So, the Trans Issue

it is interesting that this is a battle between a generation who avoided crappy gender stereotypes and a generation so narrow minded that they are happy to sterilise themselves to maintain them.

Ina Disguise

Late Boomers and the entirety of Gen X will recognise these images.  The screaming Trans activists, many of whom had parents of this age, may not, or may pretend not to because it doesn’t suit the narrative.

Everyone at some point has felt the previous generations do not understand them, however usually it is because they want to widen their perspective, not so that they can roleplay stereotypes that the previous generation chose to reject.

This is an interesting time, because Trans Activists are fighting for the right to sterilise themselves, have less pleasant sex, often in the name of a very limited idea of what the desired gender actually means.

Transwomen, in particular, unless they are Caitlyn Jenner, are volunteering for a role in which their work is worth less money, they do not get listened to or taken seriously, unless they are very lucky the sex isn’t as instantly gratifying and they are less safe than they were before they bothered lopping their bits off.

In addition, they have to stay on medication for the rest of their lives, and the side effects have been documented by the many detransitioners who say they wish they had never bothered.

Their ideas about wanting to roleplay another body are not medically challenged for some reason. Instead we have this constant noise about forcing everyone else to play along with whatever a complete stranger wants, regardless of obscurity.

Of course they have their fans, Image

This intellectual weakling is harassing Joanna Cherry, senior politician, on the grounds of being an old hag. She is two years older than him.

What he means is that she spoke, he didn’t like it, therefore she should not speak again.  I imagine that transwomen must find this element of roleplaying a woman particularly difficult, and once they have had bottom surgery, cannot even run to the loo to relieve the stress.

Then we have the child abusing parents who want to trans their children, involving sterilising them and mutilating them, since puberty blockers prevent them forming sufficient genitalia for the all important yet inferior genitals to be rebuilt.  These children cannot consent to this because they are children.

There is no two ways about it, if you accept child transition, you make a statement that children can consent, if you establish that children can consent, you put them at risk from predatory adults.

As previously mentioned, the UN have already issued a document suggesting that children can consent.  The chemical companies are happy to provide you with medicine to mutilate and sterilise your children.  There are already people making bank punting the idea of transing your kids on social media.

Helen Joyce has some very interesting things to say. If interested, you should watch this.

The idea that you should self harm rather than learn self acceptance, particularly at a vulnerable age, is insane to Generation X, who were concerned with not needing validation, revelled in their individualism, rejected labels and were keen to accept other’s differences.

It goes with the rest of our snowflake ideas that if you are ugly, you wear an interesting hat and keep on dancing, so to speak, so the idea of chopping bits off to fit in with a social or imaginary sexual norm makes no sense to most of us. The lovely thing about being forced to physically meet people to socialise is that it doesn’t matter if you’re dancing with the spotty quiet dude as long as you are dancing. This made life consist of more personal challenges and rewards than sitting waiting for someone to tap like on your crappy little post.

As I have said before, I could probably be considered trans if I was a complete asshole with no self esteem.

As it is I am not at all unhappy with my gigantic breasts and men’s clothes, I just prefer hanging around with dudes and doing dude stuff, basically.  I don’t need the embellishment of makeup and frills even at my advanced age. I’m quite clearly a fun tomboy chick.

Some of the arguments I have encountered from trans people would find this wholly shocking.  I would obviously have financially benefitted from not being female, but I wanted to have a family. (didn’t, but that was because my protective streak far outstripped my selfish nurturing streak and we were in constant danger from my lunatic siblings)

Beyond the mistaken and irritating SJWs, who apparently haven’t thought about the stupidity of self immolation for fashion, we have the more sinister misogynists, who have successfully destroyed women’s sport, which is now Trans sport and no longer exists, and the sabotage of the crime statistics, which thanks to Wings Over Scotland, was the first major red flag that forced my hand on this.  I didn’t used to bother with his posts because I was considering the weighty matter of how to make Scotland work without influence, now I find we agree on quite a few things. As someone who worked extensively in research, I object most strongly to male crime being reallocated to female crime because a rapist decided he wanted to carry on raping and was a woman for the purposes of accessing a female jail.

Female prisoners matter, just like the women of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and several countries in Africa matter.  Until we have achieved parity for all of these, we should not and must not give any quarter to a social group – trans activists – obsessed with infiltrating women’s space, asserting female roles that in many cases no longer exist and shouting women down.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have never been particularly interested in gender movements.  I’m interested in cultural shifts.  This particular shift threatens children, as I have demonstrated, and women.  Forgive me if I couldnt care less if you woke up this morning and decided you were transmasc or transfem. Fuck off and put on a football shirt and don’t expect anyone to read your mind.

Finally let us talk about the effects on the LGB community, who are looking more likely than ever to return to the LGBW fold.  Being trans is not a substitute for being gay.  The sex isn’t likely to be nearly as good, for one thing, and as Joyce notes, you can see differences in bran scans with gay people that do not exist in trans people.

Looking at the example of Dylan Mulvaney, you can see the delight that some more religious communities will have in simply replacing gay conversion therapy, which we should by now have agreed is very wrong and damaging, with transing the poor gay person to suit whichever God you happen to believe in.

It is NOT OK. It is not something that my generation is likely ever to consider OK unless the individuals concerned are totally stupid, and yes, many people are.

There is a very small number of people, three of whom I have personally known, who benefit from transition.  They are not the Dylan Mulvaneys of this world and the transition is not about being validated or demanding attention. Quite the reverse, and if this is your motivation, you are quite simply wrong to even consider it.

Give the very gay catholic Dylan all the money in the world, it won’t make it a good idea for him to chop his penis off and sterilise himself. It will not make it a good idea to blast him to the moon and influence children to chop themselves up or sterilise themselves.  It is not a kindness to pander to his lie.

Enough already.  It is about time Gen X spoke up before it is too late for Dylan and too late for these children.

No more stereotypes, labels and no more bad sex and side effects. Down with transition for 99 percent of patients and none before the age of consent.



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Dylan Mulvaney Progress

Right so we have a nice big fat head for Dylan, it will take a bit of time to achieve the figure of eight square that is his unusual head shape, then I can sculpt in his features.  He doesn’t seem to have eaten much in the last six months, so I am wondering if a puppet might be a better approach since I have no intentions of being ‘three melons on a stick’ again and at my age I imagine I would look a bit like a burst balloon if i tried this for a third time.  I have been down to 95lb a couple of times and I did not find the only getting to eat twice a week/constant running thing much fun.

Men are not the reason people do this crap to themselves, they are fine with me at any size, it is women that do this to each other

In terms of health, this week I have taken a break from supermix and I think it was the right idea, weight on solid foods is stable, the next phase is to up the water consumption and regard supermix as the heaviest thing I eat, which makes a significant difference to appearance.

Most of the self repair seems to have been on my face thus far, I am thinking cycling is probably the main push this time, since walking and swimming the last time took up rather a lot of my day and failed to repair the lymph nodes in my leg the last time.  I did try asking a GP about this, and the response was so ignorant that I have to find the best way to approach this myself, I have had quite dramatic responses from the legs using lymphatic drainage massages I have learnt about, but it does seem a bit time consuming to be sitting stroking your knees for extended periods of time and not very interesting.

I am sure some women would enjoy this extensive self care, but I would rather be actually doing something or solving a problem.

Apologies to Dylan, I learnt the other night that he is a gay Catholic, not a gay Mormon, so I will modify the lyrics.  He was apparently starring in some Mormon theatre when his Mormon pics were taken.  Lookswise, he is, like me, a little bit semite looking.

The giant mouth with extended upper lip is a big feature this time, Boris had much nicer lips.  Dylan’s brows are a little bit surgery related so it will be interesting how that sculpts.

I will be mixing some of the sculpting material using a food processor.  I dont really want the painterly effect i got on Boris, I want more of a china doll, puppet effect this time, so this will be interesting.

In the event we are going for a stick puppet, I will perhaps visit the puppet school to deal with stringing him.  A puppet would be a good approach to this project.

In the meantime, we have to amass a lot of genitalia.  This is a lot of work.

Anyway, as I said it involves a lot of drying time, so if we are lucky I will be able to draw out his features at the end of next week and start work on a crude rendition of his face.  I do have a good idea how to get the limbs to work properly so this shouldnt be a problem.

Then there is the issue of the clothing, which I think I might make as it will be cheaper.

Ina has a new hoodie coming shortly.  I havent named this project yet as I have to finish Joy is Power before I launch Dylan, so I have given myself a bit of a deadline.

About forty or so paintings to work on very shortly, but this was a personal challenge, so will not take very long.  More interested in launching my health project, which has been pending for a few years due to illness/death.

More news soon.



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Preparation for becoming Dylan Mulvaney

So today I began the creation of Dylan Mulvaney.

His balls arrived today, however they will be used for creating his head, which will take the longest out of all the things I have to do before I launch him.  Boris took several weeks, and Dylan is going to be made a different way, which involves a lot of drying time, so I envisage by the time I am finished him, his genitals and his hands I will be a bit fitter.

I do have other things to do, so this will just be taking up valuable space for a while.  I also have to think about the clothes, the ultra conservative Maggie Thatcher bows around the neck, the wrinkles etc.

Managed quite a bit more work than usual this weekend, but am very tired now, so thinking about some of the songs I will need to write.

Being Trans is in danger of becoming a replacement for gay conversion therapy to the yank religious nutters, which is going to lead to a lot of sad sterilised people and probably, knowing America, more shooting.

It is interesting that as a man, Dylan hasn’t thought about the hundreds, potentially thousands of children that will be ruined because they will rush out and sterilise themselves.  Not very God fearing.

Presumably his friend, who also punts himself as trans despite having no intention of doing anything other than being stared at and maligning women, was the same friend that suggested this ill advised venture. They probably think they can remain trans without actually transitioning forever and nobody will notice.  Well, it is possible they will make a lot of money, or at least Dylan will, whilst being very unhappy.

It is all a bit tragic and a bit of a bore, since endless protesting whilst not actually doing anything constructive is a bit self defeating.


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