So, released a new story…..

So the new story is here,,,,,,

It is a very quick run down on the facts from many sources on the Trans contagion and the reasons behind it for those who are interested. I am now not interested any more. I was sufficiently interested to spend a lot of time looking at people objecting to the issues associated with it, I was suitably upset at the issue of children suddenly being able to consent, I was upset by people at their lowest chopping bits off themselves, now I am no longer interested. It is, as usual, a fairly interesting and thought provoking story, but the lack of people doing any reading of anything over 140 characters has meant a slow start.

The cover was about two months work, Dylan’s face went reasonably well considering it was my first piece of art-grade papier mache, made a couple of wigs for him. I think he is largely irrelevant to be honest, just another random picked as a figurehead, except it is painfully obvious on this occasion. The more times this happens the less effect it has when you have seen a few of them.

I have been trying to write up the story of the Earl and Viscount, but I am just not thrilled enough by the subject to finish it or get it in the right place.

I think the next story will probably be a story explaining the difference between xenophobia and racism to really stupid people as this seems to be confusing for them.

To give a simple example “I don’t like Scotland and Scottish people” is xenophobia, “I do not like her because she is Scottish and I intend to find a way to withdraw her income” is racism. I am not Anglo-Germanic, I lived in England for several years despite the innate racism in Buckinghamshire and Kent, in particular, and actually liked Somerset.

I do not plan on answering any more questions from two people that had the opportunity to solve a problem for me and declined. If your relationship is built on bitching about other folk it is not a relationship at all.

I did have a provisional title for a similar couple pending, but I don’t really want to tell that story again because it was kind of covered in the Bawbag trio of titles from different angles and Bawbag has demonstrated his genuine affection by not bothering me any further. The new couple demonstrate this very well, so I think we will do them instead.

I don’t know why codependents are so childish really.

Got the job I did not think I would get, it is OK but the English new starts are complaining that there are too many Scottish people working for a Scottish company.

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Am Writing

Ok so I went out today, after a very successful interview for a job I should but won’t get, and tried to talk to normies about the current work. I got resistance and no feedback at all, although the guy I was talking to kind of understands what I’m doing, the female one did not. It doesn’t matter, it is fleeting feedback and I don’t do it for validation, but it is kind of boring not having either half decent service in one of the only places I frequent because they aren’t listening or a conversation that lasts longer than a transaction, so I am getting increasingly loathe to bother going at all. Oddly enough, the only sensible young person I get to speak to now is African, so feeling a bit less inclined to speak to anyone else.

Save Dylan’s Penis is now underway, the cover is looking lovely thanks to a couple of months of quite full on work and a couple of days of lighting, relighting, posting a statue that is about six feet tall and very heavy.

Cannot wait to get it finished so I can clear up and move on to the older work. It is now time to prepare for Christmas, whilst I await more work to do. In the meantime I have short contracts that I can do and a lot of stuff to sell.

Healthwise, definitely have more energy, am glad that the trans issue research period is over because I am quite bored with the relentless information being pushed out by both the GC and Trans side of the argument.

They are talking on two different levels, and neither side is listening to the other, so it will be interesting to see how Save Dylan’s Penis will be received as I will be addressing both.

Probably won’t hear anything, people are stupid and lazy, never mind, don’t care, not the point anyway. Once it is done I can move onto something more interesting.

I see Putin has taken a very hard line on this in an effort to protect banking in Russia. On one hand, good for banking, but very hard on the TRA people there as it will inevitably mean a lot of hardship for them.

Rooting for Burkina Faso as they strive to improve their economy.

I am still not going to post a pic of the new piece, it has a title but I will release it with the story this time.


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