Muslims following Andrew Tate

So last night I was listening to someone very serious about combatting the menace of Andrew Tate.

I have seen thousands of Andrew Tates over the years, inevitably they eventually meet some woman that overpowers them, whether that is intellectually, physically or some other way and they STFU.

Misogynists are pretty easy to dominate.  I know because it was so easy to get to the top of a career path that was full of them.

In the course of listening to her I found a lot of presumably not very serious Muslims who are actually taking him seriously.

Why they would take Andrew Tate seriously and not Roosh V, who is a watered down version of him, presumably relates to money, however as someone with a lot of male Muslim acquaintances I am forced to point out that this is illustrates a major issue with standards within Islam generally.

If the followers of Mohammed are so easily distracted that they choose to follow a man who openly admits to violence against women and human trafficking, they aren’t very good representatives of Islam.

This is down to Imams at local level.  If theological education were improved, they would not find anything to resonate with with Andrew Tate.  There is absolutely no excuse for this.

Any serious Muslim would tell you that Andrew Tate is an infidel of the worst kind, out to exploit and distract true believers. Any Muslim following Andrew Tate and listening to what he says, is therefore, not to be taken at all seriously.  Clearly the subjugation of women and acquisition of money is more important to them than faith.

Why this is not being addressed within the faith or noticed by those choosing to discuss him I do not know.  You would have to ask them.

It certainly makes an outsider think that the position of Islam against women is no longer ambiguous, for a start.

I don’t see the appeal, to be honest, in listening to an immature man rant about his limited knowledge of the world, but I am not an immature male so I am not in the market for his work.  He is making a few million per month out of these guys, which makes his bragging more of a self fulfilling prophecy.  Nice work for an aging kickboxer.

Anyway, if you are one of the people that are daft enough to get involved with or even feel the need to discuss Andrew Tate as anything other than a dilettante fleecing young men for money, think about what you are saying about your faith.  I found numerous articles linking Andrew Tate to Islam last night, and it ain’t pretty.  It certainly won’t encourage any women to revert.

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Assumptions made about Artists

So, I have encountered a lot of assumptions in the last decade or so, usually by people who would not be buying expensive carpets anyway, so I don’t pay too much attention.

The number one assumption is that in order to be an artist, you cannot also be anything else.

This is rubbish, for a variety of reasons.  For one thing, my father was also an artist, and although he did it for a living, warned me off ever doing it for a living.

This was because he wasn’t actually all that happy working commercially, and felt that doing quite as much work for other people compromised his time to do anything self motivated.  Hence he said to do anything but art, and let the compulsion dictate how much I did.

In my case the compulsion was largely repression led, hence the number of male peers and large scale themes.  I don’t find your everyday codependence very interesting, so nobody that I have actually had a relationship with has ever featured heavily in my work.  It is always a superficial flirtation, often with someone I don’t even feel a relationship would ever work out with.

In any case, I think he was right.  I would be heavily diluted if I actually had to do it for money, so it is worth it to me to be free to say whatever I want.

The number two assumption is that you are a parasite and funded by some mysterious art god.

This is entirely untrue. I have always been self funded, and the reason I can afford to be self funded is because art is the only thing that actually matters.  I work in order to pay to do more work, essentially.  It devours any sense of style, love of entertainment or whatever because it is not only the thing, it is the only thing.

The number three assumption is that you are known therefore you are wealthy.

This one is quite funny.  For one thing it takes staggering effort to be known, and staggering self belief, which if we want to be any good, we don’t actually have.

I have two friends on Facebook, Philmy Reyes and Sandeep Sinde.  Both of them make more money than I do.

Philmy does rapid crude drawings of personal photographs and makes at least four thousand a week, and Sandeep makes philosophical statements in the form of drawing around his hand and turning it into a chicken.

They are also both far more well known than I am.  I am more in the exclusive quirky market, and promotion consists of the free books.  I don’t take the writing terribly seriously, it is mainly to get more pics of artwork out and balance the brain, however it is interesting sometimes.

The fourth assumption is that you are elitist

Whilst being elitist is a good idea from the perspective of price and claiming to do something unique and special, it is not at all necessary.  The people most interested in my work are not the buyers, but people that pass me in the street.  My perspective is that art is life itself, and because I put no pressure on myself to earn, this is more of a process of self development than assumption that I do something nobody else can do.

On the contrary, whilst my perspective turns out to be rather singular, my work is very childlike and simple, and there is no reason why people could not do it themselves.

The original purpose was to engage an entire village to up the volume at some point, and whilst life has not gone in that direction so far, the work is still possible without electricity.  This is less relevant than it was when I started, hence the investment in automation.

I find artists who believe in finicky technicalities and exclusivity in terms of skill are often the most insecure, which isn’t great for their wallet.

Having said that, I have been perfecting what to some is a basic craft form for three decades, so I am sort of guilty of this too.  Far better to put out work you aren’t in love with and make a living, I guess.

The fifth assumption is that art has to elevate your perception.

This is a dangerous one because it stops you working.  Art is a visual representation of the intangible idea.  That idea can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

The sixth assumption is you have to talk bullshit.

No you do not have to waffle in a pretentious and complex way to describe what you do.  That is also up to you.  You may sell more if people feel they are struggling to understand, I have no idea, but I really doubt it.

As Twisty used to say – art is untold misery and extreme emotion that happens to look nice in someone’s dining room.

Not necessarily, sometimes it just describes a feeling, but he wasn’t wrong.


The seventh assumption is that it has to be original.

I found an American artist who had completely ripped off this teapot, made it in cotton fabric and changed the name very slightly in an art magazine this week.  I was very pissed off, but there is very little you can do.

Anyway, that is enough for today.




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Nearing completion of Joy is Power

When i say nearing completion, it may be halfway by Christmas as I have added a rather time consuming addition to the project.

So the collection will either be

Joy is Power, United Colours of Finnieston


Joy is Power, Disunited Colours of Finnieston

I haven’t decided yet which is funnier, but there is a lot of new work which will be released and I will be redoing the car.

The car was only done because Bawbag would not stop pestering me and I wanted to make sure that his malicious gossip didn’t affect my work there, but of course it did, since the film was not possible.

At least he saved me 30k, I suppose. Not one person stepped forward to offer anything in the way of support, despite me working it as hard as was possible at the time.  One store, the clothing shop at the top of the street (can’t remember the name) were very quick to naysay it before even thinking about it, so no plans to show any support for them ever again.

I have said it before, but out of all the people I have met since my mother and Twisty died there are only two that I still talk to, and that is in the very brief moment that I am passing through.  I think it is difficult to make any kind of connection with people when they are so negative.

I have thought of a number of potential ways of reviving the project, not feeling very committed to any of them because there is no way of talking about it.

Bit fed up all things considered. Some of my best creative work is done when I am fed up, however.

Ina Disguise Free book




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Where is Bawbag?

Happy birthday to my beloved Wolfe, who is 52 today!

So, I am wondering where Bawbag is, as he has made himself scarce of late.

His shop is now let, which makes me wonder if he has in fact just negotiated himself right back in and is taking a privileged holiday in Libya prior to returning. I did notice his own crew whitewashing the windows a month or so back.

I actually quite miss him, which is strange.  He didn’t make himself much of a source of happiness all things considered.

Little Shiva has been on this website more often than I have recently.  Do not worry, Little, I am working on the rest of the collection.  The chair is a big problem, but only because I was concerned about other things.

Went down the rabbit hole of Hedge Fund Research last week, and discovered a dying art.  The business is being disrupted by web based offerings and is not a good career move, as it turns out, although had they been paying an even slightly realistic rate I would have given it a shot.

I am now investigating the world of freelance business consultancy.  Were I to go into this, I could be clearing a couple of thousand a week, however I am wary.  I was under the impression from the material on offer that English teaching, which I also do from time to time was a growth business, and as it turns out it is the most ageist field you could possibly pick.  The Chinese like very young thin blonde, preferably American teachers according to many schools, so although I loved it, because Chinese children are incredibly good fun and wonderful characters, I was not going to make a full time income from it easily.  I am considering an evening gig, but I may be considering it for longer than it takes to set up a dropshipping website.

The collection, which has now been underway for three years, is still an epic task and I am hoping to build up a decent budget for filming by the time it is complete.  I am very disciplined now about how I work it, so that I do not experience illness or burnout, so by the time it is finished it will have been entirely funded by my day jobs. Thereafter I will be moving further into media, as this is a worthy cause for time investment.

Anyway, still on the hunt for an income that exceeds the time put into it by a more impressive degree, and am considering dabbling some more in the property world. This is because last week was my highest earning week ever, so I am feeling unusually positive.

But where is Bawbag?

Toodle pip,



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