Haram Bawbag again

If it were not for issues of practicality I would add some spotlights at the bottom from the tiled part up as light makes a massive difference to this one.

I have made my first publicity banners with it and I may take some more pics once I have fiddled a bit more.

I like it, it is continuing with the kind of circusy thing I seem to do inside my head, but it is developing a lot now.

I will do a long blurb at some point, but for brevity – it is about women in Islam, and was made as a result of the inspiration behind it trying to stop me using power tools, I suspect as a way of moving the relationship on a bit since I was very carefully trying to be his friend.  The mosaic was about his previous relationship, and the helter skelter, zoetrope and carousel are about the reverberations of thought involved in being in love.

It is different every time you look at it, which is very like him, and is another great bit of children’s art.  Many of my ideas are from before I was ten, so it is not at all insulting to say my stuff looks like stuff a child would do, because it really is what a child would do given unlimited time and resources.


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Not myself at the moment

It is fair to say that I am not myself at the moment.  It has been a hard 3 years.

I have no idea why people are so stupid and so unpleasant, but I have to say life is better without them. I got the unedifying offer of the company of a con man and his moll and turned it down.

The stuff has arrived to sort out Little Shiva, so I have a hard nights treading ahead of me to sort out the problem before continuing with it. I wish he hadn’t been horrible.

Haram Bawbag still doesn’t have a decent photograph, and as it turns out is far too good for the subject.  An accurate portrait of an entirely fake person.

I am sure I will resolve these issues eventually, but there are more pressing things to worry about in the meantime.

Tired and I think getting to the point of needing a break.

There is lots of news, but I don’t want to share it with one particular reader, so no.



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Awaiting improved camera

So, Haram Bawbag is largely finished, I think I might tweak a couple of things before the poster pics.

Little Shiva is awaiting the arrival of some parts as I have a small issue with the part that you actually sit in, although it is now in shape so I have actually sat in it and its very nice to sit in.  I also need to get started on the windows and think about the actual shell.

I have also cut the base, which has to be large for balance and am about to start tiling it.

The soft stuff is at stage four and looking quite good but one item is really next generation so I might save it for the next collection.

Sick of disordered people on the website now, not sure why they can’t find better things to do since I have stopped updating on personal things. Go and get some medical assistance with your obsession.

Thinking of creating a retail gallery to get people moving around a bit again.

May discuss this with friends.

Will try to get the new mac set up today so that I may create some posters for my printer.


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The night before Christmas

I am waiting for the resin to cure and for some daylight before removing Bawbag’s piece from the studio, but everything was looking pretty good earlier.

Have thought of a potential solution to the Little Shiva problem, so am awaiting the items I need to complete that.

Apart from that, lots and lots more sewing to do, so pretty busy with that.

Hopefully pics tomorrow.

Why are allegedly respectable people always stone mad?


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Update prior to making some changes

Tomorrow is likely to be a big day, as I am hoping to get Haram Bawbag to the final stage, and perhaps release it next week.  I will be getting some posters made of all the work this time, as there is no point in me making it if I do not show it to anybody.

Thinking about him a lot, as I met his current partner last week or so.  She seems like a steady person, which is what he probably needs.

It is amazing after all his rubbish that I am still quite fond of him.  The issues raised have been interesting to say the least. Otherwise respectable people are driven quite mad by Bawbag, he really has getting under your skin down to a fine art.

It takes a special kind of forbearance and a great deal of distance to have a long term friendship with a difficult person, but I think he has made a rather nice piece of work.  Assuming that the final stages go well, we should have a very worthwhile piece.

Now driving a new car, which is odd.  I went for something a little bit less scruffy than usual this time.  It had better last as I do not want to buy a new car for a long time.

This week has been very busy for money, so I will be depositing some unexpected cash.

Once this collection is finished it is time to start the next phase of work, and I have a lot of work to do with various taxation bodies in the near future.  Sounds like no fun, but like cleaning, you feel so much better after you’ve done it.

Have reverted to my neurotic health diet, as I was starting to look a bit tattier than I can stand.  Looking forward to having more spare time after this lot is out.

Little Shiva is killing me, it is not at all easy.



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