Here is what no masks mean

No masks mean that you could be infecting up to sixty thousand people and still not know that you have Coronavirus.  If you do not cover the source of infection, you are exhaling your poison all over everyone else.

No masks means that the police are likely to become infected, leading to a situation like this:

200 NYPD officers down with Coronavirus in one day

No masks is the reason Japan, South Korea have a lower death rate and have flattened their curve. Have a look at the figures.

The peak is not likely until towards the end of April, so you are causing the problem TODAY.

No mask = no brain.

Also I take issue with these pictures of surgical gloves being circulated by mistaken and stupid people in the NHS, who apparently see this as a power grabbing opportunity.  Rubber gloves, which go past the wrist are perfectly adequate and a lot more practical for sanitizing purposes. It makes no sense at all to expose people to infecting others when it is unnecessary.

If I as a chef had turned up without proper protective equipment, I would not have been working at all.  There is no reason why you cant use a computer.

Apparently you don’t like having a functional economy.  I can’t help you with this level of stupidity and greed.

Wearing proper protective gear isn’t all about you.  It is about the people you breathe on.  It would also be a good idea to cover the rest of you too.


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