So I was asked what I think about Boris Johnson

Some think tank asked for my humble opinion – here we go:

Boris has been honest with the public and treated them like adults. We now know for a fact that this is a social engineering project devised by some easy life paternalist conservatives who want to be more lethal than Iain Duncan Smith. We know this because Boris told us. For that he will forever be my hero.

You could argue that this is a kinder way to kill the sick, disabled and elderly than having them go into hospital¬†and not come out because they have been ‘misdiagnosed’ with dementia (31% increase in a year of death by Alzheimers’ in Scotland a couple of years ago) or because they have been judged to be economically unviable by three consultants, as happened to two members of my family. Social engineering is not new in the UK.

Having said that, he should have made clear to the NHS staff that they were to be at least partially responsible for their own PPE, that the virus was a very real threat and that issues with procurement in the NHS meant that if the government were not prepared to stock up on supplies, regional NHS would have to relax the rules in order to maintain equipment supplies.

Finally, he was evidently also misadvised on symptoms and transmission, exemplified by the fateful handshake of hospitalized patients, and seems also to have had no idea how much danger he was putting his pregnant bit of tedious tory totty in. We could also have saved ourselves billions of pounds and many thousands of lives by being advised to wear mask, goggles and gloves in January rather than shutting the country down to keep up with the international Joneses in case the figures look too brutal.

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