Well now you know how I’ve felt since 2003

Coronavirus interactive map from FT

Feel free to click above for the reason you are stuck in your house and the economy is about to go haywire.

Japanese and South Koreans had their masks on the first day.  They arent irresponsible, filthy braggards like Americans and the English, hence judged incapable of following instructions and sent to bed without tea.

If you have not got yourself an easy to sanitize pair of rubber gloves, some large goggles and a mask by now, I suggest you get one so we can all get on with the rest of our lives.  Here is a helpful site to assist you in making your own mask, since apparently the NHS are demanding that people risk their lives because they have insufficient supplies, despite said supplies being readily available online.


Apparently people who take the flu jab are also at considerably more risk than everyone else, which makes me rather suspicious since I was asked not two weeks before the story broke whether I wanted one.  No thank you, I replied.  I am not a subscriber to funded for profit science.

Vitamin C is also now proving helpful in New York as well as China. Again stuff you all, I am not conforming to become a stupid aggressive moron like the people I met in Waitrose, of all places, last week. Asda is very civilised in comparison.

Being stuck in the house for several years taking care of my mother and father has its advantages.  I am well used to being in lockdown, for one thing, and I have several resources to draw upon to make it profitable.

Other people are not fortunate enough to have disgusting relatives who gossip about them and abuse them every time they blink, so they may be finding this more of a struggle than I am.  Poor things.

It is particularly unfortunate to be in lockdown in Spain apparently, especially if you are a pensioner.  I receive reports directly from hospitals and people who live there and neither sounds desirable.

The lockdown will weaken fairly quickly however, so you can get back to shopping.  Off licenses and large chain retailers are now essential even as I write this.  Business however, needs to change.  I work all over the world.  There is no reason why you cannot do the same.


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