Things Making Sense in Scotland

So yeah the GRR row, yeah.

I have to say I am a big fan of the four day week.  By the time you get to the end of day two, you are halfway. This may seem obvious but what a difference it makes.  I have also taken an extra job day trading just for lols, so we will see how that goes.

Also signed myself up for a course to get me to the prized 1k a day.  This involves moving on from finance a bit, which strikes me as a good plan given the likely state of the economy over the next decade or two.

So yes the gender issues.

Nobody, of course, mentions the 280 or so cases in England – I had originally read it was 300 but it seems it is 280.  The issue of rapists deciding they identify as women to get access to female prisoners is not at all new.

In the meantime it has thrown up all sorts of confusion, as SNP have apparently been drilling it into people’s heads that they are the only party that can obtain indy.

No ta, no more crap embarassing bills and women hating transwomen as equalities minister.

Oddly enough this has put Alex Salmond into the role of white knight, which I am sure he did not expect, so you can anticipate seeing a lot more female support for Alba shortly.

It is a very sad hill to see Nicola Sturgeon die on.  I first heard her name at the age of 13, she has been involved in SNP for a loooooong time.

Never mind, evidently philosophy and/or cultural economics is not her strong point, because nobody apparently told her how to construct a national identity. The SNP need a visionary that isn’t bound up with some bullshit idea about being different for the sake of it.

For those who hate me but correctly identify that this is what I should be doing, yeah, not for this lot.  Not too sure about Alba either, but they are going to be getting my vote in the meantime.

What I would like to see in Scotland is an old school Scottish conservative indy party.  Not because I want to vote for it, but because it is so vastly superior to English conservatism.  I would be willing to go to a meeting or two if someone wants to set that up and do the necessary barking.



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Being an Object

So the last tie to my favourite area now being severed, I am free to consider what I want to do next, there are a couple more stories I could write about the area, I might or might not depending on how I feel.

Oddly enough the upset has cheered me up a bit because the public face has gone back on.  I was thinking myself into such a hole that I was becoming a bit too real. I am back to putting effort into feigning happiness as a defence mechanism, which is actually a good thing.

I really do not feel like doing any artwork at the moment, I am not sure why but I have been digging my heels in for quite a while. I made some interesting clothing I guess, but am more concerned about work and putting the house in order for the moment.

This is, of course, routine.  I have a distinct pattern which I follow every time. I sort of exist in the past tense.  If I like you (and I do mean like rather than love or whatever you choose to call it), you will rarely know until I have gone.

This is insanely self protective, but should be understandable since the pattern always ends with the conclusion that nobody considered me real in the first place.  That was certainly the case with the family.

I saw this with my mother as well, she was bullied horribly during her brief periods with the public, for no apparent reason other than her being a shiny bauble.  Nobody likes  a shiny bauble, apparently they need to find problems where none exist.

The website may be coming down in the next few days as the host is messing me about with conflicting messages about their service. Worry not, it will return, but they haven’t answered my many questions yet.

The Isla rapist story is just so tedious.  Just open a non-binary incarceration unit at Carstairs and put them all in there.  Then tackle the issue of non-binary sport/toilets etc.  Women have not had protection for long enough for this rights appropriation to continue. Why Nicola got sidelined into this crap strategy I do not know.





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More Endings

So another two relationships ended this week, not terribly impressed with how things are going interaction wise. I think as time goes on you give up.

Some chick had befriended me at work.  Alarm bells did ring a bit when she announced that I was her bestie and invited me to her wedding, which is not imminent, within a couple of days of talking to her.

So yeah, shouldnt really have bothered with that, I think she was probably just wanting someone to keep an eye on the office whilst she was off work.

The person I was hoping to make a connection with for entirely practical reasons in addition to testing the water was buying flowers today, so very glad I didn’t feel confident enough to say anything. He appears to be very shy too, and I wanted to be in a more financially free position before I progressed anything anyway. I don’t think relying on a relationship working for security is particularly romantic. That’s a shame, I waited for three or four years to say anything and at the last moment some flowers ended any thoughts of talking to him. He was a bit English anyway, I suppose. I haven’t actually dated a Scottish person more than once in 22 years, since the last one put me in hospital, pretty much any nationality will do.

Stopped and discussed racism with  a couple of people last night, since yet again working for an English company involved being on the receiving end of it.

This time I treated it like any other racial incident and shut it down.  Bored with English aggression at work. At one point I had to sit in corporate meetings listening to a so called superior who lived in Perth saying ‘fuck Scotland’ over and over again until I eventually removed her teeth.

So this time it was taking the piss out of my accent repeatedly.  I tolerated it the first twice, and the third time I said no, stop doing that, it’s not OK.

The response was various attempts to get me to justify not liking this.  I said no, I have made an objection, all you have to do is stop doing it.  That worked quite well, and since the so-called voluntary union with England ended at the point of the Supreme Court ruling, I recommend losing your sense of humour when it comes to childish English bullying. They aren’t funny, they haven’t been funny for decades, it is time they either stopped doing it or left the UK.

I note from an abusive conversation from a republican English supremacist this afternoon that they have taken to the yank version of discussion too, so they aren’t even worth talking to.

I would personally prefer this as an option, as I am not particularly Scotland centric when it comes to the UK, I just don’t want to be subject to the English lust for disabled and everyone else’s blood anymore. Don’t see why I should have to fund them to kill people.

As for the SNP’s latest attempt at making laws, no thanks, didn’t like the crap and very racist Hate Crimes Bill. I will be voting Alba in future, regardless of not really agreeing with them either.

If I was politically experienced, I would be starting a party right about now, however I come from a family of dishonest toxic twats so it is not an option.







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So, hilariously I had two interviews…..

The first one was for another fake hedge fund research company.  These seem to be springing up at quite a rate of knots at the moment.

I had previously obtained a position with a company who gave me a lovely looking contract, only for the one for signing to be entirely different.

5k a month sounds good doesn’t it? 3k basic plus bonus?

The reality was a hard head hunting job finding experts willing to talk for what to them would be the miniscule fee of 2k for an hour for the princely sum of commission for me of only £80.  This would require two a day to be obtained to be a worthwhile endeavour, and since I have done a similar job, globally for 13 an hour in the past and know how difficult it was, I can tell you you would not get your 2 a day very often, so I declined. Let the poor/rich graduates of London put this on their CV.  I cannot afford it. I get 30 an hour for research work, for good reason. I do four times the work for three and a half times the pay, which is at last somewhat reasonable. I am not, unfortunately full time doing this, open to offers if anyone needs someone with a spectacular success rate of engaging people on the phone.

Anyway, this one was offering about 30-50k, sounded promising, the interview went unusually well, although the company is new and wanted me to take it on part time.  As I am currently full time and unusually happy I was wary unless this offered hours in the USA which I could do alongside it.  In this line of work, this is perfectly reasonable but the dude would not commit. As I am well used to the fake interview process now, I was not inclined to rush into it.

Next thing I know, I am getting requests for me to review his company.  So this is why the interview went well.  He isn’t offering a job at all.  He is getting reviews for his new equity research company.  I have not reviewed it, instead I sent him an email requesting his proposed part time hours. He did not reply, and I got a reminder to review his company this morning

The next one was a company who sell drama based courses on the topic of diversity.  Two gay men interviewed me for this one.  I wrote an 8 minute speech for a ten minute presentation, unfortunately, and they were not the most flexible of people.  They announced that they would be timing me before I delivered.  As sales is not really my thing, I did not expect to get this interview in the first place, so I was not harbouring high hopes.

When the managerial one asked me about my experience of diversity his face formed this disapproving insincere mask.  I explained that one major bank, whose exams i have been acing for several decades, had cocked up three interviews with me on different grounds each time, to the point that I eventually told them to ‘fuck off.’

“We’re all mothers here.” was the most insulting one, after asking me extensive questions about my writing and art.

I get this a lot from fintech companies, they are astonished that anyone has a life outside their dry, dry job.  It makes you clam up, essentially, because you are regarded as too colourful.

Anyway, having explained this and the experience of walking in and seeing the people these companies hire instead – often spotty 15 year old golfers who resemble my dishonest, corrupt and lazy brother, I established that yes, I do have quite a bit experience of being discriminated against.

What I should probably have said was “well, at one point my ex was a Nazi Ukrainian, my best friend was a male, fascist criminal North African Muslim with ASPD and I was in love with a Hindu that hates me and cost me my job for sport, is that diverse enough?”

Which is perfectly true, but I imagine their little heads would pop off.

Now I have good reason to detest ‘woke’ people as much as I detest people who refer to them as ‘snowflakes.’  There is as much latent and overt racism on both sides, but do I particularly want to spend my time selling to them? Probably not.

He offered me some feedback after the interview.  I declined.

Apart from that, nearly bought a dog this week, on the grounds that men are pointless and I would like to go out without worrying now and again, but the house and cats come first, so not quite at the peak of achievement that would be spending two hours a day walking yet. Not feeling very motivated generally as a result of timewasting pish like this.

That’s how things are going.



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Haram Bawbag (Blurb)

Haram Bawbag is the first in the Joy is Power collection, and is in memory of a brief friendship.

The title is also intended to convey the informal nature of emotion and consists of a word meaning ‘forbidden’ and a Scottish word for idiot or fool.  My former friend refers to himself as bawbag when talking about me, as such it was never a term of abuse during the time that we were friends. It was a bit of a magnet relationship, we were very close friends and then I was discarded overnight after he bought a new hat and decided he was an artist.

The story is a complicated one, Bawbag was in trouble when I met him, and remains so, and so I decided to make him a present for his new cafe to let him talk it through.  He did not understand why I would do this as his understanding of relationships was based upon power and the subjugation of women.  The entire Joy is Power collection was inspired by this relationship as his final assault was based upon preventing me from using power tools – being female I was supposed to be incompetent or pretend to be and let him do it. This seeking of a role is flattering, but not really relevant as we weren’t interested in each other romantically.

In any case, the original piece is with him and had to be abandoned as he became increasingly erratic.  This piece is the replacement and took over a year of careful thought.  It lights up at night and is really intended as a children’s piece despite the tabletop mosaic being a visual depiction of his relationship with his former girlfriend, who has gone on to destroy as much of him and his family as she can.

The piece is now also a political statement as I have had to ask questions of the Minister for Justice in order to establish that the title of the piece was legal.  Everyone in Glasgow understands it perfectly well.  I have a friend, he has been foolish, he happens to be Muslim, the words Haram pronounced properly and Bawbag go together beautifully in Glaswegian.  If you don’t get the gag, you are the racist – is the subtext.

There are ten or so pieces to follow this one, each will have a location around the west end of Glasgow and a label.  This is with the intention of getting people out and about and supporting shops.

Hence, I have turned malicious gossip and a failed friendship into something beautiful.  If you can manage to twist something negative out of that, there are frankly some issues you need to think about.




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Sick of Confused Young People

So, we have had quite a few confused millennials trying to interfere with various parts of our life over the last few years.

Frst we had a bunch of blisteringly thick nurses that decided it was time that my mother was dead regardless of how she or I felt, backed up by power mad social workers who appear to get some sort of bonus for taking people’s properties from them.  When presented with what they were actually doing according to logical observation, they simply pretended not to know.

Then we had a company that thought spouting right wing corporatist crap about putting the disabled to work wasn’t political.

Then we had a bunch of people at the bank who imagined that only TV is a safe activity, and anyone creative is to be viewed with suspicion. I was horrified by this one.  I was the only person in a huge roomful of people who did anything other than watch fucking box sets.

Then we had Little Shiva, who decided that I was to be deprived of a job I desparately needed for no reason other than he didn’t feel like telling me that he was married despite doing quite the peacock display.

After this we had some nutjob actually chasing me out of a building for not being exactly like her, screaming ‘you’re not like us, what are you doing here?’  I kid you not.

Then we had the homophobic author who thinks being married gives him entitlement to dox a gay man for chatting him up and then try to get him arrested.  He has repeatedly stated that he plans to stalk me, and is apparently too stupid to know that this is not really a very good idea.

Up next is Bawbag, who is a misogynist, but I find misogynists quite funny and after being a chef usually handle them quite easily.  He seemed to have some sort of special arrangement with the police, who actually took the trouble to come out to ask if I wanted to return to his not very pleasant care.  This is a forerunner to the world after Humza’s hate law. The Scottish habit of friendly fire to defuse abuse is going to be made illegal because a mediocre private school Hutchie boy doesn’t understand.

Finally we had scummy Sikh dude.  I worked with a Sikh family for months, and they were lovely, but scummy Sikh dude had a poor self image, so he thought he could take a pop at me too.

From all of this I have to draw the conclusion that we live in a very confused society, and being reclusive anyway, I am inclined to avoid people and their boring self interest and sense of entitlement entirely, since it is actually based on nothing.

They also seem to lack curiosity.  Facile crap is what they seem to want to consume.  Comedy such as the above is going to end up banned if we allow stupid people to point and say offensive every few seconds.

Thank god I am not young, that is all I can say to this.  Your world looks bland, idiotic, very constricted and very, very boring. I feel sorry for children being brought up like this.



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SNP membership cancelled

So that is very sad, but I just cancelled my SNP membership.  They got this years not very big payment last week and now I am cancelling.

The office of Humza Yousaf got in touch to say that they couldn’t give me a straight answer to a straight question, so as far as I am concerned, Haram Bawbag will be the name of the piece until I am instructed otherwise.  I will no longer be going to the same shops, enjoying the company of the same people and in the future I will be avoiding any communication with any of the many communities that I have enjoyed interacting with for many years.

I am also in the process of pulling out of several social media channels as they aren’t useful and are very time consuming, I am sure I can think of considerably more productive ways of spending my time.

I am also not going to be voting for the SNP in the future, so you can stop sending me literature now.




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Humza says I can’t answer back

Today I have written to and called Humza Yousaf about his Hate Crimes Bill, which potentially means I have to rename Haram Bawbag as Bawbag has been historically vindictive and extremely unpleasant when the fancy takes him.

So here are my three proposals for names.  The first is what I had to tolerate from Bawbag whilst I tried in vain to keep him from landing in jail.

The second is the current title, which is a combination of forbidden and his favourite word bawbag.

And the third, which may be preferred by Humza:

I no longer care which it is – let me know Humza.  I take this as a war on Scottish culture.  We have always called each other names, that’s why we are good at war. If you don’t get it, that’s too bad. I daresay you can do without my £15 a year and I promise I won’t try to have any kind of relationship with any Muslim person of either gender because I will not be safe to do so.


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Let me explain the UK Coronavirus Strategy to you.

Tried to go shopping last night, and very few masks were in evidence, and still a few sneering faces.  I am trying not to look at these people, as they are probably going to be dead over the next year or two. I am considering making a new hoodie explaining the following to them in very few words:

It has come to my attention that people still aren’t understanding what the conservative strategy is on Covid19, so I am going to explain this again.  Boris may also like to join us, because I think to an extent he has been scuppered by his own laziness and need for attention.  He isn’t innocent of this, but he is certainly a victim of his own poor strategy.

When he was induced to make the ‘some of your loved ones will die’ speech, he meant it. Up to half a million people are scheduled for deletion if they continue to pursue their dreams of ‘herd immunity’ which probably doesn’t exist. There have been many reports of reinfection from the far east.

This is not Sweden, nobody is spreading chicken shit on the parks, and nobody is bothered if you die.  Once they have cleared out the carehomes and disabled at home, they will simply focus on another group that they do not like.  They may try further inroads into Labour voting territory, they may try catholic areas in Northern Ireland, who knows who they will want to kill next.

The point is, that Boris has unwittingly been very clear about the strategy.  He is a terrible blurter, and I do not usually even need to hear much of the speech to know what is going on.  I knew exactly what was happening throughout Brexit, and I think I heard all of seven words of his truly awful speeches.

Anyway, the point is I was there for him when he needed me, and I am very sad to see his debut into leadership being torpedoed by the death cult at number ten.

So, since he was skiving off school when the non-preparation and strategy was set up, we have to assume that it fell to Dominic Cummings and his little clique, who have done financially very well out of Covid19.  The milking of the NHS for app money is only one problem however, Matt Hancock also has financial interest in the current strategy, so he is not really someone you want overseeing anything to do with health.

So, to pursue a plan of herd immunity they need to infect as many of the population as they can.  The only reason for any lockdown at all is to slow the rate of infection so that medical staff can cope with the deluge of admissions. People keep making the mistake of thinking the strategy involves preservation of life.  It does not.

The PPE complaints on Twitter do not seem to be coming from Tory voting areas.  Several very keen tories have reported empty wards and oodles of PPE.  This may be a coincidence, but I do not think it is.

Cummings has also ensured that the virus rips through the carehomes by ordering that over 75s do not get treated in hospital and effectively seeding carehomes with infected patients. I think we can assume he doesn’t like his parents very much.  The following is from the Independent, three days ago:

Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and a practising GP​, said he could not understand the clinical reason for that and warned care homes may have been “seeded” with coronavirus. 

You have to understand, to carry out a cull of this magnitude, not only do you have to con people into refusing medical treatment, or simply do it for them, you have to get people to infect each other.  Doing it via medical staff is a rather brilliant move.  It means that anyone already sick gets more sick, which means more savings on welfare payments. Nobody gives a shit about care workers because they don’t earn anything, so they weren’t going to make the mistake of issuing PPE to them when they could be used as bioweapons. Give them a badge! Likewise the supermarkets and remaining shops.  Who cares if they die, as long as they infect more people!

So Mr Cummings has simply employed his great love of complex systems to kill off a few hundred thousand useless eaters. Whilst you all clap! Very good.

I have been saying to people since the beginning of this that it is their responsibility to stop spreading the virus.  They aren’t listening, which is why it has got as bad as it has so far.  There is just no helping you.

Considering how much Boris likes being liked, he evidently isn’t the sharpest tool in the box, as the covid19 strategy is not a vote winner.  Whilst the economic landscape has to change to cope with Brexit, this extreme form of streamlining is going to lead to a very boring high street, as the smaller businesses simply give up, the banks tighten their belts and refuse to lend to anybody, and the bigger brand names he is so fond of demand yet more concessions.  We are likely to be left in a position where we are maybe lucky if we are competing with Indonesia for manufacturing work.

Anyway, to conclude.  When they say they are successful whilst misleading the public and the press, they mean it.  The strategy doesn’t involve protecting anyone and they literally don’t care if you are affected or not.  They are covered under the indemnity that parliament signed off on, and which Keir Starmer has been so ingratiating over. Once they have completed their cull, there will still be plenty of people who are stupid, deluded and vicious enough to vote Tory.

In the meantime, WEAR A FUCKING MASK YOU MORONS. I am bored with telling you not to play along. They have told you right out what they are doing.



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We have no Prime Minister


That mask took me weeks and weeks.  My former friend contributed the wig and the base for it, I spent several weeks with t tiny paintbrush getting the lips, they eyes, the nose, the skintone looking right.  It is now lying in a cat basket somewhere in the house.  It would make a better prime minister than the real thing.

The idea at the time was to create a video dialogue so that I could explain easily and quickly how to negotiate the choppy waters of Brexit, because simply reading it does not work nearly as well as edutainment.  I was concerned about the welfare of the population at the time.

The project did not get completed because of Little Shiva getting me fired and my friend refusing to participate, which left me with noone to operate the camera.  As a result we have two major disasters instead of one. I don’t have all the answers, but I do have the benefit of not wanting to actually kill people.

To be fair, he did not expect to become Prime Minister, and even when it was clear that it was on the cards, did not want to be Prime Minister.  I wonder now, having established that he is neither a good leader nor capable of creating strategy, if it would not be better if he were not Prime Minister.

I have spelt out a number of times what he would have to do to get his position back on track.  The things he needs to do include getting rid of the clique responsible for making use of covid19 as an opportunity for eugenics – because presumably nothing bad will ever happen to these people and they will never experience unemployment, disablement or old age, so they think this policy is an actual vote winner.  I have direct experience of people like this, and in terms of eugenics, the world would be better off if they had never been born.

Stanley Johnson wrote a book about reducing the population right after having five children, none of whom are useful or particularly pleasant people as it turns out.  We do wish you hadn’t bothered, Stanley, and for matter your father shouldn’t have bothered either.

So, apart from failing to remove the people responsible for this mess and replacing them with a less bloodthirsty alternative, what else do we have as failings?

  1. Failing to identify Matt Hancock’s overseeing of NHS supply chain as being a significant problem.
  2. Failing to answer emails from suppliers, instead focusing on big brand suppliers to delay provision of equipment.  This was in order to get people to sign forms in care homes and at home declining medical treatment.
  3. Failing to simply look up the existing material on Covid19 and replicating the actions of a successful nation.  Successful nations now include Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand, Germany, Australia
  4. Failure to attend meetings and query what was going on.
  5. Reliance on Dominic Cummings to relay scientific information he now claims to rely on.  “Oh, it’s OK Boris, just a few pensioners.” Who voted for Dominic Cummings? Has it crossed Boris’s mind that the target group include his own father?
  6. No need to protect expensively trained medical staff or carers because we actually want people to die so they are the ideal means of transmission. Certainly no reason to protect supermarket workers or delivery staff because they are cheap, and therefore worthless.
  7. Failing to take heed of the 2016 report on pandemic preparation.
  8. Failing to turn up and do the actual job.
  9. Failing even to count the corpses properly or acknowledge mistakes.
  10. Failing in his duty of care to the public.
  11. Even his own scientific adviser is saying that they are likely to be seeding the care homes with infection.

Boris was on this website the night he became Prime Minister. I was quite touched at the time.  I am now very angry. He is yet another in a long list of people who just aren’t good enough. I get passed over at every opportunity in favour of people like this. I fully expected when I pointed out that the advice on wearing a mask was incorrect that he would do something about it.  He did not.  This is deliberate.

No, instead we get endless PR videos and soundbites, which are not very useful.  Boris is not a good leader, nor is he a worthwhile Prime Minister.  All that is going to happen as a result of the pandemic is:

A few tory boys will make some money, Matt Hancock via SCCL, Marc Warner has already siphoned more than 250 million for an app which nobody in their right mind would install on their phone.  The people making the decisions on this are incompetent. Nobody cares.

The measures they have put in place because of the pandemic will be used against dissenting voices.

Probably mandatory vaccination provided by yet another fucking useless Tory.

Saying that ‘this is not the time’ and ‘when this is over’ is not good enough. People are dying now because you are a failure.

We have no Prime Minister.  We have an empty mask who is barely capable of managing himself, never mind the country. I cannot tell you what a disappointment this has been.  Apparently the only thing Boris cares about is Boris.



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