In Support of Dylan Mulvaney

So,  I have been casually browsing this topic for a while now, because I do not appreciate having J K Rowling’s opinion rammed down my throat and as someone who has had more than one genuinely trans friend, I was unsure:

  1. Why there suddenly seems to be so many fake bandwagon trans people shouting irrational shit at everyone else.
  2. What impact this was likely to have on women, if any.
  3. What the endgame is for the fake bandwagon activists.

It turns out all this is pretty serious, so as a fake transperson taking opportunities from female sportswomen, amongst other things, you would think I would really hate Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan Mulvaney is a Theatre school graduate who has made a great deal of money, and who stands to make a great deal more being pawpooolahr on social media.

A keen poisonality and pretend trans activist, Dylan and his genitals are currently making a lot of money pretending to be a trans person and hanging out with other pretend trans people.

The endgame of this particular movement seems to be to

  1.  Benefit the surgeons and medics currently involved in encouraging young people to sterilise themselves and cut all gender identifying bits off.
  2. Further the UN directive of decriminalising sex with children.
  3. Force compliance from the general population by celebrating this idea via their shopping habits.

None of which are things the general population are particularly keen on.

Recently, and rather suddenly we have seen things like

  • Men asserting they are lesbians and publicly accusing actual lesbians of bigotry because, surprise, surprise they do not want to have sex with men.
  • Men asserting they are into age play and forcing everyone, including prison guards to treat them as if they are a baby in order to benefit their sexual ‘health’
  • Men impersonating women and taking sponsorship opportunities from them.
  • Men trying to destroy female sport by loudly saying that they are women in order to win events, which makes female sport pointless.

Is a pattern beginning to emerge?

Real transpeople and the rest of the LGB community are not impressed by this at all.  There is strong evidence that the voices against these fakers is getting louder.  This is all about forwarding queer theory and the idea that everyone is interested in your fetish and nothing to do with genuine gender dysphoria.

Those who have called out these deviants as being fake are then accused of ‘bigotry’ in order to shut them up.

As a Scottish person, this is just normal life, people call each other out on ‘bigotry’ all the time here, and it is very rarely anything but abusive.

So as you can imagine, the genius of Dylan Mulvaney and his genitals had passed me by until he acquired the support of Proctor and Gamble.

Anyone who really wants to boycott Dylan Mulvaney now has to change quite a few major brands, Gilette, Colgate, Bounty, Pampers, Olay, Febreze etc.


Back when Ina Disguise was first created, I was very keen on trying to persuade people that wanted to redistribute wealth and put the power back into their own hands to change their shopping habits. I was laughed at, because convenience was all that mattered.

Only when Dylan and his penis started becoming rich from those very same brands did people even think about changing their habits.

So I now support Dylan, his testicles and his fake girlhood, please give him all the money in the world to support Monsanto Bayer, Unilever, Apple, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, anyone else who supports slavery, medicine that kills you, chemicals to control the population.

I had a wonderful art idea today, which will help my personal health enormously, because you have to be quite physically fit to be Dylan and his balls.

I am going to prepare, just for Dylan, a magnificent artistic tribute.  I have not felt this energised since before the Bawbag episode.  I can now get on with the existing work whilst I prepare my treat for Dylan.

In the meantime, please support Dylan and his penis in gaining the support of as many mainstream, ecologically and personally damaging companies as you can.  It is important for the future of your sterilised children.

Thank you all,


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OK so stage 1 is complete (health)

Health update.

Well I do not have detailed results, however we do have a reduction of blood pressure from 190/110 at its worst, when I was horrified enough to need but not get a GP to 140/80.

Headaches are pretty much gone, skin healing almost correctly, I do have a large jar of fermented young garlic, which I got from my favourite shop to get through, it has been fermenting for about six weeks so should be worth doing now.

Found a cheap source of kombucha to add to the main source of diet, I sort of like it, but not a lot so it is just a digestible addition to the mix.

No longer doing any fruit heavier than a berry, which suits me far better, as full force fruit such as pineapple was sending me off to lengthy sleep and I got a bit fed up struggling to stay awake, although my month or so of fruit seems to have done the trick with my liver as despite not changing shape all that much I am far more flexible than I was.

Basically the self repair so far seems to have focussed on bringing the swelling down, my face is sufficiently improved for me to be getting eyed/chatted up pretty much every time I’m out again, which is a bit of a relief as being invisible is not particularly good fun. A woman in her thirties who had no idea what age I was tried to insult me this morning, which was quite gratifying, so I got a bit of a laugh out of that.

There are some things, such as some burns I managed to incur because of pain and hot water bottles, which may take a bit longer to heal, so I think I will be hitting the vitamin E for that.

In terms of feeling a bit muggy and slow, this has almost entirely been eradicated by thinning my blood down, I have been careful to take this in stages, the full force supermix thins your blood quite a bit without adding the cloves and garlic, so I thought it was probably a bit high risk to do it all at once.  We are at the point of supermix plus cloves and garlic now and again at the moment, the next stage may involve a bit of mix and matching with big garlic salads so that my blood doesn’t get too thin.  I did this 12 years ago and ended up very arty and not very businesslike when I was doing everything at once, so you have to know what you’re doing a bit.

Pain considerably less and breathing much improved.  The only thing holding things back now is my unwillingness to deal with people, so a lot has to be done when they are not around.  More ready to tackle big tasks now, and I have quite the list to deal with.

I’m inclined to think the residual issues will dissipate when I start walking extensively again, which will have to be carefully managed as I dont want to land in bed again. I do have a kind of grumbling going on with the kidney, but I suspect this is a stone and will be watching the oxalates pending speaking to a doctor, which takes three weeks currently.

I kind of gave up after the Little Shiva episode because I was so upset.  Bawbag just tried to hammer a nail in my coffin, nobody is likely to get to affect me like that again.

Odd to find you have an emotional set up that corresponds to a batshit crazy criminal, but whatevs.

So total weight loss over the entire course of stage 1, with a year’s injury interruption has been 66, which was not so much fat as swelling and lymphatic issues.  Now the harder work starts to get the phagocytes and lymphocytes on the job.

Toodle pip.




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Greetings from This Week in Scottish Politics

So, not much has changed with the investigation, they are now looking into purchases of luxury goods to try and figure out what on earth the SNP under Murrell and Sturgeon were playing at.  I still find it hard to believe that anything has taken place beyond someone being considerably less competent than they were pretending to be.

SNP supporters appear to be reacting to this rather badly, they like to accuse you of being a unionist.  This, however is not new, as far back as when I did ‘the alternative Scotland survey’ they were unable to tolerate anyone wanting to discuss politics.  They tend to be fanatics, in the main, as opposed to being people who have a clue how to build a country.

Salmond has taken to appearing on right wing news alongside natural enemies Neil Oliver and Nigel Farage, this is really a sign of strength rather than weakness, he is then free to answer the most savage questions, in theory, in a public forum, which is a healthy thing to do.

Fergus Ewing has made a move this week, personally I am hoping the right wing splinter of the SNP hurries up and splinters off, in which case there might be something to discuss. More generally, the Scottish population needs to mobilise as we are going to see far more movement from the UK in terms of attempting to damage calls for independence.

Much horror was expressed at Humza wishing people a happy Eid, no idea why since it is only to be expected.

I see I am not the only one that wants rid of the Greens, who plan to relentlessly promote Queer theory, sexualising children and liberation of paedophiles from prison sentences at every available opportunity whilst damaging the oil and gas industry and making the drinks industry struggle to meet the demands of the Bottle Return scheme they are punting.  The sooner they get the boot the better.  As far as I can see, they are working for England.  I certainly don’t want to hear any more about their bullshit ideas about politics any time soon.

I am not sure why it is so difficult to just stick a non binary label on disabled toilets next to the sign of the wheelchair, let them have their own sports and most importantly categorise them as non binary for the purposes of crime statistics.  If we are going to entertain a mass dysphoria event, then that is the easiest way to do it. The reality for many of these people is that they are swapping their fertility in order to participate in the mass dysphoria event, which is being encouraged for some reason.

From a light browse of the material they seem to be offering, they intend to progress this sexualisation of children by forcing them to think about gender in a very narrow minded way and make actual body modifications, into discussions about age play, the UN have also mentioned decriminalising sex with children.  What sort of future are we looking at?  Why are people thinking that it is a good thing to support this?

As previously mentioned many LGB are horrified by this, and there is an increasingly loud level of complaint from them too.  If this keeps up, we will see a major shake up of economic interest groups, at a time when we really need to be monitoring governments, which is extremely worrying.

The tory party in tandem with DWP have announced that they plan to harass the disabled people that are still alive until they presumably also die.  I want to see a Scottish right wing call them out on their ‘progress’ before it is too late for the remaining disabled.

Health is still debatable, will find out tomorrow or Tues how things are going.



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Scotland Update and Fun with Womanface

Sorry, I was incredibly unwell for the last two weeks and not really doing anything apart from recovering, the infection turned out to be pretty bad.

I won’t go into details because the poison family aren’t entitled to that information and when you have a toxic and disordered family, you are never safe from potential harm.

Anyway, slightly better now, for those tracking weight loss, approximately 60lb since Nov 21, 33 or so recently.  I will be ditching the fruit in the next two weeks, whenever it runs out, after checking organ function more officially.  I have solved some problems thanks to getting a doctor that actually listened to me and the radical change in diet.

I do see from health trends that it is less revolutionary to say calories are fairly meaningless now than it was ten years ago, which is a giant leap forward.

Anyway, I prefer not to update when I am feeling rubbish as it doesn’t really help anything.

So, for my expat chums, Scotland is in a bit of a pickle thanks to Peter Murrell not keeping track of his sums, it has, of course been used by England to create the illusion that there is criminal intent behind the SNP as they cannot afford to let us leave.  Any sensible person is surprised they have taken this long to do this, they are shooting for a repeat of the crap they pulled in Eire.

As a former member of the SNP, I am less affected by this, I am more interested in new parties, I want to see a right wing that does the 3 Ms, Monarchy, military and money, that we need to achieve consensus, and a stronger and more sensible left than SSP or my cousins’ Revolutionary Communist party.  If my cousins happen to see this, sorry no I will probably never meet you in person but I was told about you.  The days that I would have found a cheery debate with a family that by all accounts weren’t terribly nice to my father entertaining are long gone.

Humza Yousaf, whom as anyone reading the blog for any length of time know thoroughly pissed me off with his inept Hate Crimes Bill, a bill designed to create as much friction as possible, is now First Minister and I cannot bring myself to care particularly.  I have been known to defend him on some things but I am sorry to say his idea of politics is not mine and he is not a particularly dipomatic or bright person, so I doubt he will be FM for very long.  It’s a shame, but given that he doesn’t rate women, not worth caring about.

Anyone serious about independence is now joining Alba, which is unfortunately republican.  If anyone thinks living in a tinpot state full of people prepared to shriek about working class rights and fuck everyone else is a good idea, then I am sure this will work out just fine.  For employed people, especially graduates, this is unlikely to help them at all, especially if they also insist on rejoining Europe.

The job I am in just now, which is not even a particularly unusual job, attracted 2000 candidates from one agency alone, and three were involved, all this post Brexit, so how they expect us to continue to pay for the other half of the population as non earners I do not know.

Alex Salmond has indicated that he prefers a more cautious member ship of EFTA as a faster and more expedient option, which is positive, but either way, at least they are considerably less cultish and happy clappy than the remaining SNPers.

England is, of course, circulating the usual hate speech about Scottish people, as they have been for several years, and the English reader doesn’t appear to be terribly critical, so the usual mound of misinformation.

In other news, Dylan Mulvaney is leading the womanface hate crew in wiping out women’s sport and sponsorship opportunities.  I, for one, welcome the gracious support of working class Americans boycotting the products of companies who apparently queued up to support this on the assumption that nobody over 25 would be motivated enough to change their habits, and everyone under 25 would have the money to make up for any loss of business.

How Nike thought using a wee boy with cotton wool would demonstrate the engineering of their bras I do not know, but I am sure they are glad he won’t actually participate in any inconvenient sport or pregnancy.

We are seeing increasing amounts of anti female violence, which is, of course, not covered by the Hate Crimes Bill, and so it is now legal to abuse someone on the grounds of them being white or genuinely female, as opposed to trans, but any retaliation by either of those groups is punishable by arrest, which as longer term readers will know was something we covered with Bawbag. (see haram bawbag for details)

For the many young people who do not understand this, women’s rights and LGB rights were fought by boomers following on from the civil rights struggle, nobody was at all phased by supporting Pride.  The objection now is to womanface, an intact male impersonating a small girl and taking jobs and opportunities from women, especially sportswomen who are now being told they cannot protest if a transperson with a hormonal advantage decides to prevent any biological women from achieving anything.

There are many LGB people who do not want to be associated with the trans ‘struggle’, lesbians being told they have to feign interest in transwomen (men) or be accused of bigotry etc.  I forsee it going back to LGBW at some point.

What finished the issue off for me was the discovery that transwomen (men) committing crimes are being recorded as female, which is destroying years of statistics on male/female crime.  Transwomen commit crime on the same basis and at the same rates as men.  The SNP have decided, quite wrongly, to taint decades of statistics with erroneous information due to their own bad politics.  Fuck them, frankly.

Of course the entire issue would simply go away if they just created a non-binary category, but nobody told them politics involved basic intelligence or common sense, apparently.

So yeah, it’s all happening in sunny Scotland.

We are coming up for Ina’s tenth birthday in May, I suppose I should remake the website by then, and maybe try and finish some work for the update.  I tend not to work when I’m miserable.  Also in May is the third anniversary of having an actual conversation outside work.  Getting a bit bored with this.  I did try dating for a while, but I lost interest in crap people pretty quickly. It’s just been one crap person after another for years, all things considered, you stop trying after a while.

Anyway, here’s a fun fact about me.  This came from having the most utterly shit siblings on the planet, and no I have never considered cutting my breasts off or wavered in being perfectly happy being a chick.

My gender test results

Greetings to the very paranoid Andrew Tate, whom I notice has visited the site of late.  No, I do not give a shit what you think, how awful for you. I suspect you don’t know how to think anyway. Usually people with your disorder hang around the site for several years, I would suggest you find something else to do. You have bigger problems.  I do have a friend in Sharjah you may be interested in, but I think he might find you too wee to bother with.





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