So now you have Coronavirus…..

Give up meat, wheat, cheese, potatoes, milk products and sugar. If you must have them at all, make it every second day and focus on maximum bang for the buck.  Black pudding is good, supermarket chicken is not.  You get the idea.  Fish is also fine.

Replace anything you have given up with fruit and vegetables.  A whole pineapple is not difficult if you put it in a smoothie or dream up whatever suits you as ways of consuming it.  Coconut cream you may have, cream or milk you may not.

If you want to invest in some amla, raw chocolate and blueberries, do that, they are also good.

No coffee but white tea is fine.  You want as much fibre and antioxidants as you can get.

Get a chewable vitamin c, and if you are able to, chew at least one every three hours.  You will go through a lot.

Make some friars balsam, if you cannot find it, with storax and benzoin.  Put it in a pan and use it as an expectorant.  You want to get the temperature in your nose and throat up a few degrees, so take your time and use a towel over your head.

Sleep a lot.  And now some more. Eat something of the above when you wake up as your lymphatic system will be working very hard.

Avoid stress as the headaches will come back and you will be less physically able to cope.

Use protective wear for at least forty days after you feel well enough to return to the public as you are still infectious.

I am sick of telling people to cover their hands, nose, eyes and mouth.  Sick of it.  Why are people so fucking stupid?


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