Ok so now we have a direction

So I have been thinking and it is probably time to be Ina full time, so I am producing some new material to do that.

The site will look a bit different and I will probably commercialise the blog.

I am tired of messing about.  It has been so long since I worked with a positive manager that work is not bringing me much joy anymore.  Most unlike me.

It does make a difference to the massive pile I am doing just now.  I have also invested in some automation, which will be interesting.

Anyway, down to a normal working week, which is kind of part time for me, I prefer to be doing more than one thing, but I think a bit of investment in time in Ina will be a better payoff.

Bawbag did me a lot of damage in terms of health, not really his fault. I had no idea I was so emotional.  Recovering well now, after much timewasting.

The fire coat is in the finishing stages, coming soon.  Little Shiva making more sense, but it does take up an outrageous amount of space, so progress is slow.


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