Mixed Messages

So today I had a lengthy conversation with a woman that openly sneered at me throughout.

She was a beauty consultant in a Boots who had clearly never had any serious issues in her life and who was very preoccupied with her weight.

I provided her with some very useful information, which she was unable to hear because her face was so busy contorting into a sneering mask of contempt. I was explaining to her that low carbing would not work unless 1. your overall state of nutrition is correct for your state of health and 2. you are mobile.  I have for the last week been experimenting with vitamin c loading without changing anything else and despite some carb loading in the form of a daily pineapple, I have eaten more than usual and lost so far around 12lb, the opposite of what a low carber would tell you.  If your state of health is draining your vitamin C, no amount of low carbing is going to do anything but increase your acid indigestion to a frightening level.

I left feeling quite sorry for her.

Apart from that, I went into my favourite shop and purchased some tomatoes, I have not yet found any difficulties with achieving this apparently impossible-for-other-people feat because I do not rely on either a tomato supply or a supermarket.

So the person I had previously mentioned proceeded to eye me up, which I will now be studiously ignoring  because for one thing, he is allergic to cats, and for another it is obviously entirely meaningless. Having been through just this scenario on many previous occasions, it is not worth wasting the mental energy on. Nothing makes you feel sadder than a person that cannot, for whatever reason, make up their goddamn mind.

Besides which, had he wanted the opportunity to bother getting to know me, he would not have wasted it three weeks ago.

So off I went to the coffee shop and bought my coffee, asking the twenty something cashier what he could deduce from this.

He promptly volunteered for the very simple low effort favour I had been asking for without even knowing what it was.  Smart boy.  Clearly the younger team are a bit more adaptable when it comes to ditsy relative strangers needing favours.

In other news, I now have a much younger new car.  I had to travel to get it, as it was a once in a lifetime bargain, but as travelling has been pretty much non existent since the pandemic, I was quite keen.

I am also embarking on a new course or two, as previously mentioned, so rather busy. Still very demotivated about artwork etc, given that I have no new ideas about advertising it once made.  Fear makes everything pointless.

I should really be angry with Bawbag about this, since that is the reason I no longer trust anyone and do not want to do any more for the area I was working on. I’m not really though.  Bawbag was a sad case that couldn’t help himself but destroy anything and anyone he went near.  He will never recover.

Had an interview for an even lower effort but complicated and responsible job today, went reasonably well, may well do it. Shall consider the matter over the next week or so.



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Things Making Sense in Scotland

So yeah the GRR row, yeah.

I have to say I am a big fan of the four day week.  By the time you get to the end of day two, you are halfway. This may seem obvious but what a difference it makes.  I have also taken an extra job day trading just for lols, so we will see how that goes.

Also signed myself up for a course to get me to the prized 1k a day.  This involves moving on from finance a bit, which strikes me as a good plan given the likely state of the economy over the next decade or two.

So yes the gender issues.

Nobody, of course, mentions the 280 or so cases in England – I had originally read it was 300 but it seems it is 280.  The issue of rapists deciding they identify as women to get access to female prisoners is not at all new.

In the meantime it has thrown up all sorts of confusion, as SNP have apparently been drilling it into people’s heads that they are the only party that can obtain indy.

No ta, no more crap embarassing bills and women hating transwomen as equalities minister.

Oddly enough this has put Alex Salmond into the role of white knight, which I am sure he did not expect, so you can anticipate seeing a lot more female support for Alba shortly.

It is a very sad hill to see Nicola Sturgeon die on.  I first heard her name at the age of 13, she has been involved in SNP for a loooooong time.

Never mind, evidently philosophy and/or cultural economics is not her strong point, because nobody apparently told her how to construct a national identity. The SNP need a visionary that isn’t bound up with some bullshit idea about being different for the sake of it.

For those who hate me but correctly identify that this is what I should be doing, yeah, not for this lot.  Not too sure about Alba either, but they are going to be getting my vote in the meantime.

What I would like to see in Scotland is an old school Scottish conservative indy party.  Not because I want to vote for it, but because it is so vastly superior to English conservatism.  I would be willing to go to a meeting or two if someone wants to set that up and do the necessary barking.



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