Stay happy, stay alive

A Creative, Emotional and Thought Provoking Trip….

Sheep in Wolfe’s Clothing

This was the first collection of items and stories, made entirely in honour of David Wolfe, whom I was ‘virtually’ in love with for about a decade. He wasn’t a particularly pleasant person to deal with when I first knew him, that was not the point. The point was that I was pretty much trapped at home taking care of my parents, had the misfortune of extremely hostile siblings making it impossible to live a normal life, had a frustratingly dull working life and was trying to avoid being driven mad with boredom, and Wolfe was a welcome escape from what had become a rather humourless daily experience. Wolfe now owns a piece of my work and features in many of the ‘Best Ever’ stories as a fictional character.

No Glass Walls

A query into the nature of celebrity, the No Glass Walls collection was in honour of Boris Johnson, who himself says that he was a content and placid person until the arrival of his frictional sister Rachel. My question was what sets celebrity apart from the population, why do we accept that some people are ‘special’ and what is it like being on the other side of the glass wall? The answer was primarily lonely and undefended, since the minute you become a public figure you lose your ability to fight back in many respects. Boris was a frequent visitor to the site between 2016 and 2020, and drops in from time to time, although I have been very slow with this project due to illness and bereavement due to the pandemic. Lucifer Ogilvie is, however, a very entertaining fictional character and will be brought back in time.

Joy is Power

This project was about happiness and what gives you the motivation to create. It is a celebration of Finnieston in Glasgow and was stitched almost entirely whilst sitting in a car at the roadside. It was highly instructional and linked with the No Glass Walls project, as I discovered, most unexpectedly that sewing in a bubble quickly became a spectator sport. My favourite visitors were the football fans who would check in on the progress of the sewing whilst going to football practise. I was close friends with a Libyan chap in a lot of trouble at the time, which caused me to make my car considerably more eye catching for personal safety reasons. I also worked with a Sikh family during this period, and I am still a frequent visitor to the area. This collection will be completed soon now that I can update the website again. Why am I making all this stuff or writing anything? Because Joy is Power.

Save Dylan’s Penis

We are at the beginning of this project, it is a political project about capitalism and transgender ideology. I am currently working on a short story collection and a large papier mache rendition of Dylan Mulvaney’s head. This is likely to become a performance/video project.