quid a week, but only after 5 weeks of living on nothing at all.

Likewise, I imagine all conservative voters might also want to demonstrate to us how mild their symptoms are by turning down any potential treatment in order to establish their belief in survival of the fittest and herd immunity. Wouldn’t want the country to waste any money.

I imagine workers in the NHS, so keen to follow orders and finish off people’s relatives as they are in my experience, must be quite shocked to discover that they are not automatically immune from decisions from the top, further that scientific advice is not always pleasant or correct.

I may return to work this week, as I have a lot more freedom if I do, but I will see how I feel.  I am lucky to have many options in our changing landscape.

Expect an increase in recruitment for replacement police and NHS very shortly, and those of you who are out of work need not worry, as the crops will need to be tended to come the spring.

Again, please review the figures for Japan and South Korea for the error which has still not been dealt with to resolve this as quickly as possible.




as predicted – Spain



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So I was asked what I think about Boris Johnson

Some think tank asked for my humble opinion – here we go:

Boris has been honest with the public and treated them like adults. We now know for a fact that this is a social engineering project devised by some easy life paternalist conservatives who want to be more lethal than Iain Duncan Smith. We know this because Boris told us. For that he will forever be my hero.

You could argue that this is a kinder way to kill the sick, disabled and elderly than having them go into hospital and not come out because they have been ‘misdiagnosed’ with dementia (31% increase in a year of death by Alzheimers’ in Scotland a couple of years ago) or because they have been judged to be economically unviable by three consultants, as happened to two members of my family. Social engineering is not new in the UK.

Having said that, he should have made clear to the NHS staff that they were to be at least partially responsible for their own PPE, that the virus was a very real threat and that issues with procurement in the NHS meant that if the government were not prepared to stock up on supplies, regional NHS would have to relax the rules in order to maintain equipment supplies.

Finally, he was evidently also misadvised on symptoms and transmission, exemplified by the fateful handshake of hospitalized patients, and seems also to have had no idea how much danger he was putting his pregnant bit of tedious tory totty in. We could also have saved ourselves billions of pounds and many thousands of lives by being advised to wear mask, goggles and gloves in January rather than shutting the country down to keep up with the international Joneses in case the figures look too brutal.

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Here is what no masks mean

No masks mean that you could be infecting up to sixty thousand people and still not know that you have Coronavirus.  If you do not cover the source of infection, you are exhaling your poison all over everyone else.

No masks means that the police are likely to become infected, leading to a situation like this:

200 NYPD officers down with Coronavirus in one day

No masks is the reason Japan, South Korea have a lower death rate and have flattened their curve. Have a look at the figures.

The peak is not likely until towards the end of April, so you are causing the problem TODAY.

No mask = no brain.

Also I take issue with these pictures of surgical gloves being circulated by mistaken and stupid people in the NHS, who apparently see this as a power grabbing opportunity.  Rubber gloves, which go past the wrist are perfectly adequate and a lot more practical for sanitizing purposes. It makes no sense at all to expose people to infecting others when it is unnecessary.

If I as a chef had turned up without proper protective equipment, I would not have been working at all.  There is no reason why you cant use a computer.

Apparently you don’t like having a functional economy.  I can’t help you with this level of stupidity and greed.

Wearing proper protective gear isn’t all about you.  It is about the people you breathe on.  It would also be a good idea to cover the rest of you too.


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So now you have Coronavirus…..

Give up meat, wheat, cheese, potatoes, milk products and sugar. If you must have them at all, make it every second day and focus on maximum bang for the buck.  Black pudding is good, supermarket chicken is not.  You get the idea.  Fish is also fine.

Replace anything you have given up with fruit and vegetables.  A whole pineapple is not difficult if you put it in a smoothie or dream up whatever suits you as ways of consuming it.  Coconut cream you may have, cream or milk you may not.

If you want to invest in some amla, raw chocolate and blueberries, do that, they are also good.

No coffee but white tea is fine.  You want as much fibre and antioxidants as you can get.

Get a chewable vitamin c, and if you are able to, chew at least one every three hours.  You will go through a lot.

Make some friars balsam, if you cannot find it, with storax and benzoin.  Put it in a pan and use it as an expectorant.  You want to get the temperature in your nose and throat up a few degrees, so take your time and use a towel over your head.

Sleep a lot.  And now some more. Eat something of the above when you wake up as your lymphatic system will be working very hard.

Avoid stress as the headaches will come back and you will be less physically able to cope.

Use protective wear for at least forty days after you feel well enough to return to the public as you are still infectious.

I am sick of telling people to cover their hands, nose, eyes and mouth.  Sick of it.  Why are people so fucking stupid?


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Whazzap Bojo

Saw you were in, don’t know what you want. I presume you want a less irritated answer to very simple things which appear to be confounding your alleged experts.

Here is your list of shit to do.

If I was you, I would get NHS regional procurement onto Alibaba and sort out the PPE without the usual process. This is a procurement rather than a supply side issue.

I would also be making a speech recommending Vitamin C/fruit and that the public should get themselves industrial masks and rubber gloves to avoid any supply clashes. They will have to find their own way of covering their eyes.

Besides that, sanitizer is far more cost efficient to make. I have about 8 litres because I made it myself.

Don’t throw too much more money at this, as once we can get people to mask, goggle and glove, the medium term issue is vastly reduced.  Oh thanks for the lame business help, that is wonderful, not.

If they can’t manage to show sufficient responsibility to protect each other, then I am sure you will get Vallance’s required infection rate and more. I would suggest you deal with that issue before it deals with you.

Experimenting with expectorants at the moment, update will be later this week.

I see the USA is really winning this week.  Go Team America! We do not want to come first in this race.

Stay well,


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Well now you know how I’ve felt since 2003

Coronavirus interactive map from FT

Feel free to click above for the reason you are stuck in your house and the economy is about to go haywire.

Japanese and South Koreans had their masks on the first day.  They arent irresponsible, filthy braggards like Americans and the English, hence judged incapable of following instructions and sent to bed without tea.

If you have not got yourself an easy to sanitize pair of rubber gloves, some large goggles and a mask by now, I suggest you get one so we can all get on with the rest of our lives.  Here is a helpful site to assist you in making your own mask, since apparently the NHS are demanding that people risk their lives because they have insufficient supplies, despite said supplies being readily available online.

Apparently people who take the flu jab are also at considerably more risk than everyone else, which makes me rather suspicious since I was asked not two weeks before the story broke whether I wanted one.  No thank you, I replied.  I am not a subscriber to funded for profit science.

Vitamin C is also now proving helpful in New York as well as China. Again stuff you all, I am not conforming to become a stupid aggressive moron like the people I met in Waitrose, of all places, last week. Asda is very civilised in comparison.

Being stuck in the house for several years taking care of my mother and father has its advantages.  I am well used to being in lockdown, for one thing, and I have several resources to draw upon to make it profitable.

Other people are not fortunate enough to have disgusting relatives who gossip about them and abuse them every time they blink, so they may be finding this more of a struggle than I am.  Poor things.

It is particularly unfortunate to be in lockdown in Spain apparently, especially if you are a pensioner.  I receive reports directly from hospitals and people who live there and neither sounds desirable.

The lockdown will weaken fairly quickly however, so you can get back to shopping.  Off licenses and large chain retailers are now essential even as I write this.  Business however, needs to change.  I work all over the world.  There is no reason why you cannot do the same.


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For Little Shiva and Boris re coronavirus in London

OK boys, I know neither of you like to take advice, but here is what I’ve got, based upon Wuhan, Italy and my contact in Slovenia who is the editor responsible for coronavirus there.  I have put together an action plan for you, because I would rather you didn’t die.

  1.  Boost your immune system.  Eat a whole pineapple every day for your lungs, take vitamin C every three to four hours, do everything you can to consume more fresh vegetables along with whatever else you shovel down.
  2. Get a mask, minimum PPT 2.5, preferably with attached sealed goggles.  Welding goggles are ideal as they seal in the eye cavity, which can also become infected.
  3. Wear gloves.  It is not always possible to wash your hands or sanitize them as often as you would like, so wear gloves as much as possible when you are near other people.  When you are on your own, you can take them off so that you can again wash your hands and play with your face etc as much as you like, before again washing them to put gloves on again.
  4. Cover as much of yourself as possible, and put your clothes into the washing machine as soon as you get home.
  5. Bleach every surface and if not busy make yourself some sanitizer from aloe, alcohol and glycerin.
  6. Try to maintain distance from other people, but when this is not possible, your mask and goggles should be on.
  7. Break into a sweat at least once a day, masturbate a lot, poop as much as possible and use youtube to learn further lymphatic drainage techniques as this is important to your immune system.
  8. Use benzoin as an expectorant with steam.  Breath this in daily at least once, making use of a towel and a pan of steam. You may also wish to consider some lungwort tea.
  9. Get some carbolic soap.

Ignore the government’s scientific advice on not bothering with the above as they apparently don’t actually know anything.  Either that or they want you to expire.  I would rather you didn’t



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Masks that actually work


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A Critical Look at Coronavirus – we have questions

Ok, so I have been chatting with some other people who aren’t stupid, and we all smell some pretty major rats with the way this is being handled, for many reasons:

The information being given to the public does not relate to the anecdotal information.  Whilst this is common in situations where some of the people involved suffer from ‘science’ snobbery – as in they believe that their epistomology is superior to everybody else’s – we don’t quite understand how this could be mishandled to the degree it appears to have been.

According to the information most people seem to have, there is no point in wearing a mask because it is ineffective.  This is a bit like saying condoms are ineffective.  Clearly a virus originating in the nose and mouth should be prevented by covering your nose and mouth.  Why nobody that is not Victorian or Korean accepts this I do not know.  I would have thought that it would make sense to even the stupidest person, but apparently not. It is also far easier to effectively clean a nice smooth glove than it is to get into every crevice of your hand, so whilst washing them is nice, wash them and then put them in a glove and wash them again.

Coronavirus also has an incubation period, which varies according to your immune system.  Whilst your average Joe incubates it for five days, a healthy person can incubate it for far longer.  (I once delayed the onset of shingles by three weeks because of my knowledge of nutritional health, for an example of delaying the onset of a full blown virus)  This means in the case of coronavirus that you could be cheerfully spreading it for up to forty or so days without knowing it.   Clearly the only answer to this issue is to mask and glove up to protect others rather than messing about with training yourself not to touch anything.

The official line is that you are looking out for a fever and dry cough.  This is far too late.  All the available anecdotal information that I looked at indicates that you are actually looking out for a sore throat, tiredness and travelling headaches.  This is approximately a week earlier than any potential fever and dry cough.  So are we to understand that you actually want people to spread this disease and recover from it without knowing that you had it?

Why is Sir Patrick Vallance still Chief Scientific adviser when he induced the Prime Minister to make a speech which would normally add up to career suicide?  Why would you still listen to someone who appears to be delibarately misunderstanding the nature of a virus which is known to repeatedly infect the same person?  You would have to be a complete numpty to suggest any herd immunity solutions to this, or perhaps a hardline Tory who has never experienced any real difficulties in his life and who does not value ‘useless eaters.’

I also question this lockdown idea.  This would seem to be a lethally stupid economic idea and a trigger for a number of changes to civil liberties which are entirely undesirable and which neither I, nor any far sighted individual would countenance for a second. This may be a novel virus, but the practical solutions to it are all well documented by the Victorians, who had thousands of respiratory infections and oodles of experience with pneumonia. Why is this not being entertained?  It is not even possible to question anyone about it, far less propose an alternative.

I also wonder why the public are being discouraged from boosting their immune system, since this affects immunocompromised people.  Why would you do this? This ought to be a golden opportunity to remind people that their diet ought to be of huge concern.

Are we to assume that this is all a series of huge errors of judgement, not from our government, but from everyone’s?  If so, it is definitely time, dear reader, to join a political party or perhaps start a new one.


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Is this the Coronavirus we’ve been waiting for?

I do wonder, seeing the effects of this virus on the masses, whether this is the virus the hippies and conspiracy theorists have been waiting for?  It is certainly sorting the sheep from the goats.

Went to the supermarket today, and it was a sea of unthinking faces.  They are still over-shopping, to the extent that you cannot expect to get some products from the supermarkets at all, and yet only four out of a thousand people had managed to cover their face.

Tried to talk to some middle-aged authors about this on facebook, and apparently they believe that because masks and gloves have been written off as ineffective, they do not need to bother with them as these things will afford them no protection.

Since the source of the infection appears to be airborne via one’s nose and mouth, this does not give me much hope that it is safe for any socially conscious person to be out.  It doesn’t matter how much protection you do of the public, if they are too stupid to participate there is then only a little sanitizer between you and disaster.

Alas it does take some time to get one’s full equipment, and so I await about 30 PPT2.5 masks for my current loved ones, who have very important elderly people in their midst and who, like me, do not particularly want to have coronavirus.

I am now looking at videos of people literally brawling over toilet paper and wondering if their premature deaths are a bad thing?

I am also wondering why Patrick Vallance is still being listened to, since apparently he cannot manage to muster the social conscience to protect the public or offer useful advice beyond “Let us kill the useless eaters!”  It may be Conservative to the core, but it isnt  very compassionate, now is it?

On the other hand, I have to say I do not share the miserable selfish stupid people’s disrespect for government at present, the conservatives and SNP alike have had a very rocky boat of late, and yet again have been rocked by a new crisis.  I think so far it is all going rather well, in terms of illustrating just how dependent they are on good advice and how hard the decision making process has to be.

This would have been a lot simpler in wartime, when we would have simply been putting mattresses out in the schools and pulling together to ensure that the little darlings that are most likely to survive and infect other people are segregated from the people actually doing the work.

Instead we have people claiming that it doesn’t affect them, so they don’t give a shit about infecting other people.

Looks like Vallance will get at least his 60 percent.

In the meantime if you are over 40 or so, you can die, it’s fine.  We now live in Logan’s Run.

To be honest, looking at some of the people marching about elbowing each other out of the way for milk and toilet paper and not giving a damn about other folk, I’m OK with your death, to be honest.  There are a good few conservative voters in that crowd however, you might want to take a look at that.


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