Is this the Coronavirus we’ve been waiting for?

I do wonder, seeing the effects of this virus on the masses, whether this is the virus the hippies and conspiracy theorists have been waiting for?  It is certainly sorting the sheep from the goats.

Went to the supermarket today, and it was a sea of unthinking faces.  They are still over-shopping, to the extent that you cannot expect to get some products from the supermarkets at all, and yet only four out of a thousand people had managed to cover their face.

Tried to talk to some middle-aged authors about this on facebook, and apparently they believe that because masks and gloves have been written off as ineffective, they do not need to bother with them as these things will afford them no protection.

Since the source of the infection appears to be airborne via one’s nose and mouth, this does not give me much hope that it is safe for any socially conscious person to be out.  It doesn’t matter how much protection you do of the public, if they are too stupid to participate there is then only a little sanitizer between you and disaster.

Alas it does take some time to get one’s full equipment, and so I await about 30 PPT2.5 masks for my current loved ones, who have very important elderly people in their midst and who, like me, do not particularly want to have coronavirus.

I am now looking at videos of people literally brawling over toilet paper and wondering if their premature deaths are a bad thing?

I am also wondering why Patrick Vallance is still being listened to, since apparently he cannot manage to muster the social conscience to protect the public or offer useful advice beyond “Let us kill the useless eaters!”  It may be Conservative to the core, but it isnt  very compassionate, now is it?

On the other hand, I have to say I do not share the miserable selfish stupid people’s disrespect for government at present, the conservatives and SNP alike have had a very rocky boat of late, and yet again have been rocked by a new crisis.  I think so far it is all going rather well, in terms of illustrating just how dependent they are on good advice and how hard the decision making process has to be.

This would have been a lot simpler in wartime, when we would have simply been putting mattresses out in the schools and pulling together to ensure that the little darlings that are most likely to survive and infect other people are segregated from the people actually doing the work.

Instead we have people claiming that it doesn’t affect them, so they don’t give a shit about infecting other people.

Looks like Vallance will get at least his 60 percent.

In the meantime if you are over 40 or so, you can die, it’s fine.  We now live in Logan’s Run.

To be honest, looking at some of the people marching about elbowing each other out of the way for milk and toilet paper and not giving a damn about other folk, I’m OK with your death, to be honest.  There are a good few conservative voters in that crowd however, you might want to take a look at that.


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