The Boring Rapist Debrief

Ok so I have had sufficient fan mail now and it is time to write a new story, so I guess I should run through the Boring Rapist for those who only see the one layer.  Many thanks to Wolfe and Boris for dropping by for this one, it means a lot to me.  Please both of you check a site called and search yourself. I may email Wolfe’s assistant just in case he misses this.

Ok so the Boring Rapist, like all my stories, has several layers. The first thing you should notice is that the only person who gets raped as brutally as any passing moron understands it is the Rapist himself.

The second thing you should take away from the title, is that up to two billion women across the world have unwanted sex every day, whether that be due to religious/family/economic pressures, so technically boring rape is far more common than the brutal rape we hold in our less than awoken brain. This is why I have been approached by quite so many women who did not originate in this country as this is a topic nobody seems to talk about, probably because idiots squeal about being triggered. Rape is a far more stoic experience for the vast majority of victims.

The third thing you may have noticed is the casual way in which the protagonist views violence against women and crime generally, which was entirely thought through as I wanted to present the way in which someone with ASPD thinks.  The inspiration also fits every marker for malignant narcissism, so he has quite an overblown case of superiority to the law and to other people.  He just doesn’t see the world the way you do, and this is why the story was written the way it was. Oddly, the inspiration’s one decent self was well aware how dangerous and stupid the other three were, he was quite a catch in terms of butterfly collecting.

You may have found the ending odd, however I did want this to be as nonsensical as the actual events were, so it was important to illustrate what I have experienced for most of my life, which is that yes, everyone can be wrong apart from you, and no, you should not be frightened of that.  Preserve yourself is the overall message despite the odd delivery.

All in all, Milo is an interesting creation and I may do more with him and Desiree as it would make a fun Bonnie and Clyde storyline, however I do want to examine their behaviour from a different angle, so I may turn them into a couple of new characters for a story or two.

Toodle Pip, and I hope you are enjoying your very boring conference, Lucifer.  Give me a phone, my number is findable.



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