Why the negative media blackout on Brexit?

We seem to have relentless negative press on Brexit.  I am not sure what they are teaching economics graduates, but I am assured that Bloomberg and the FT do have some, so why they don’t seem to know anything about economic history I do not know.

I got into a chat with a lovely chap with a South American name on Facebook today.  He was posting about how stupid and racist Brexit is:

“That’s not how it works.”  I said

“We are told it’s because English people are racist.”

“Speaking as a Scottish person, I can verify that English people tend to be more xenophobic, yes, but that’s not why Brexit is a good idea.”

  • The media are failing to report properly.  A low pound may be bad for cheap holidays, but it is good for manufacturing and tourism jobs, both of which are massive unskilled employers.  Rather than murdering the elderly, disabled and unemployed, we could have far more people operating a far healthier cash economy if Brexit goes ahead.  We have been doing a bit of driving in Scotland recently, and we are already seeing the benefits of a return to tourism in Scotland.
  • It will not lead to a decline in immigration.  Instead we will get far more middle class Indian, African and other non EU immigration.  These immigrants are far more likely to create new native networks than people like the Poles, who simply send their money home, where it is spent and used to employ work gangs from exploitative countries.
  • Britain is a better option for some immigrant populations than others in terms of our historic ability to absorb alternative ideas rather than create frictional stresspoints.  My current project, should it get off the ground, seeks to demonstrate this.
  • Britain is in a far better position to negotiate a more distant relationship with the EU and make better use of foreign trade, which benefits everybody, including the EU.  This is a golden opportunity, not only for tertiary and potentially virtual business, but for trading secondary goods.
  • It is high time we redeveloped our own military sector and made our own decisions rather than sitting in America’s pocket.  There is absolutely no reason why Britain cannot make independent decisions.  I am afraid I disagree with Boris on the issue of America.  America is the most toxic and dangerous country in the world currently, and it would be prudent to establish ourselves as more in line with alternative partners.

I understand that people may be confused that some of the most eager exponents of Brexit, for example Jacob Rees-Mogg, are moving their money out of the UK whilst still punting a potentially risky exit from Europe, however he is the only person in the government who seems to understand the benefits of a low pound for sectors of the population that people like Iain Duncan Smith would cheerfully see dead at the side of the road.  I think, personally, that given his wealth, it makes perfect sense to be preserving what he has whilst benefitting others.

I am sorry if your French car, your Italian wine, and your holiday will be more expensive.  Some people are starving to death or being deliberately neglected to death under the current system.  Tough tittie if you don’t like what responsible people would rather see happen to PREVENT PEOPLE BEING ACTUALLY KILLED.

No more bridges, poppet,





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Buy a Burka!

As we all thankfully have the right to wear what we want in the UK, I am today starting my campaign for everyone to have a Burka.

We all have days when we would rather not look at anyone or be stared at, so I think we should adopt the Burka as part of UK culture.

This solves a number of rather confusing issues.

  • it means we all have the right to cover our faces so that we can be anonymous with impunity if we so choose.
  • it means there are no further problems with fundamental Muslims assuming that they are being singled out for abuse.  I do not question that sometimes they are, however if we all do it it will make it a lot more difficult for racists and Islamophobes, whether they are justified or not.
  • it clarifies the issue of whether Boris was correct or incorrect to act like a perfectly normal person
  • it means that the Burka no longer has any power in terms of expressing the values of the person wearing it.

What was that you said?  Cultural appropriation? Like the cultural appropriation of cars, dyed hair, computers, mobile phones?  That kind of cultural appropriation?  I think instead we should call it Cultural Integration.

Since I cannot proceed with my project by any other means because my so-called friend is determined to prevent me from working on my film project, I call for everyone in the UK to assist me.

To do so you will require the following:

  • sunglasses
  • black gloves
  • a burka – the top part is fine, as long as you have suitably modest clothing to wear with it.  I would suggest matching it to your outfit.

Obviously you will have to show some sensitivity if challenged, and put up with a lot of staring.

Good luck, and here is an emblem should you wish, like me, to have a t shirt made.

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Staring Brat Chat

Me: OK so I’m just asking about this dude again, because he is still staring at me via my website.  Is there some sort of honour issue that I should know about, because despite his being married and making sure I lost my job, he still seems to think that he owns me and needs to check on me several times a day?

Lovely Hindu friend (in India): He is an idiot.  Be calm, be mature, be cool…..

Me:  No, I’m trying to ascertain whether he actually wants to kill me? WTF is he doing?

Lovely Hindu friend: Wait like a predator….Be strategic….

Me: No, look, I haven’t seen him in months, I just want to know what he wants?  All I actually did was tell him he was beautiful and try to give him a book about stress?

Lovely Hindu friend: No, he is just an idiot, and probably a bit mad. Find someone else.

Me: Well yes, I hang around with this lovely Hindu porn star now.  He makes quite extreme porn, but is charm itself.  Lovely chap.

Lovely Hindu friend: OK………

Me: But the first dude is still staring at the website several times a day.  What is going on?

Lovely Hindu friend: Tell him to Fuck Off.

Me: I tried that.

Lovely Hindu friend: OK well just ignore him then. Put him in cold storage.

Me: I am trying, but he was really quite beautiful. It is most unfortunate that he was also horrible. The porn star is however calm, kind, interesting and very caring.

Lovely Hindu friend: (slightly confused) Oh, OK then.

Me: I did speak to this American lady last night, who had dated an Indian chap and said that he thinks I have somehow disrespected him by failing to flirt with him, and that marriage or alternative relationships are no impediment to my being in some sort of Medieval ownership situation?  Does this sound familiar at all?

Lovely Hindu friend: No, dude’s a freak.

Me: Oh dear.

I suppose the alternative is that he is madly in love, but given the continued hits from Staring Brat 1 I suspect that the Sadist is winding him up.

If you want to talk to me, SB2, it is very simple to do so.



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More Asher

This last title has been enormously popular already, and I have a had a number of requests, including from the man himself to write more, so I think Asher will be getting a lovely series of his own.

The original plan was to package it with Stories for an Ignorant Man, however Asher is such a happy and lovely character, with so much potential that I think he will be getting a full book to himself.  Stories for an Ignorant Man will have to wait for another horrible person to be parcelled with by the looks of things.  That could take some time, since I do not seek out horrible people.

I am very wary of changing Ina’s tone to include erotica, so I think I may be starting another pseudonym for anything stronger than Ina’s current ‘Bedtime wit for Adults.’ The ‘real’ Asher might enjoy some so I will experiment a bit and see what I can do with it.

I also have a couple of other things I need to work on, and I need to earn a living, so there is a lot to do.

On the artwork side, I haven’t been able to work on anything for months now, with the exception of a couple of minutes on the remaining pieces for Boris. This is due to concerns about money mainly.

I have some plans to do some things for this project, and the materials are on the way, although they will probably again not be on this website.

The worry has not been doing me much good, health wise, so I have to put some time into that too.

I have no idea why I am getting further attention from the bank, however I am now going to be finding out how to get in touch with IT and prevent any further misuse of computers.  This has gone on long enough.

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Going to chat with a gentleman about a possible directorship, so rather happy about that.  Book has a good response so far, and Asher seems to be a very popular new character.

It has been a rotten year so far.  It would be nice if things got better now.

Please stop them from hitting the website using the bank computers.  If you have to block the website from the bank servers, I am more than happy to write to the correct person if that is what is necessary.

SB2 is, however, very welcome to keep staring if he wants via his mobile.  It has been more than three months since we last saw each other, so if that makes him happy it is fine. There is nothing further I can do to remedy the situation.  Not my fault, I’ve done everything I can possibly do. Hope you’re OK otherwise. Sorry that you and SH chose to be so blisteringly stupid. I do not think any of you really deserve jobs as you are not competent to manage if you treat people like that.

Hoping to have things up and running again next week.




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New Book Out!

And at last it is ready!


This title is the answer to Stories for an Ignorant Man, written for Staring Brat 2.  They are both free and available anytime from the Books page or any good online store. Click on the pics to be sent through to the distributor.


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Lots of Artwork and Book Progress

I have finally managed to successfully use snapchat, and hope to have similar assistance with instagram soon.  I cannot tell you what a mine of useful people I have finally managed to tap.  There are several new images, which I may or may not post to the site.

In negotiations with the Mosque at the moment, although I have to say they are very slow responders.

Book going extremely well.  I am slightly in love with Asher, which always makes for a better book.


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