Long time no see

Haram Bawbag is in its final stages, and I am very bored with sanding.  It looks very nice though, and my second attempt at lighting will be happening tomorrow as I want to finish it so that it can be used for promotion.

Little Shiva is taking an enormous amount of physical strength in the absence of a person to help with it.  It is very difficult to see something this big.  Had to buy a new jigsaw to start the base for it, which is huge.  The old one died almost immediately. I don’t anticipate too many problems other than strength and lack of help in resolving the issues.  I’m current resting whilst stuffing it so that the shape will be perfect.  It is very tiring and space consuming work.

Sewing progressing nicely and starting to acquire that cannot stop staring quality I like to try and hit.

Hope everyone apart from my repellent family are OK



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Brutally hard work

Little Shiva is now in glorious shape and is ready for the resin process to start.  I will have to organise some movers to shift it into position as he is very heavy.

Awaiting some specialist sandpaper and lighting for Haram Bawbag, otherwise it is pretty much complete.

Sewing will recommence on Friday for the rest of the work, although I am less excited about that.

Update coming soon.



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So the drama continues….

So this week I am doing a kind of souped up turbo fabric mache for Little Shiva, which is taking a lot of time but Little Shiva is looking pretty on point.

Haram Bawbag, which is about friendship, women and Islam via the medium of a  Billionaire Lybian warlord I used to quite like, is awaiting new lighting as the first attempt was a bit too Christmas tree for my liking.  Otherwise going well and I think it will also be a good result.  Certainly a good practise run for the finishing months on Little Shiva.

I think I may have inadvertently invented a new sport in the course of planning the Grimes piece.  I like it though, it is a winner.  There will be a short delay whilst I amass the relevant pieces as I am not rich and I have to be devious to keep up with my mad ideas.

Apart from that, sewing going well and I’m looking forward to getting this finished and getting onto the next phase.

For those who do not know already, this is Grimes.

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