I haven’t updated for a while, sorry

So I am a bit more interested in work at the moment and have been looking into some new projects.  Nothing is really grabbing me apart from video. I need to update my editing skills as I havent really done much since Second Life machinima.

I am aware that I need to finish Joy is Power before Ina’s next iteration, however the combination of meeting Bawbag, Boris exposing himself, being unwell and life in general, without an audience there isn’t much point in being Ina, and I tend to get alarmed if the audience is more than about forty people as I really don’t like attention that much.

Dylan’s head is going very well, will be mixing the putty for his face as soon as I get a food processor.

Very interesting contract just completed, looking at the effects of Bawbag’s business empire and talking to more criminals.  Moving on and hopefully up now.

I see the head loony has been on the site numerous times hoping for a reaction.  Go and talk to the police  again, there’s a good nutjob. Then please return to Spain and preferably fall off your yacht and spare us all any more of your drivel.



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So, the Trans Issue

it is interesting that this is a battle between a generation who avoided crappy gender stereotypes and a generation so narrow minded that they are happy to sterilise themselves to maintain them.

Ina Disguise

Late Boomers and the entirety of Gen X will recognise these images.  The screaming Trans activists, many of whom had parents of this age, may not, or may pretend not to because it doesn’t suit the narrative.

Everyone at some point has felt the previous generations do not understand them, however usually it is because they want to widen their perspective, not so that they can roleplay stereotypes that the previous generation chose to reject.

This is an interesting time, because Trans Activists are fighting for the right to sterilise themselves, have less pleasant sex, often in the name of a very limited idea of what the desired gender actually means.

Transwomen, in particular, unless they are Caitlyn Jenner, are volunteering for a role in which their work is worth less money, they do not get listened to or taken seriously, unless they are very lucky the sex isn’t as instantly gratifying and they are less safe than they were before they bothered lopping their bits off.

In addition, they have to stay on medication for the rest of their lives, and the side effects have been documented by the many detransitioners who say they wish they had never bothered.

Their ideas about wanting to roleplay another body are not medically challenged for some reason. Instead we have this constant noise about forcing everyone else to play along with whatever a complete stranger wants, regardless of obscurity.

Of course they have their fans, Image

This intellectual weakling is harassing Joanna Cherry, senior politician, on the grounds of being an old hag. She is two years older than him.

What he means is that she spoke, he didn’t like it, therefore she should not speak again.  I imagine that transwomen must find this element of roleplaying a woman particularly difficult, and once they have had bottom surgery, cannot even run to the loo to relieve the stress.

Then we have the child abusing parents who want to trans their children, involving sterilising them and mutilating them, since puberty blockers prevent them forming sufficient genitalia for the all important yet inferior genitals to be rebuilt.  These children cannot consent to this because they are children.

There is no two ways about it, if you accept child transition, you make a statement that children can consent, if you establish that children can consent, you put them at risk from predatory adults.

As previously mentioned, the UN have already issued a document suggesting that children can consent.  The chemical companies are happy to provide you with medicine to mutilate and sterilise your children.  There are already people making bank punting the idea of transing your kids on social media.

Helen Joyce has some very interesting things to say. If interested, you should watch this.

The idea that you should self harm rather than learn self acceptance, particularly at a vulnerable age, is insane to Generation X, who were concerned with not needing validation, revelled in their individualism, rejected labels and were keen to accept other’s differences.

It goes with the rest of our snowflake ideas that if you are ugly, you wear an interesting hat and keep on dancing, so to speak, so the idea of chopping bits off to fit in with a social or imaginary sexual norm makes no sense to most of us. The lovely thing about being forced to physically meet people to socialise is that it doesn’t matter if you’re dancing with the spotty quiet dude as long as you are dancing. This made life consist of more personal challenges and rewards than sitting waiting for someone to tap like on your crappy little post.

As I have said before, I could probably be considered trans if I was a complete asshole with no self esteem.

As it is I am not at all unhappy with my gigantic breasts and men’s clothes, I just prefer hanging around with dudes and doing dude stuff, basically.  I don’t need the embellishment of makeup and frills even at my advanced age. I’m quite clearly a fun tomboy chick.

Some of the arguments I have encountered from trans people would find this wholly shocking.  I would obviously have financially benefitted from not being female, but I wanted to have a family. (didn’t, but that was because my protective streak far outstripped my selfish nurturing streak and we were in constant danger from my lunatic siblings)

Beyond the mistaken and irritating SJWs, who apparently haven’t thought about the stupidity of self immolation for fashion, we have the more sinister misogynists, who have successfully destroyed women’s sport, which is now Trans sport and no longer exists, and the sabotage of the crime statistics, which thanks to Wings Over Scotland, was the first major red flag that forced my hand on this.  I didn’t used to bother with his posts because I was considering the weighty matter of how to make Scotland work without influence, now I find we agree on quite a few things. As someone who worked extensively in research, I object most strongly to male crime being reallocated to female crime because a rapist decided he wanted to carry on raping and was a woman for the purposes of accessing a female jail.

Female prisoners matter, just like the women of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and several countries in Africa matter.  Until we have achieved parity for all of these, we should not and must not give any quarter to a social group – trans activists – obsessed with infiltrating women’s space, asserting female roles that in many cases no longer exist and shouting women down.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have never been particularly interested in gender movements.  I’m interested in cultural shifts.  This particular shift threatens children, as I have demonstrated, and women.  Forgive me if I couldnt care less if you woke up this morning and decided you were transmasc or transfem. Fuck off and put on a football shirt and don’t expect anyone to read your mind.

Finally let us talk about the effects on the LGB community, who are looking more likely than ever to return to the LGBW fold.  Being trans is not a substitute for being gay.  The sex isn’t likely to be nearly as good, for one thing, and as Joyce notes, you can see differences in bran scans with gay people that do not exist in trans people.

Looking at the example of Dylan Mulvaney, you can see the delight that some more religious communities will have in simply replacing gay conversion therapy, which we should by now have agreed is very wrong and damaging, with transing the poor gay person to suit whichever God you happen to believe in.

It is NOT OK. It is not something that my generation is likely ever to consider OK unless the individuals concerned are totally stupid, and yes, many people are.

There is a very small number of people, three of whom I have personally known, who benefit from transition.  They are not the Dylan Mulvaneys of this world and the transition is not about being validated or demanding attention. Quite the reverse, and if this is your motivation, you are quite simply wrong to even consider it.

Give the very gay catholic Dylan all the money in the world, it won’t make it a good idea for him to chop his penis off and sterilise himself. It will not make it a good idea to blast him to the moon and influence children to chop themselves up or sterilise themselves.  It is not a kindness to pander to his lie.

Enough already.  It is about time Gen X spoke up before it is too late for Dylan and too late for these children.

No more stereotypes, labels and no more bad sex and side effects. Down with transition for 99 percent of patients and none before the age of consent.



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Preparation for becoming Dylan Mulvaney

So today I began the creation of Dylan Mulvaney.

His balls arrived today, however they will be used for creating his head, which will take the longest out of all the things I have to do before I launch him.  Boris took several weeks, and Dylan is going to be made a different way, which involves a lot of drying time, so I envisage by the time I am finished him, his genitals and his hands I will be a bit fitter.

I do have other things to do, so this will just be taking up valuable space for a while.  I also have to think about the clothes, the ultra conservative Maggie Thatcher bows around the neck, the wrinkles etc.

Managed quite a bit more work than usual this weekend, but am very tired now, so thinking about some of the songs I will need to write.

Being Trans is in danger of becoming a replacement for gay conversion therapy to the yank religious nutters, which is going to lead to a lot of sad sterilised people and probably, knowing America, more shooting.

It is interesting that as a man, Dylan hasn’t thought about the hundreds, potentially thousands of children that will be ruined because they will rush out and sterilise themselves.  Not very God fearing.

Presumably his friend, who also punts himself as trans despite having no intention of doing anything other than being stared at and maligning women, was the same friend that suggested this ill advised venture. They probably think they can remain trans without actually transitioning forever and nobody will notice.  Well, it is possible they will make a lot of money, or at least Dylan will, whilst being very unhappy.

It is all a bit tragic and a bit of a bore, since endless protesting whilst not actually doing anything constructive is a bit self defeating.


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OK so stage 1 is complete (health)

Health update.

Well I do not have detailed results, however we do have a reduction of blood pressure from 190/110 at its worst, when I was horrified enough to need but not get a GP to 140/80.

Headaches are pretty much gone, skin healing almost correctly, I do have a large jar of fermented young garlic, which I got from my favourite shop to get through, it has been fermenting for about six weeks so should be worth doing now.

Found a cheap source of kombucha to add to the main source of diet, I sort of like it, but not a lot so it is just a digestible addition to the mix.

No longer doing any fruit heavier than a berry, which suits me far better, as full force fruit such as pineapple was sending me off to lengthy sleep and I got a bit fed up struggling to stay awake, although my month or so of fruit seems to have done the trick with my liver as despite not changing shape all that much I am far more flexible than I was.

Basically the self repair so far seems to have focussed on bringing the swelling down, my face is sufficiently improved for me to be getting eyed/chatted up pretty much every time I’m out again, which is a bit of a relief as being invisible is not particularly good fun. A woman in her thirties who had no idea what age I was tried to insult me this morning, which was quite gratifying, so I got a bit of a laugh out of that.

There are some things, such as some burns I managed to incur because of pain and hot water bottles, which may take a bit longer to heal, so I think I will be hitting the vitamin E for that.

In terms of feeling a bit muggy and slow, this has almost entirely been eradicated by thinning my blood down, I have been careful to take this in stages, the full force supermix thins your blood quite a bit without adding the cloves and garlic, so I thought it was probably a bit high risk to do it all at once.  We are at the point of supermix plus cloves and garlic now and again at the moment, the next stage may involve a bit of mix and matching with big garlic salads so that my blood doesn’t get too thin.  I did this 12 years ago and ended up very arty and not very businesslike when I was doing everything at once, so you have to know what you’re doing a bit.

Pain considerably less and breathing much improved.  The only thing holding things back now is my unwillingness to deal with people, so a lot has to be done when they are not around.  More ready to tackle big tasks now, and I have quite the list to deal with.

I’m inclined to think the residual issues will dissipate when I start walking extensively again, which will have to be carefully managed as I dont want to land in bed again. I do have a kind of grumbling going on with the kidney, but I suspect this is a stone and will be watching the oxalates pending speaking to a doctor, which takes three weeks currently.

I kind of gave up after the Little Shiva episode because I was so upset.  Bawbag just tried to hammer a nail in my coffin, nobody is likely to get to affect me like that again.

Odd to find you have an emotional set up that corresponds to a batshit crazy criminal, but whatevs.

So total weight loss over the entire course of stage 1, with a year’s injury interruption has been 66, which was not so much fat as swelling and lymphatic issues.  Now the harder work starts to get the phagocytes and lymphocytes on the job.

Toodle pip.




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Mixed Messages

So today I had a lengthy conversation with a woman that openly sneered at me throughout.

She was a beauty consultant in a Boots who had clearly never had any serious issues in her life and who was very preoccupied with her weight.

I provided her with some very useful information, which she was unable to hear because her face was so busy contorting into a sneering mask of contempt. I was explaining to her that low carbing would not work unless 1. your overall state of nutrition is correct for your state of health and 2. you are mobile.  I have for the last week been experimenting with vitamin c loading without changing anything else and despite some carb loading in the form of a daily pineapple, I have eaten more than usual and lost so far around 12lb, the opposite of what a low carber would tell you.  If your state of health is draining your vitamin C, no amount of low carbing is going to do anything but increase your acid indigestion to a frightening level.

I left feeling quite sorry for her.

Apart from that, I went into my favourite shop and purchased some tomatoes, I have not yet found any difficulties with achieving this apparently impossible-for-other-people feat because I do not rely on either a tomato supply or a supermarket.

So the person I had previously mentioned proceeded to eye me up, which I will now be studiously ignoring  because for one thing, he is allergic to cats, and for another it is obviously entirely meaningless. Having been through just this scenario on many previous occasions, it is not worth wasting the mental energy on. Nothing makes you feel sadder than a person that cannot, for whatever reason, make up their goddamn mind.

Besides which, had he wanted the opportunity to bother getting to know me, he would not have wasted it three weeks ago.

So off I went to the coffee shop and bought my coffee, asking the twenty something cashier what he could deduce from this.

He promptly volunteered for the very simple low effort favour I had been asking for without even knowing what it was.  Smart boy.  Clearly the younger team are a bit more adaptable when it comes to ditsy relative strangers needing favours.

In other news, I now have a much younger new car.  I had to travel to get it, as it was a once in a lifetime bargain, but as travelling has been pretty much non existent since the pandemic, I was quite keen.

I am also embarking on a new course or two, as previously mentioned, so rather busy. Still very demotivated about artwork etc, given that I have no new ideas about advertising it once made.  Fear makes everything pointless.

I should really be angry with Bawbag about this, since that is the reason I no longer trust anyone and do not want to do any more for the area I was working on. I’m not really though.  Bawbag was a sad case that couldn’t help himself but destroy anything and anyone he went near.  He will never recover.

Had an interview for an even lower effort but complicated and responsible job today, went reasonably well, may well do it. Shall consider the matter over the next week or so.



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Week 2 of Outta Disguise

I have rarely been as anxious, took down another three trees today and organised some more stuff.

Hopefully I will get better at this.  I have had a work obsessed, avoidant life.  I think the only way I had anything approaching normality in the past was by knowing people for a very long time and/or being a hardcore drinker.

On a pineapple bender at the moment, the skin is responding well.

A few more trees to go, I will be tackling some tomorrow along with the usual Victorian raspberry collection.  In the meantime am finishing up some other jobs I was ignoring.

Rarely been so glad to be wrong about anything. Still terrified.

Awaiting a large bill, once that is done I may be signing myself up for a course shortly.


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So I haven’t updated for a while.

Right, so after I finished the last job, I had a job starting the following day at 9k a year more with one day’s less work, and I have been in training for that for a few weeks.

It is not at all what I expected and I will not be staying.

I thought it was time I tried being out in the world a bit.  It is not.

After five years now of working with millennials, I am becoming quite militant about working remotely, not because I have issues, but because they do.

I am now bored with this and since I have never been interested in mobbing, since my family were so very good at it, I do not want to deal with it at work.  Remote work should mean that you are able to just work, not be forced into judgy situations with narrow minded people.

I went out of my way to do one of them a small favour, and the response was ‘thanks guys’  They made no effort at all to speak to me or listen to anything I had to say or wanted to talk about, so I gave up.

As this is likely to be more obvious in person, and I don’t particularly care for their ideas about aging, since they are the first generation in recent history to suffer from worse health than their parents, due in part to them being kept in by their careless parents, in part to being glued to a screen from an early age instead of more comfortable twenties, and in most part due to the uncomfortable fact that providing people with unlimited information about the world seems to have made them very fond of consensus, willfully ignorant and extremely narrow minded. I had to explain to one of them that people in their sixties (and seventies) invented mobile phone and computer technology, and it took a remarkably long time for the wee brain to wrap itself around the fact this is perfectly true.

So yeah, not great really.  From making them a film to demonstrate what confidence looks like, prevented by Bawbag (who was last seen in Tel Aviv between court visits and is presumably back where he wants to be in the east end) I now don’t really want to leave the house or communicate with my co-workers at all. I just don’t see it as being productive or good for my health.

In addition to that, I am expected to share workspace with people who don’t give a shit about Covid, the same one mentioned above was sitting next to me at the beginning of training and immediately came down with it, despite the fact it is quite a big risk to my health.

Not really interested in being ill for another couple of years, sorry.

Anyway, today we discovered that English supremacists cannot read or understand politics at all, so they might as well continue to vote to kill disabled people, since that is all they apparently know how to do.


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So, hilariously I had two interviews…..

The first one was for another fake hedge fund research company.  These seem to be springing up at quite a rate of knots at the moment.

I had previously obtained a position with a company who gave me a lovely looking contract, only for the one for signing to be entirely different.

5k a month sounds good doesn’t it? 3k basic plus bonus?

The reality was a hard head hunting job finding experts willing to talk for what to them would be the miniscule fee of 2k for an hour for the princely sum of commission for me of only £80.  This would require two a day to be obtained to be a worthwhile endeavour, and since I have done a similar job, globally for 13 an hour in the past and know how difficult it was, I can tell you you would not get your 2 a day very often, so I declined. Let the poor/rich graduates of London put this on their CV.  I cannot afford it. I get 30 an hour for research work, for good reason. I do four times the work for three and a half times the pay, which is at last somewhat reasonable. I am not, unfortunately full time doing this, open to offers if anyone needs someone with a spectacular success rate of engaging people on the phone.

Anyway, this one was offering about 30-50k, sounded promising, the interview went unusually well, although the company is new and wanted me to take it on part time.  As I am currently full time and unusually happy I was wary unless this offered hours in the USA which I could do alongside it.  In this line of work, this is perfectly reasonable but the dude would not commit. As I am well used to the fake interview process now, I was not inclined to rush into it.

Next thing I know, I am getting requests for me to review his company.  So this is why the interview went well.  He isn’t offering a job at all.  He is getting reviews for his new equity research company.  I have not reviewed it, instead I sent him an email requesting his proposed part time hours. He did not reply, and I got a reminder to review his company this morning

The next one was a company who sell drama based courses on the topic of diversity.  Two gay men interviewed me for this one.  I wrote an 8 minute speech for a ten minute presentation, unfortunately, and they were not the most flexible of people.  They announced that they would be timing me before I delivered.  As sales is not really my thing, I did not expect to get this interview in the first place, so I was not harbouring high hopes.

When the managerial one asked me about my experience of diversity his face formed this disapproving insincere mask.  I explained that one major bank, whose exams i have been acing for several decades, had cocked up three interviews with me on different grounds each time, to the point that I eventually told them to ‘fuck off.’

“We’re all mothers here.” was the most insulting one, after asking me extensive questions about my writing and art.

I get this a lot from fintech companies, they are astonished that anyone has a life outside their dry, dry job.  It makes you clam up, essentially, because you are regarded as too colourful.

Anyway, having explained this and the experience of walking in and seeing the people these companies hire instead – often spotty 15 year old golfers who resemble my dishonest, corrupt and lazy brother, I established that yes, I do have quite a bit experience of being discriminated against.

What I should probably have said was “well, at one point my ex was a Nazi Ukrainian, my best friend was a male, fascist criminal North African Muslim with ASPD and I was in love with a Hindu that hates me and cost me my job for sport, is that diverse enough?”

Which is perfectly true, but I imagine their little heads would pop off.

Now I have good reason to detest ‘woke’ people as much as I detest people who refer to them as ‘snowflakes.’  There is as much latent and overt racism on both sides, but do I particularly want to spend my time selling to them? Probably not.

He offered me some feedback after the interview.  I declined.

Apart from that, nearly bought a dog this week, on the grounds that men are pointless and I would like to go out without worrying now and again, but the house and cats come first, so not quite at the peak of achievement that would be spending two hours a day walking yet. Not feeling very motivated generally as a result of timewasting pish like this.

That’s how things are going.



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Muslims following Andrew Tate

So last night I was listening to someone very serious about combatting the menace of Andrew Tate.

I have seen thousands of Andrew Tates over the years, inevitably they eventually meet some woman that overpowers them, whether that is intellectually, physically or some other way and they STFU.

Misogynists are pretty easy to dominate.  I know because it was so easy to get to the top of a career path that was full of them.

In the course of listening to her I found a lot of presumably not very serious Muslims who are actually taking him seriously.

Why they would take Andrew Tate seriously and not Roosh V, who is a watered down version of him, presumably relates to money, however as someone with a lot of male Muslim acquaintances I am forced to point out that this is illustrates a major issue with standards within Islam generally.

If the followers of Mohammed are so easily distracted that they choose to follow a man who openly admits to violence against women and human trafficking, they aren’t very good representatives of Islam.

This is down to Imams at local level.  If theological education were improved, they would not find anything to resonate with with Andrew Tate.  There is absolutely no excuse for this.

Any serious Muslim would tell you that Andrew Tate is an infidel of the worst kind, out to exploit and distract true believers. Any Muslim following Andrew Tate and listening to what he says, is therefore, not to be taken at all seriously.  Clearly the subjugation of women and acquisition of money is more important to them than faith.

Why this is not being addressed within the faith or noticed by those choosing to discuss him I do not know.  You would have to ask them.

It certainly makes an outsider think that the position of Islam against women is no longer ambiguous, for a start.

I don’t see the appeal, to be honest, in listening to an immature man rant about his limited knowledge of the world, but I am not an immature male so I am not in the market for his work.  He is making a few million per month out of these guys, which makes his bragging more of a self fulfilling prophecy.  Nice work for an aging kickboxer.

Anyway, if you are one of the people that are daft enough to get involved with or even feel the need to discuss Andrew Tate as anything other than a dilettante fleecing young men for money, think about what you are saying about your faith.  I found numerous articles linking Andrew Tate to Islam last night, and it ain’t pretty.  It certainly won’t encourage any women to revert.

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