Haram Bawbag on schedule

Working all day on the base for Haram Bawbag.  It is looking fairly good, and is about halfway there.

Now considering my new piece of work, so will be drawing for the rest of the night so that I can start on it tomorrow.  It involves some additional skill, since the exquisite male this time has an actual clue about aesthetics for a change.

I think once Little Shiva, Haram Bawbag and the new piece of work is complete I will have established a more developed level, so I will probably do some promotional materials.

It is very interesting at the moment, working on pieces with such diverse inspiration.

Little Shiva is heavily Indian, to the point that some visitors to the mela stopped by at the weekend and asked about it, which was lovely and way better than Muriel Gray.  It is taking my textile work to a whole new level, although neither embroiderers nor other textile artists will recognise the path at all.  It is more of a feat of stamina than skill as the stitches are fairly simple.  I am wary of going too far down the route of intricate embroidery as it is neither practical nor particularly marketable.

Haram Bawbag is very decorative, and is intended as a story.  It expresses the effects of disorder on relationships as well as being outrageously female and quite dark, although you would need a trained eye to spot it.  The title is hugely culturally important and I am grateful to my Muslim friends for giving me the thumbs up for it.

The new piece, which has no name so far is commercial in nature but strays into a new realm – a lot of different skills are required for it, but as the recipient of this piece is a very elegant individual, I have to think in a different way to make it work.  I am channelling William Morris, Mucha and Klimt a little, although to be reasonable I have to simplify it a great deal although this dude is kind of important to me so my brain is running a bit wild right now.

It is extremely good fun I have to say, although I am feeling a little frazzled and am missing my coffee.  I am having to detoxify a little as I do not tolerate stimulants all that well.

Back shortly once I have topped up my vit c and raw chocolate quotient and moved this work to a satisfactory point.

Much affection,


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General update on stuff

Last Sunday I got a passing visit from Muriel Gray, who was out doing a 10k.  This Sunday I will be parking in a different spot.

Adding some entirely new features to Little Shiva, which are taking some time.

Haven’t done any resin work this week as I am awaiting a decent ventilation mask to prevent the fume inhalation, which is a significant problem.  This puts about five pieces of work behind, so I think I will be making this a priority on Monday or so.

Not really thinking about anything apart from getting the businesses started and moving the artwork on.  I am aware that I am very behind with my writing, but sometimes this makes things better.  I like to employ a kind of balancing act between thinking and creating.

Multitudinous problems with the new artwork, including two days of graphics work lost because my friend’s mac died, which is tooth-grindingly annoying.  This means we will have to spend more time redoing it on mine, with attendant shouting.

Bawbag doing a  bit of lurking. Pretending not to notice.

Think I will do some remedial work on Pritti Patel this week as I do not currently like it.

Digging jazz at the moment, hepcats.



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Like a rabbit in headlights

For the benefit of my younger readers, you never grow out of being tongue tied. I forsee my downfall as being tiny, irate and having very good taste, particularly in coffee. I hope to regain my ability to speak shortly.

Got the glass guy, so Haram Bawbag will be proceeding in a couple of weeks.  I will work on the 3d mosaic in the meantime.

Adding a kind of renaissance Venetian effect to Little Shiva’s throne, which is taking an amazing amount of time.  Got a great deal on some incredible Italian yarn, so that will send things up a notch or ten.

Bought most of the stuff for the new project, and am awaiting delivery.  Twisty is tidying up the quick and dirty graphics work I had done thus far, so we should have a nice sharp image to work from shortly.

Apart from that, trying to improve my sleeping ability.  Wrote to Boris, but I think I may have to try via another route.  Should he spare the minute to drop by, I was not planning on making it a public gift, so please do not worry about the title.

I think I may write the Angel story shortly.



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One tongue left

I have a little extra work to do on the penultimate tongue, and one more tongue to do when I return to my spot next weekend.

Seem to have run out of work for the software giant and still waiting to hear about two or three new jobs.

In the meantime, I am trying to develop a couple of other plans, so today I went to another branch of my favourite coffee shop to scope it out.  I am satisfied that there is room for the new idea.

I think what I learned from the Haram Bawbag episode is that my standards are significantly higher than the level I have mistakenly gone for.  I am still probably not doing what I should be doing, however it is better to do things for people who don’t expect it and who might possibly appreciate it, rather than wasting time on people who appreciate nothing and have absolutely no clue what commitment or knowledge is.

I am going to see if I can find the glass dude tomorrow, as he does not seem inclined to call me.  If that doesn’t work, I can go to one of the back up suppliers as I cannot move the real Haram Bawbag on until I have the glass in my hot little hands.

Swithering over the Trishul issue, as I had to deal with a few other problems in the meantime.

Once I have finished the french knots and eye of Shiva I have to do next, I will be working on the small bag and shoe collection, so I still have a lot to do regardless of anything else.

Now I need to sift through tripadvisor and find a suitable photograph to work from.  I may be some time.

Feeling a bit sick and ill, but I think it is probably just the after effects of being terrorized by a nutter.

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Today’s post

Well another long long day is not quite over as I now have to do my other job.  I have the same 15 hour day tomorrow.  It is kind of tiring.

Bawbag seems to be amassing quite a lot of new flying monkeys, which is quite hilarious as you drive down the street and hear people ask fascinating questions about what could possibly be in my wool boxes.

The boxes are full of wool.  You need wool if you are stitching wool items.

We are all very sorry that you have to obey the law the same as absolutely everybody else who lives here.  We should obviously also apologise for existing without permission.

On a happier note, have formed a reasonable picture of what I want to do with the new artwork.

Got a lot of work done today as it was quiet, hoping to get the tongues finished to the next stage by the end of tomorrow.

Should you wish to see the post I removed in case it was upsetting for you, I still have it here set to private. You need only ask.

Oh that’s right you can’t.

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Today’s fun

Things went well this morning, awaiting news of how they pan out.

Quite committed to the new artwork now, am soaking up the delightful coffee shop concerned.  He has very specific taste so I am keeping the new item on the back burner just now whilst I work on the existing stuff, which is very resiny.

French knots going well, but I need more gold MORE GOLD MORE GOLD

Took yesterday’s post down as Bawbag is troubled enough without my assistance.

Still stuck in my spot for the moment.

Have a lot of paperwork and decorating to do, and this is intense garden month, so I may go a bit quiet.

I will pick up some wood tomorrow I think, I need a good stable base for the new Haram Bawbag.

Found a glass expert so I am hoping to hear from him tomorrow.

Very happy. Had a lovely chat with a nice middle eastern woman and am plotting my aesthetic seduction of the tiniest little man ever.

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Stalked again

Being stalked again.  This is tiresome.

I really just work all the time.  It isn’t that fascinating, so you might as well find something else to do.

I haven’t been in a relationship for about 8 years, so there are no scurrilous things you are likely to find out. My self-esteem doesn’t depend on whether anybody finds me attractive or not.

I’m not living a particularly exciting life externally.  I find that life is exciting enough without putting in too much effort.

On the plus side, I am in demand, and am working hard on a few things I had no time to do previously due to my unfortunate habit of having a life.

I am busy for the forseeable future, so if you want anything you will just have to bite the bullet and ask like a normal human. I don’t get my jollies from playing stupid games with people.  It is boring and takes up too much time.

I have moved the promotional side of things along a bit, so we will see how much of a difference that makes.  Still not in a tearing hurry, but I have a lot of interesting plans.

May take myself out for a laugh.

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Money means there is nothing wrong with you

I have several people with Cluster B issues that like to pretend they are in my life.

They all have one thing in common – they all believe that money means there is nothing wrong with them and everybody else exists for their benefit.

Sorry kids, the adults have something else to do.

I cannot solve their problems, they should really seek help elsewhere.

Busy having a life free of twats with nothing in their heads but themselves.

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No camels

Today was a long day of sewing, because apparently everyone ordered yesterday and I had a long day of waiting for orders that never came.

I got a full tongue done, and started the complex overlay on the lips.  Indian ladies are now taking quite an interest, so I am not sure what I am doing right, but hey great!

I have been sewing in the same spot for six months now, and people are greeting the work like an old friend.  When I am working on the central egg, you can’t actually see me in the car at all, it is so big.

As we are doing more intricate stuff now, it theoretically takes longer, but so far so good.

Decided to go with the hundred thousand french knots.

Tomorrow I think I will take off, so I will go to my favourite spot and maybe do a bit of sewing there for a change.  I have a lot of work to catch up on here, however, so we will see how I feel at the time.

I am still locking my doors all the time and feeling upset constantly, so I am seriously considering leaving my job.  I love the job, but it is not complicated and new things are incoming, so we will see how the new work pattern pans out.  I have my ideal situation in some sense, I can work 24 hours a day if I feel like it, and not see anyone, but I did love the rush of the job I was working so that I could be paid as I made Little Shiva’s chair. I also love getting to see people’s houses.

Met one of the fuckers from that job the other day (Frank, should Little Shiva drop in) and he actually had the audacity to try to greet me.

Lovely rasta dude stopped by briefly.  It is funny, a lot of people brush past the car in the road to get nearer the work several times before they pluck up the courage to say hello.  I have had an artist filming me for several hours, people taking photographs, people bringing their elderly parents to look and a lovely little black girl who was apparently transfixed for about half an hour before I noticed her.

I have decided to do a piece for my favourite coffee shop.  He will have to move something, but I don’t think he will mind.

I see bawbag has been on the site.  Say no to camels. Neither give nor receive camels.





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Does Sex Help?

So, I was chatting with my Eastern European friend about the haram bawbag story, and she asked whether we should have tried having sex.

I don’t think that would have helped one bit.

Besides which, it wasn’t an issue.  We discussed it briefly and that was an end to it as far as I know.

He seemed to think that having a lot of fuckbuddies, as he called them, was an indication of attractiveness.  It isn’t.

There are a lot of ethical concerns with that particular instance, he had a small child and nobody in the situation seems to have considered the feelings of the wife at home.  I doubt anybody even knows what she looks like. He was reasonably attractive and occasionally funny, but I’m sapiosexual, which means if I don’t rate your brain, I’m not going to be terribly interested and whilst that doesn’t mean you have to be Einstein, you definitely have to be an improvement on this dude.

Another friend said recently that in the event that I had given birth to a stupid child, I would have been impossible, and I think he was probably right.  There are limits that I do not understand and it takes a long time to explain to me why I have to slow the conversation down at times.  I’m not a particularly tolerant person, although I do have oodles of patience for other things.

Added to this, we have the issue of stability.  Nobody seems to have discussed the ethics of bonking someone who is unstable or who does not communicate on the same playing field you are on.

Many people seem to bonk first and think later, and I think that is a mistake.  Sex is messy and it changes the dynamic.  If there is no relationship dynamic there in the first place, how would you know what the trade-off is?

So yeah, I guess I am a very slow lady these days.  You get tired of finding out that charming dude is actually a violent nutter who believes you belong in a cupboard.  You get tired of actually seeking out and hiding in the cupboard to avoid him. You get tired of people who make assumptions about your morality and who fail to respect the fact that you are actually highly moral and don’t particularly care to waste your time on a cheat.

Most of all you get tired of people who don’t see you at all.  One ex didn’t actually know anything about me two years in.  What a waste of time and money?

So yeah, there is something to be said for eyeing up someone’s morals, honesty, mental acuity before you jump in the sack with them.  There is something to be said for being thoughtful and weighing up the pros and cons, even if the object of your affection is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen.



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