So you wanna be a celebrity?

I have spent the last two months researching and speaking to celebrities for a variety of corporates, and it was very grindy.

So, without naming names, as that wouldn’t be fun at all, here is what I have learned from looking at material relating to influential people.

If you want to come from nowhere and become a celebrity the first thing you are going to need is a story. This can be a story of tenacity and resilience, so taking up sport or exploring might be helpful for this. You do not need additional qualifications but you do need to write a book.

The second route is to get a job somewhere that is regarded as cool, such as Google, something AI related, Apple, any large corprate, and to brownnose your way into a senior position. This is quite an exclusive route, favoured by mostly men. Women tend to go with magazines and food or crafts and down the influencer route from there. There are a few men on this more feminine route, and they do even better than the women do.

The third route in the UK would be via the BBC. These were the least polite of the celebrities that I spoke to, and I think the reason is because they do not have a central portal for dealing with trivial enquiries and have to do it all themselves whilst retaining their veneer of civility as being ‘national treasures/’ This could easily be addressed by the BBC but I doubt anyone has thought about it. As they are really civil servants, the BBC could do with adopting the Civil service procedure for dealing with enquiries.

The fourth route is to bore on about something worthy. Currently your worthiness is all about sexuality and mental health, but there is likely to be a backlash shortly as the market is awash with people boring on about their problems and this is not actually a good long term strategy in my view.

So, so far we have a number of established routes, and, assuming you have written your book, or got someone to write it for you and got it published, we have to go to publicising your story via social media.

Instagram is by far the most important social media for the Millennial Market, and Tiktok is likely to become the next one for Gen Z, so do not be shy about using both of those. Twitter is more for chatting and establishing links with other schmoozers, a lot of people quite clearly manage their own. This is a mistake. Quantity is important, as is establishing a personal brand without doing any actual communicating, Several of the people I looked at had made terrible mistakes by expressing a real opinion and this is not your role as a person behind the glass wall.

So if you really want to be successful, hire a VA and get them to deal with the social media rather than manage it yourself. That hundred or so a month you pay someone to sit and post for you is a lot cheaper than having to hire a PR firm later when you have cocked up by expressing an unpopular opinion. In this way everything stays nice and boring and bland and nobody gets upset.

Facebook is not considered to be important at all anymore, unless you are a well loved athlete, in which case you may get some traction with it, but again, get someone else to look after it for you.

Substack is a bore, and it shows. There are many, more serious influencers and celebs using it, but it is clear from the activity levels that they very quickly tire of it and Medium gets you a little bit further in terms of reach.

Also Linkedin is seriously undervalued. It has really replaced Facebook pages as a way of gathering an audience and it is incredibly important to establish your Linkedin presence, even if your schtick is arty, comedy related or sporty. It makes it much easier for people like me to make you a job offer.

So there we have it, it is as easy as that. Do something that appeals to someone sitting in an office. Even if that has been opening a shop, this has worked for some enterprising people. Write a book or make a series of videos. When you do get an event, film that. Get someone to manage your social media as a branding exercise rather than pay for expensive vanity advertising or PR. Make use of the many resources online to list yourself as available. Do not undercharge, that is a giveaway. Prices range from 500 to 100,000 for an hours work, and if you can establish studio space in your home, you don’t even need to leave the house.

Please also note that you do not need to wait until you have a lot of followers. They do not matter. Presence matters. It is not all that cool to have loads of followers amongst established names.

You too, can be one of the beautiful people. It is as easy as that.

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What Scotland will be like after Fool’s Day

So, with 24 hours to go before we lose free speech in Scotland, here is the difference in my day going forward, given a typical set of circumstances.

Until the end of the pandemic period, I was purchasing two cups of tea per day from a tea shop in Finnieston because I was concerned that they had opened mid pandemic. If I was still going in there, I would now not be returning, because it is Muslim owned and it only takes one person to make up an anonymous report meaning that you then have a criminal record.

Because I have made two attempts at friendship, one an attempt to communicate with Little Shiva, who was Hindu and not a very nice person, and Bawbag, who was an initially very nice Muslim criminal with a whopping set of personality disorders, I no longer feel particularly trusting, and so the Hate Crimes Bill means it is unwise for me to even try.

My computers are usually fixed by a Muslim business just across the road. In case of any conflict or problem with the repair service, I would now not be using that business, again in case it results in a criminal record that I may be told nothing about, with no right of comeback because if I do I will be recorded on a database and not told about it.

My mechanics for the car are both Muslim. Again, I have no right of comeback after the Hate Crimes Bill comes into force, so now I have to find new garages with less reliable and well priced service because if anything goes wrong and I have to complain, I am again risking committing a crime I know nothing about.

When I wrote to Humza about this a couple of years ago (see previous posts relating to Haram Bawbag) I told him about the inspiration behind it, a criminal who was perfectly happy to discuss Islam on an intellectual basis, but who then became belligerent because I refused to participate in trying to force his rich 2nd wife to return to his dubious stable. She was accusing him of rape in order to get rid of him, because she was allegedly scared of him. I asked Humza at that time whether that was the Scotland he wanted to live in? Where women aren’t entitled to answer back and where they have to make ridiculous allegations to get away from unwanted partners?

Bawbag tried to turn every conversation into a hate crime, because he knew perfectly well how the law was going to work moving forward and because he was stopping himself from conning me, which was unexpectedly nice of him. At one point I asked him whether this was his idea of jihad? The police who read this in an email then tried to accuse me of racism. Oddly enough he hadn’t mentioned the death threat that caused my very mild response. That is the country you now live in. Stupid people decide on your future without listening to anything you have to say as a second class Scottish person on the basis that as long as a stupid person misunderstands they no longer have to listen to you at all. Make no mistake about it, you are at risk from the protected groups mentioned on this bill.

The next idiot woman he conned also tried to tell me I should be ashamed of discussing Islam with a Muslim. I have known lots of Muslims, I do not see why discussing matters of faith would be an issue. I must be stupid and racist because they are, according to these people. There cannot possibly be anything but a negative reason for discussing faith. Sex is very confusing for some women, if you arent doing that you must want to and be deprived. Neither Bawbag nor I were particularly interested in rolling about on his cafe floor.

So now we have defeated intellectualism or even simply character as a reason for communicating, we are to segregate ourselves from Muslims, Hindus, Jews, trans people, and apparently we are also to target white males aged 18-30, hence the hate monster advertisements. This is itself a hate crime. It is intended to malign groups already discriminated against,

  • women, particularly middle aged women who can see what the isses are,
  • neds, who actually just need jobs or a war to fight,
  • anyone who isn’t on the favoured list with the SNP.

We have a lovely situation where we engage the entire police force, who no longer bother with crime reports as we saw in November, in creating records intended to monitor everything we say or do and everywhere we go. Unless you travel with a team, you are at risk the minute you set foot outside your house. I am thinking of getting a bodycam, since the last person to commit a crime at my property reported themselves to the police and they still acted as if I was the problem for looking after a dying old man whilst being screamed at.

So effectively we should now avoid doing business with anyone we suspect of submitting complaints, we should avoid any unnecessary communication and we should not talk back to anyone insulting us. Not only free speech is defeated in Scotland, (since it doesnt matter where you are in the world to be a victim of being reported by vindictive people in Scotland,) but any communication now has to be monitored by an already overworked and undertrained police force to make Humza happy.

Sadly, one of the first victims of this is likely to be Humza, since his big idea is popular with nobody apart from the new Trans elite firing squad, who will remain in place just long enough for them to realise it won’t do the birth rate or savings in Scotland any favours, since the most sensible will just leave.

What used to be a country with a high success rate at integrating new populations is now about to turn very nasty and even more isolated, and since nobody has bothered getting in touch about a potential new indy party, I am now considering voting Conservative for the first time in my entire life, and since there is no political talent either in Scotland or England capable of running a country, this is a sorry state of affairs.

Way to go, Sturgeon and Yousaf. Mission accomplished, big win for the UK. Along with my Muslim friends, I won’t be voting for you ever again. No need to worry about any pesky ideas about indy.

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The Hate Crimes Bill

So as a fitting last post to the blog as it is at the moment, let us review our earlier material on the Hate Crimes Bill. Everyone is chatting about it at the moment as it is effectively the end of free speech in Scotland and it targets some already vulnerable groups.

The Bill itself is just bad politics from Humza Yousaff, who doesn’t really understand either sociology, history, the country he was born in or much other than brownnosing Nicola Sturgeon and Patrick Harvie, who were both senior to him when he came up with it. It is an unlawful law because it attempts to breach data protection laws, human rights laws on protected belief. It attempts to police private conversation and literally millions of tweets and posts online. This at a time when police are stating they are not planning to attend actual crimes anymore.

A child could tell you it is not a very sensible bill, and yet, appropriately, it is being brought in on April Fool’s Day.

Quite rightly, the neds have spotted that they are to be the victims of this crap bit of lawmaking, along with women and the elderly who still attempt to have conversations when they are out and about, with people who are being trained to be hostile to each other.

Allegations do not even have to be true to be lodged against your name without your knowledge or consent for your data to be sullied. You would literally be safer to vote Tory than vote SNP ever again.

From what people are saying, there are likely to be hundreds of thousands of complaints against Humza himself, even though he created this situation himself. For that reason the law is not supposed to be retrospective, so that you cannot denounce him as a racist despite his making a very public speech decrying white people.

According to many commentators this law came about as a result of Humza’s faith. This is not the case. In point of fact, he has lost the Muslim vote in Glasgow, his home town, because hundreds of Muslim men have said they will never vote for independence again as a result of GRR. I know this because I talk to them. They won’t say this to Humza, but they have no reason not to tell me.

In fact, this law came about under pressure from Patrick Harvie because someone referred to him as a deviant in the street. The word deviant is even specifically mentioned on the page you are supposed to check before you can speak.

Frankly I do not know why I should be interested in other people’s sex lives. I do object to children being sterilised for fashion, which is a protected belief. As I have said before, having known genuinely trans people, they bear little resemblance to the rainbow hair TRA mob, who will discover in time that they have been sold a poor medical future. That is entirely up to them, I will not be around to find out if all their problems are magically solved by allowing someone to hack them up.

Anyway, as of Monday it would be wise to limit your communication with other people as from experience of people like Little Shiva, they very rarely have your best interests in mind and think it is ‘good and fun entertainment’ to cause you problems for no reason at all.

He probably still believes this, even after losing his job for doing it to someone else. Disordered, nasty individuals are everywhere. When your own family is like this, you are particularly reluctant to put yourself at risk from them.

Not only are you at risk in the street, you are at risk at work, and if you have a family, you are at risk at home, because anyone can attack you at any time. You are no longer safe in Scotland at all, and people are already saying they will not be coming to Scotland because of it.

A ned has put a marvellous bit of grafitti on the Kingston Bridge in Bridge Street

“You said it was a conspiracy theory, now you live in one.”

#SNPout and as a former member I cannot tell you how disgusted I am to have to say that. Earlier generations would have very quickly pointed out that targetting any sector of the population on spurious grounds weakens Scotland. I agree with them. I stand with the Neds,. I stand with my Muslim friends, and I stand with the women that are trying to protect the rights they had to spend the last century fighting for. I do not care who you want to have sex with and I do not care for people who try to destroy freedom of speech in my country.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. If you are going to arrest anyone, make it Humza, for creating a law that will destroy Muslim business, destroy carefully preserved relationships and target the neds, who just need some factories and a war to fight, target the women, for protecting themselves from actual harm, target the isolated, who have very few social interactions as it is.

Humza apparently wouldn’t know about any of that.

He apparently thought this was a way to target dissent and target tories whilst getting everyone else to shut up. That is not the country I want to be in. I am offended. Vote them out, and use this form to find out what they have stored about you before getting it removed under GDPR.

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The Current Job Market

So in the last three months we have seen:

One company of stockbrokers, who did not communicate with each other and ruined five people’s lives because one partner thought they were recruiting and one partner did not. Even after this they went on to ruin the lives of several accountants before I stopped them.

One company who recruited a national workforce and dissolved less than a fortnight later without telling anyone.

One company who pay minimum wage on the basis of getting a full year’s charity donations from the charities they raise funds for. They were actually the best ones.

A company who run by overcharging for house upgrades. I have seen this business model before, so it is interesting seeing it from within. Frighteningly, it is not illegal to overcharge for house upgrades so shop around when thinking of investing in technology for the home.

A company, owned by a woman but run by boys and wives, who unsurprisingly cannot see that their entire ethos is now boy centred, to the point that their pitch is ineffective when delivered by a woman. I was invited to a charming party involving watching Cash in the Attic whilst in my underwear, however.

A company who are unable to communicate because they are related. There are a lot of those around, so this is no great surprise. I no longer support this company.

Yesterday I took a recruiter to task because he refused to put me forward for a role with the heavenly scent of career. I am not to be put forward for this because I have too much experience and should have stayed in a dull job with no prospects for several years, apparently. Today I had the same experience from a female recruiter, who refused to put me forward for a job I was interviewed for by the same company ten years ago.

Let me tell you about people who stay in the same job for several years. They are unadaptable, inflexible and their brains become stagnant. Their envy becomes so palpable that they become dishonest, and they become ill because they are so bored. These are the people favoured by recruitment agents. It is a model that is out of date, and yet it is young recruiters who still perpetuate this aged model because they are trained to. Earning a living is not to be respected at all.

Then we have the woman who had me jump through numerous obstacles to make it to the interview with the full intention of making sure I did not get the job and then gracing me with her entirely useless career advice. She apparently thought I was much younger than I actually am, so I am sorry to say she was given the shock of her life, which the company is now also delivering to her at considerable length.

Anyway I will now be working for a different company in a different industry, which fortunately I had the forsight to also invest time in. Next month I will be in talks with a much larger company for a much bigger job. I also have a couple of contracts coming up which may be quite interesting and am still messing about with City of London opportunities, even after the last disaster.

Much of having integrity in the workplace is knowing whether to take what you are doing seriously. Sometimes you try taking it seriously and then discover they weren’t, so you were wasting your time. I have been blessed with the priority of knowledge over wealth, so I find this less tedious than most people would, but to be brutally honest, I am surprised more women don’t become arsonists in their dotage. For me, the workplace is far more sexist now than it was thirty years ago.

Several companies I have had the misfortune to investigate over the last six years have had literal wall to wall white male junior management. A Muslim lady I was working with and I joked about it. The first day we were there, I turned around and observed that there was no point in my being there, to which she immediately laughed and said ‘try being Muslim as well’

When you point this out to them, they act as if nobody has noticed. Of course they have, they created it by promoting only each other, and the company then neglected the issue by not delivering effective bias training.

Little Shiva was another case in point. As an Indian national, Hindu male, he was still at an automatic advantage compared to me, and I have considerably more experience than he had. Then consider his position. As a team manager on his probably 250/300 a day, he in turn was at a disadvantage compared to his thick-as-pigshit gym bunny friend who was white, racist and English, who was on 700 a day for a not very labour intensive analysis and management role.

Therefore, all diversity has done is push working women further down the slagheap. Boys will still favour boys, women considerably below them as disposable staff unless they can cosy up to the higher ups, who got there by some mysterious process of ass kissing I cannot identify with.

I cannot say that it is at the feet of men exclusively. The unpleasant woman mentioned above started haranguing me about my lack of children and husband mid interview, and that was not the first time I had had this happen at interviews. I eventually had to tell Barclays bank to stop bothering me because they pestered me with endless timewasting interviews with women just like her.

Nothing is more frightening to any of these people than an ambitious, career focussed woman with a brain. They must be stopped. They must be excluded. In no way should their work be rewarded because standards might go up.

How terrifying for them. I am not impressed.

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The Continuing Adventures of Ina

Well this week we had a suitably operatic ending to the tiny little boutique investment job. Wifezilla went crazy after only a couple of minutes talking to me, so I am now relieved of having to deal with the fascinating face.

It is OK, we would both have found it fairly insufferable I suspect and I would not have tolerated it well for much longer. I do not like the automatic dismissal of questions. I’m glad I met him though. That was a worthwhile adventure for that alone.

Amongst the new research subjects are a company with a more traditional approach to HNWs which involves a lot more relationship building. This suits me far better. Nothing good is ever sold quickly.

Tried to get involved in the world of carpets, but I do not think the world of carpets particularly wants or values me, sadly. I do need to earn a bit more anyway. In the meantime I shall engage in some more thrilling research whilst I get stuck into the Finnieston collection and move on to the Geo collection, which is yet to have a proper name.

I already have the plan for this one, so it is a case of finishing a lot more mini bawbag pieces for Finnieston and then I shall utilise the opera in my head to create the new stuff. I am doing a lot of tenor singing. I don’t really like the contralto nearly as much. It seems to work wonders with my health.

Yet another company suddenly went bust after recruiting nationally. I am a bit fed up with this, I think it should really be within the realm of DWP to control people being put out of work or lied to to sustain dying business. Another project I am engaged in seems to be proceeding at a snail’s pace, but I have had several people ask me for work this week, so hey ho.

I shall think of a proper name soon.

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Confirmed Single

Well the fabulous job turned out to not exist, this was a well known finance specialist who apparently cocked up this time. I was not the worst off out of it, I am quite sure the rest of the people who were supposed to start the job had handed their notice in before Christmas and are now jobless because of it. I hope he is happy with destroying a few lives.

So the next thing that happened was I was in the running for the best possible alternative option, and the person in charge of recruitment turned out to have a personality disorder, so as usual mistook me for a doormat. It is amazing how many people percieve kindness as being a weak thing. My siblings could now tell you the two do not go together. Fuck with Ina, and Ina will cheerfully fuck with you.

This week, started a few new ventures in the world of sales. Having a lot of high and low level research experience is helpful if you wish to investigate the world of sales, since research involves an ability to engage people extremely quickly in order to extract information needed to complete whichever task you happen to be doing. Time will tell how this goes but the most fascinating role at the moment involves speaking to wealthy people.

Because this realm has traditionally been the realm of male salespeople, the pitching is rather dick led, so I am experimenting with ways of making this work with a female voice, as surmounting objections with ridicule doesnt tend to work if you sound like a bowl of melted chocolate on the phone.

Saw one of the most fascinating faces ever this week. Did not know who it was when it popped up on the screen and spent what feels like ten minutes scrutinising it. Was probably actually about forty seconds but it has cheered me up immensely. It is amazing what you can pick up from a face, even in the absence of audio. I have come to the conclusion, however, that I am not going to have any more relationships with anyone. All most men need or want from me is validation, and I find it pretty easy to supply that and then everyone gets on with their day. I am not sure I could tolerate anything more than that anyway since I do not trust anyone.

Anyway, that’s it, tired of incompetents but the new stuff is quite interesting. Off to sort out my neglected self since I am pretty sure the fascinating face will be staring back for a bit of self soothing of homesickness.

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New Year

So last night I wrote a post detailing the issues in my own family in the course of explaining what Jeffrey Marsh does, as opposed to what you or even he thinks he does and mitigating some of the worst of it. The gist was that there is absolutely no reason why you should accept a family that will not respect your boundaries, and in this he is entirely correct. There are plenty of people who will treat you far better than your family ever will.

I then had a think about it and thought that since I am about to start the best job I have ever had the opportunity to do, for one thing and Ina has never been about anything but answering people who for some reason did not think I would get that opportunity, for another. It is amazing how bullies are always shocked when you turn around and respond, I would just not bother.

There is a codependent who has been pouring poison into his girlfriend/wife/sister’s ear all year about me because I tried to do him a favour last year, a favour which had become necessary due to a misdiagnosis which is no longer an issue thanks to my health knowledge. I am not going to bother with them either.

Do I really want to be involved in anything to do with a family who made it very clear they placed absolutely no value on my life, my opinions, my prospects at all? Does it really matter that they are hyper toxic given that my eldest sister and brother are knocking on 70, the other one is not far behind and none of them will accept that there is anything they need to change about themselves? (I was a very late shock to my parents)

Two people died because of their behaviour towards other people. Were you to tell them this, their first response would be to deny any responsibility for their own behaviour and repeat a verbatim text, handed down from the delusional eldest, probably word for word. It has happened before, and yes they are that stupid and determinedly ignorant.

Anyway, for those who missed it, it was unusually candid and not, therefore, as positive as Ina should be, and I did not think it was worth the worry. Scum should be scraped off your shoe and forgotten about.

What bullies like my neighbour and family always seem to forget is that other people also function and they do not have any entitlement to tell you what to think or say. The dumb neighbour, having failed to intimidate with her boyfriend and phoning the police to report herself, a classic Cluster B move also employed by my sister, then engaged her mother in persisting with the pestering. I responded that I was not at all interested in their squabbles. I do not know where this behaviour is normalised, but it is not here. Just yet more reason not to bother answering the door or helping cold, wet, frightened sundowners who have not been kept safe.

Anyway that was enough of last year. Thankfully this one will be better. None of these people will be featuring. There are two people in my life who care about whether I am happy or sad, neither is Scottish, not surprisingly. I am just going to bother about them.

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Ned in M and S

So today was pretty cold and it is rare that I can wear my own work because it is pretty weatherproof, so I took the firecoat out for a spin, which was pretty funny.

Once I had finished making it, which was the tail end of the pandemic, hence the mask in the pic, I had put it away as it took A LOT of work and Grimes was too busy to see my very small number of posts featuring it anyway. I don’t exactly make the intent clear, they have to be paying attention. Boris has been the star of the show in terms of encouragement so far, with Wolfe running a close second due to general bewilderment.

So I am in M and S getting some couscous and this woman is in the queue in front of me and becoming agitated. I wasn’t near her, or looking at her, next thing that happened was a customer service person comes along and tells the ‘wummin’ that he is opening a new checkout, to which she retorts that he should tell ‘hur behind’

Again I am nowhere near her, I haven’t looked at her or spoken to her, and the customer service person is clearly confused and opens the checkout. I very politely redirected my basket and waited for her to go into the new queue.

I try smiling whilst not looking at her and waiting for her to move. She flings another aggressive ‘Yes I am actually’ before going into the queue. I still haven’t looked at her and give her a wide berth. She leaves, smirking as if she has achieved something. I was tempted to ask the customer service person what it was about, but he was just as confused as I was so it seemed a bit pointless.

WTF? When I made it several months ago, it attracted admiring glances and expressions of wonder, not pathological aggression from numpties. Is this what high food and electricity prices do to people?

I do not spend a lot of time in public, precisely to avoid twats like this. I am getting a bit fed up with it.

I have put up with an awful lot of monkeys flinging their poop around, it’s extremely boring.

Do better. Your poor self image has nothing to do with my artwork. Why are bullies always such fucking boring people? Is there a bullying rulebook that you all follow?

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This Week

Very busy this week with a plethora of new things.

Considering throwing a very large party. Now that it is even more abundantly clear that being considerate and kind to people who don’t deserve it is not appreciated, I will do exactly what I like.

Have a lot of finishing work to do on a few things, so hopefully will get an actual day off to take care of that.

Toodle Pip.

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OK so let’s Talk about Nutters

We have a screaming nutjob next door, but we don’t talk about that because she has a boyfriend, so this makes her socially up the pecking order if you also happen to be stupid, nasty and mannerless. This one suffers from what appears to be the same disorder as Bawbag, which was interesting to note. Whilst I miss Bawbag, I do not miss his disorder. I am sure he will not be at all hurt by my saying that.

This is apparently how stupid people determine who is sane and who is not. If you have a male in attendance, you are apparently entitled to make spurious comments about other people, threaten them and break the law. This nutter used to stand at the window and laugh at me maintaining my parents’ garden, and I have not seen her doing something similar for her great grandparents over the decade or so she has been camping out there.

I have single handedly managed a whole universe of situations that these people could never have managed, also funded situations that these people wouldn’t spare a penny for, and I am supposed to continuously tolerate abuse because it is much easier for the world to let it happen over and over again.

Now to be fair to the nearby nutters, my mother perpetrated quite a bit of this because she ‘didn’t like clever people,’ an opinion she revised when she found herself at the mercy of a great many stupid people who were intent on ending her life, which they succeeded in doing about six years ago.

She did apologise for what was sustained family bullying, instigated by her, and I didn’t hold it against her. I just felt sorry for her thinking that she wasn’t ‘clever.’ whatever that meant to her.

What she was was a lot more fun than I am, so indulging her meant I got to experience more stuff I wouldn’t have bothered with. I am obsessed with work, to the point that I will always select work as the preferred option, even to the point of avoiding doing more important things to do more work.

Hence, my mother got indulged, because for me work/education was the only safe place and my way of exploring the world. This is what happens when your own family continuously act against you.

Life is complicated when the person you care about most in the world hates you and you are her only means of support. All she actually achieved was making me avoid stupid people.

The family currently owe me quite a bit of money, which is a good thing because they won’t be pursuing a method of making payment. Being no contact has improved my life greatly and I am happy that it is unlikely that I will ever see them again. I do not miss them in the slightest, and I especially don’t miss their badly brought up, disordered behaviour. It would be nice to be notified once they are gone, but I don’t expect it.

It does get annoying when stupid people repeat gossip, but they don’t have anything else to do, so what can you expect?

Have a couple of interesting meetings tomorrow and later this week, hopefully work is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

For those who drop in looking for financial forecasts, there is about to be a massive dip, so invest wisely. Even the banks are panicking about this one and there are likely to be a lot of very large fines in the next few years due to the hiring policies.

For those dropping in to get an update on my huge pile of unfinished work, sorry I still haven’t been feeling it, one earlier piece took seven years to finish because I was busy trying to live, this is not unusual and usually ends up with better stuff. I did a bunch of wall covering paintings a few weeks ago, they will be coming pretty soon.


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