Italy stops intubating the over 60s with coronavirus

Well, it looks as if Spain (see below) and Italy have pretty much fallen to coronavirus, and since we are likely to be in much the same position, my siblings must be peeing their pants! Far be it from me to remind them of their behaviour when it was their parents in the same position.

Saying that people over 60 will not be intubated means they will not get access to a ventilator, since you will inevitably need this explained to you.

Iain Duncan Smith falls into this category, so I propose that he goes first with a demonstration of leadership in our Logan’s Run future.  We can all decide whether we want to do it based upon his results. Until that time, we look forward to his demonstration of living on 94 quid a week, but only after 5 weeks of living on nothing at all.

Likewise, I imagine all conservative voters might also want to demonstrate to us how mild their symptoms are by turning down any potential treatment in order to establish their belief in survival of the fittest and herd immunity. Wouldn’t want the country to waste any money.

I imagine workers in the NHS, so keen to follow orders and finish off people’s relatives as they are in my experience, must be quite shocked to discover that they are not automatically immune from decisions from the top, further that scientific advice is not always pleasant or correct.

I may return to work this week, as I have a lot more freedom if I do, but I will see how I feel.  I am lucky to have many options in our changing landscape.

Expect an increase in recruitment for replacement police and NHS very shortly, and those of you who are out of work need not worry, as the crops will need to be tended to come the spring.

Again, please review the figures for Japan and South Korea for the error which has still not been dealt with to resolve this as quickly as possible.




as predicted – Spain



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