So bit further on with the admin now, and on the last two basic frames for the new work, which is an epic slog.

Made a few hundred items for Haram Bawbag, and spoke to him on the phone regarding my recent bereavement.  I am sure he is suitably chastened after that conversation.

Little Shiva has been in a few times, we have also had a visit from Boris, I do not know why, but he seems a little bit down. Possibly the strain of being surrounded by corrupt self interested liars, but who knows?

Neighbour has taken to sitting in a garden chair coughing into the garden, so I am considering privacy fencing rather than actually having him prosecuted as this is not condusive to a peaceful life.

Little Shiva has been postponed a bit due to the new stuff  being put away, but will be underway as soon as I clear some workspace.

Haram Bawbag is going to be dismantled prior to getting him out of the studio, so I am psyching myself up for that. Got some advice from a removal guy that was doing some work for me, and he agrees that it needs to be split to be moved.

Virus headaches now a lot rarer, but this has not been a pleasant experience. Back on supermix.

Apart from that, work going well and it is nice to have a two day week so that I can rest and work on other stuff. Some of the colleagues are a bit toxic, but we are used to that. Water off a duck’s back after the epic delusional entitlement of my family. It strikes me again that millennials are just boomers without the easy life.

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