Greetings – a creative post

Working on the finishing touches before the hard part starts with Little Shiva whilst installing the lighting for Haram Bawbag.  Taking longer than expected but interesting – as usual my hands knew what I was doing before I did.

I had made about three hundred flowers and thousands of leaves and had no idea why i needed them all, but all has become clear, so there will be another couple of weeks at least of resin work before it is complete.

Going well though, and I think I am reasonably happy with it.

If Boris is on again this week – I tweeted you, wtf is wrong? DM me or something

Digging Grimes at the moment, I am thinking I might do something for her after all this is finished.



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Big changes coming shortly

Haram Bawbag is now in the final stages and should be ready next week or so, barring any major disasters with the detailed portion.

Feeling a lot better since the change of diet, and normal service will be up to date by next week.

Little Shiva is going to be the next big challenge, and as it is key, will take a lot of blood, sweat and tears to complete.


Thank you for your patience at this time.

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