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Working incredibly hard, Haram Bawbag nearing completion and on target for getting Little Shiva into resin  by July.

Pandemic has been a bit of a godsend.

Writing coming soon, once I get through about a month of solid art fury.

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Let me explain the UK Coronavirus Strategy to you.

Tried to go shopping last night, and very few masks were in evidence, and still a few sneering faces.  I am trying not to look at these people, as they are probably going to be dead over the next year or two. I am considering making a new hoodie explaining the following to them in very few words:

It has come to my attention that people still aren’t understanding what the conservative strategy is on Covid19, so I am going to explain this again.  Boris may also like to join us, because I think to an extent he has been scuppered by his own laziness and need for attention.  He isn’t innocent of this, but he is certainly a victim of his own poor strategy.

When he was induced to make the ‘some of your loved ones will die’ speech, he meant it. Up to half a million people are scheduled for deletion if they continue to pursue their dreams of ‘herd immunity’ which probably doesn’t exist. There have been many reports of reinfection from the far east.

This is not Sweden, nobody is spreading chicken shit on the parks, and nobody is bothered if you die.  Once they have cleared out the carehomes and disabled at home, they will simply focus on another group that they do not like.  They may try further inroads into Labour voting territory, they may try catholic areas in Northern Ireland, who knows who they will want to kill next.

The point is, that Boris has unwittingly been very clear about the strategy.  He is a terrible blurter, and I do not usually even need to hear much of the speech to know what is going on.  I knew exactly what was happening throughout Brexit, and I think I heard all of seven words of his truly awful speeches.

Anyway, the point is I was there for him when he needed me, and I am very sad to see his debut into leadership being torpedoed by the death cult at number ten.

So, since he was skiving off school when the non-preparation and strategy was set up, we have to assume that it fell to Dominic Cummings and his little clique, who have done financially very well out of Covid19.  The milking of the NHS for app money is only one problem however, Matt Hancock also has financial interest in the current strategy, so he is not really someone you want overseeing anything to do with health.

So, to pursue a plan of herd immunity they need to infect as many of the population as they can.  The only reason for any lockdown at all is to slow the rate of infection so that medical staff can cope with the deluge of admissions. People keep making the mistake of thinking the strategy involves preservation of life.  It does not.

The PPE complaints on Twitter do not seem to be coming from Tory voting areas.  Several very keen tories have reported empty wards and oodles of PPE.  This may be a coincidence, but I do not think it is.

Cummings has also ensured that the virus rips through the carehomes by ordering that over 75s do not get treated in hospital and effectively seeding carehomes with infected patients. I think we can assume he doesn’t like his parents very much.  The following is from the Independent, three days ago:

Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and a practising GP​, said he could not understand the clinical reason for that and warned care homes may have been “seeded” with coronavirus. 

You have to understand, to carry out a cull of this magnitude, not only do you have to con people into refusing medical treatment, or simply do it for them, you have to get people to infect each other.  Doing it via medical staff is a rather brilliant move.  It means that anyone already sick gets more sick, which means more savings on welfare payments. Nobody gives a shit about care workers because they don’t earn anything, so they weren’t going to make the mistake of issuing PPE to them when they could be used as bioweapons. Give them a badge! Likewise the supermarkets and remaining shops.  Who cares if they die, as long as they infect more people!

So Mr Cummings has simply employed his great love of complex systems to kill off a few hundred thousand useless eaters. Whilst you all clap! Very good.

I have been saying to people since the beginning of this that it is their responsibility to stop spreading the virus.  They aren’t listening, which is why it has got as bad as it has so far.  There is just no helping you.

Considering how much Boris likes being liked, he evidently isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, as the covid19 strategy is not a vote winner.  Whilst the economic landscape has to change to cope with Brexit, this extreme form of streamlining is going to lead to a very boring high street, as the smaller businesses simply give up, the banks tighten their belts and refuse to lend to anybody, and the bigger brand names he is so fond of demand yet more concessions.  We are likely to be left in a position where we are maybe lucky if we are competing with Indonesia for manufacturing work.

Anyway, to conclude.  When they say they are successful whilst misleading the public and the press, they mean it.  The strategy doesn’t involve protecting anyone and they literally don’t care if you are affected or not.  They are covered under the indemnity that parliament signed off on, and which Keir Starmer has been so ingratiating over. Once they have completed their cull, there will still be plenty of people who are stupid, deluded and vicious enough to vote Tory.

In the meantime, WEAR A FUCKING MASK YOU MORONS. I am bored with telling you not to play along. They have told you right out what they are doing.



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