What Scotland will be like after Fool’s Day

So, with 24 hours to go before we lose free speech in Scotland, here is the difference in my day going forward, given a typical set of circumstances.

Until the end of the pandemic period, I was purchasing two cups of tea per day from a tea shop in Finnieston because I was concerned that they had opened mid pandemic. If I was still going in there, I would now not be returning, because it is Muslim owned and it only takes one person to make up an anonymous report meaning that you then have a criminal record.

Because I have made two attempts at friendship, one an attempt to communicate with Little Shiva, who was Hindu and not a very nice person, and Bawbag, who was an initially very nice Muslim criminal with a whopping set of personality disorders, I no longer feel particularly trusting, and so the Hate Crimes Bill means it is unwise for me to even try.

My computers are usually fixed by a Muslim business just across the road. In case of any conflict or problem with the repair service, I would now not be using that business, again in case it results in a criminal record that I may be told nothing about, with no right of comeback because if I do I will be recorded on a database and not told about it.

My mechanics for the car are both Muslim. Again, I have no right of comeback after the Hate Crimes Bill comes into force, so now I have to find new garages with less reliable and well priced service because if anything goes wrong and I have to complain, I am again risking committing a crime I know nothing about.

When I wrote to Humza about this a couple of years ago (see previous posts relating to Haram Bawbag) I told him about the inspiration behind it, a criminal who was perfectly happy to discuss Islam on an intellectual basis, but who then became belligerent because I refused to participate in trying to force his rich 2nd wife to return to his dubious stable. She was accusing him of rape in order to get rid of him, because she was allegedly scared of him. I asked Humza at that time whether that was the Scotland he wanted to live in? Where women aren’t entitled to answer back and where they have to make ridiculous allegations to get away from unwanted partners?

Bawbag tried to turn every conversation into a hate crime, because he knew perfectly well how the law was going to work moving forward and because he was stopping himself from conning me, which was unexpectedly nice of him. At one point I asked him whether this was his idea of jihad? The police who read this in an email then tried to accuse me of racism. Oddly enough he hadn’t mentioned the death threat that caused my very mild response. That is the country you now live in. Stupid people decide on your future without listening to anything you have to say as a second class Scottish person on the basis that as long as a stupid person misunderstands they no longer have to listen to you at all. Make no mistake about it, you are at risk from the protected groups mentioned on this bill.

The next idiot woman he conned also tried to tell me I should be ashamed of discussing Islam with a Muslim. I have known lots of Muslims, I do not see why discussing matters of faith would be an issue. I must be stupid and racist because they are, according to these people. There cannot possibly be anything but a negative reason for discussing faith. Sex is very confusing for some women, if you arent doing that you must want to and be deprived. Neither Bawbag nor I were particularly interested in rolling about on his cafe floor.

So now we have defeated intellectualism or even simply character as a reason for communicating, we are to segregate ourselves from Muslims, Hindus, Jews, trans people, and apparently we are also to target white males aged 18-30, hence the hate monster advertisements. This is itself a hate crime. It is intended to malign groups already discriminated against,

  • women, particularly middle aged women who can see what the isses are,
  • neds, who actually just need jobs or a war to fight,
  • anyone who isn’t on the favoured list with the SNP.

We have a lovely situation where we engage the entire police force, who no longer bother with crime reports as we saw in November, in creating records intended to monitor everything we say or do and everywhere we go. Unless you travel with a team, you are at risk the minute you set foot outside your house. I am thinking of getting a bodycam, since the last person to commit a crime at my property reported themselves to the police and they still acted as if I was the problem for looking after a dying old man whilst being screamed at.

So effectively we should now avoid doing business with anyone we suspect of submitting complaints, we should avoid any unnecessary communication and we should not talk back to anyone insulting us. Not only free speech is defeated in Scotland, (since it doesnt matter where you are in the world to be a victim of being reported by vindictive people in Scotland,) but any communication now has to be monitored by an already overworked and undertrained police force to make Humza happy.

Sadly, one of the first victims of this is likely to be Humza, since his big idea is popular with nobody apart from the new Trans elite firing squad, who will remain in place just long enough for them to realise it won’t do the birth rate or savings in Scotland any favours, since the most sensible will just leave.

What used to be a country with a high success rate at integrating new populations is now about to turn very nasty and even more isolated, and since nobody has bothered getting in touch about a potential new indy party, I am now considering voting Conservative for the first time in my entire life, and since there is no political talent either in Scotland or England capable of running a country, this is a sorry state of affairs.

Way to go, Sturgeon and Yousaf. Mission accomplished, big win for the UK. Along with my Muslim friends, I won’t be voting for you ever again. No need to worry about any pesky ideas about indy.

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