The Hate Crimes Bill

So as a fitting last post to the blog as it is at the moment, let us review our earlier material on the Hate Crimes Bill. Everyone is chatting about it at the moment as it is effectively the end of free speech in Scotland and it targets some already vulnerable groups.

The Bill itself is just bad politics from Humza Yousaff, who doesn’t really understand either sociology, history, the country he was born in or much other than brownnosing Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie, who were both senior to him when he came up with it. It is an unlawful law because it attempts to breach data protection laws, human rights laws on protected belief. It attempts to police private conversation and literally millions of tweets and posts online. This at a time when police are stating they are not planning to attend actual crimes anymore.

A child could tell you it is not a very sensible bill, and yet, appropriately, it is being brought in on April Fool’s Day.

Quite rightly, the neds have spotted that they are to be the victims of this crap bit of lawmaking, along with women and the elderly who still attempt to have conversations when they are out and about, with people who are being trained to be hostile to each other.

Allegations do not even have to be true to be lodged against your name without your knowledge or consent for your data to be sullied. You would literally be safer to vote Tory than vote SNP ever again.

From what people are saying, there are likely to be hundreds of thousands of complaints against Humza himself, even though he created this situation himself. For that reason the law is not supposed to be retrospective, so that you cannot denounce him as a racist despite his making a very public speech decrying white people.

According to many commentators this law came about as a result of Humza’s faith. This is not the case. In point of fact, he has lost the Muslim vote in Glasgow, his home town, because hundreds of Muslim men have said they will never vote for independence again as a result of GRR. I know this because I talk to them. They won’t say this to Humza, but they have no reason not to tell me.

In fact, this law came about under pressure from Patrick Harvie because someone referred to him as a deviant in the street. The word deviant is even specifically mentioned on the page you are supposed to check before you can speak.

Frankly I do not know why I should be interested in other people’s sex lives. I do object to children being sterilised for fashion, which is a protected belief. As I have said before, having known genuinely trans people, they bear little resemblance to the rainbow hair TRA mob, who will discover in time that they have been sold a poor medical future. That is entirely up to them, I will not be around to find out if all their problems are magically solved by allowing someone to hack them up.

Anyway, as of Monday it would be wise to limit your communication with other people as from experience of people like Little Shiva, they very rarely have your best interests in mind and think it is ‘good and fun entertainment’ to cause you problems for no reason at all.

He probably still believes this, even after losing his job for doing it to someone else. Disordered, nasty individuals are everywhere. When your own family is like this, you are particularly reluctant to put yourself at risk from them.

Not only are you at risk in the street, you are at risk at work, and if you have a family, you are at risk at home, because anyone can attack you at any time. You are no longer safe in Scotland at all, and people are already saying they will not be coming to Scotland because of it.

A ned has put a marvellous bit of grafitti on the Kingston Bridge in Bridge Street

“You said it was a conspiracy theory, now you live in one.”

#SNPout and as a former member I cannot tell you how disgusted I am to have to say that. Earlier generations would have very quickly pointed out that targetting any sector of the population on spurious grounds weakens Scotland. I agree with them. I stand with the Neds,. I stand with my Muslim friends, and I stand with the women that are trying to protect the rights they had to spend the last century fighting for. I do not care who you want to have sex with and I do not care for people who try to destroy freedom of speech in my country.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. If you are going to arrest anyone, make it Humza, for creating a law that will destroy Muslim business, destroy carefully preserved relationships and target the neds, who just need some factories and a war to fight, target the women, for protecting themselves from actual harm, target the isolated, who have very few social interactions as it is.

Humza apparently wouldn’t know about any of that.

He apparently thought this was a way to target dissent and target tories whilst getting everyone else to shut up. That is not the country I want to be in. I am offended. Vote them out, and use this form to find out what they have stored about you before getting it removed under GDPR.

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