So I haven’t updated for a while.

Right, so after I finished the last job, I had a job starting the following day at 9k a year more with one day’s less work, and I have been in training for that for a few weeks.

It is not at all what I expected and I will not be staying.

I thought it was time I tried being out in the world a bit.  It is not.

After five years now of working with millennials, I am becoming quite militant about working remotely, not because I have issues, but because they do.

I am now bored with this and since I have never been interested in mobbing, since my family were so very good at it, I do not want to deal with it at work.  Remote work should mean that you are able to just work, not be forced into judgy situations with narrow minded people.

I went out of my way to do one of them a small favour, and the response was ‘thanks guys’  They made no effort at all to speak to me or listen to anything I had to say or wanted to talk about, so I gave up.

As this is likely to be more obvious in person, and I don’t particularly care for their ideas about aging, since they are the first generation in recent history to suffer from worse health than their parents, due in part to them being kept in by their careless parents, in part to being glued to a screen from an early age instead of more comfortable twenties, and in most part due to the uncomfortable fact that providing people with unlimited information about the world seems to have made them very fond of consensus, willfully ignorant and extremely narrow minded. I had to explain to one of them that people in their sixties (and seventies) invented mobile phone and computer technology, and it took a remarkably long time for the wee brain to wrap itself around the fact this is perfectly true.

So yeah, not great really.  From making them a film to demonstrate what confidence looks like, prevented by Bawbag (who was last seen in Tel Aviv between court visits and is presumably back where he wants to be in the east end) I now don’t really want to leave the house or communicate with my co-workers at all. I just don’t see it as being productive or good for my health.

In addition to that, I am expected to share workspace with people who don’t give a shit about Covid, the same one mentioned above was sitting next to me at the beginning of training and immediately came down with it, despite the fact it is quite a big risk to my health.

Not really interested in being ill for another couple of years, sorry.

Anyway, today we discovered that English supremacists cannot read or understand politics at all, so they might as well continue to vote to kill disabled people, since that is all they apparently know how to do.


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