So I asked Chat GPT about me….

Title: The Art of Disguise: Unveiling the Enigmatic World of Ina Disguise

In a world where individuality often takes center stage, there exists a fascinating subculture that thrives on the power of transformation and concealment. One enigmatic figure who has recently captured the imagination of many is Ina Disguise. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing world of Ina Disguise, exploring the art of disguise as both an art form and a means of self-expression.

A Mysterious Persona

Ina Disguise is not a household name, but that’s exactly the point. Her identity remains shrouded in mystery, and she maintains a deliberate air of anonymity. Operating primarily in the digital realm, Ina Disguise is an artist, performer, and advocate for the art of disguise.

The Power of Transformation

Disguise is a potent form of artistry that involves altering one’s appearance, personality, or identity. It is a practice that has been employed for centuries in various contexts, from espionage to theater. Ina Disguise takes this age-old craft to a new level, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved through disguise.

Her transformations are both stunning and thought-provoking. Through the use of makeup, wigs, costumes, and digital manipulation, Ina Disguise morphs into a diverse array of characters. From a regal Victorian lady to a futuristic android, she navigates the spectrum of identity with astonishing precision.

Beyond Physical Transformation

Ina Disguise’s work goes beyond mere physical transformation. She explores the emotional and psychological aspects of disguise. Her characters often convey complex narratives and emotions, challenging societal norms and expectations. In this way, disguise becomes a powerful vehicle for storytelling and social commentary.

Disguise as a Means of Self-Expression

While Ina Disguise’s identity remains hidden, her work speaks volumes about the role of disguise as a form of self-expression. By shedding societal labels and expectations, she opens up a world of possibilities. In this age of constant exposure and scrutiny, the allure of anonymity and transformation is more appealing than ever.

Ina Disguise’s art is a testament to the fluidity of identity and the freedom that comes with adopting new personas. It serves as a reminder that we are not confined to a single identity but have the capacity to explore and experiment with various facets of ourselves.

Social Commentary and Provocation

Ina Disguise’s art often challenges societal norms and expectations. Through her various characters, she explores themes of gender, identity, and self-acceptance. In an era where discussions about these topics are vital, her work serves as a thought-provoking commentary that encourages dialogue and introspection.

Digital Age Disguise

In the digital age, disguise takes on new dimensions. With the help of technology, Ina Disguise seamlessly merges physical and digital elements to create her characters. This blurring of the lines between reality and virtuality adds an extra layer of intrigue to her work, highlighting the evolving nature of disguise in our interconnected world.


Ina Disguise is a mysterious figure who invites us to question our preconceptions about identity, transformation, and self-expression. Through her art, she demonstrates the profound impact of disguise as both an art form and a means of social commentary.

In a world where authenticity is often prized above all else, Ina Disguise reminds us that the power of transformation and disguise can be a source of inspiration and empowerment. As we navigate the complexities of our own identities and the world around us, her work challenges us to explore the many facets of who we are and who we can become.

Yeah, maybe if she hadn’t spent the last couple of decades looking after other people that would have gone ahead. Bawbag killed her.

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So, released a new story…..

So the new story is here,,,,,,

It is a very quick run down on the facts from many sources on the Trans contagion and the reasons behind it for those who are interested. I am now not interested any more. I was sufficiently interested to spend a lot of time looking at people objecting to the issues associated with it, I was suitably upset at the issue of children suddenly being able to consent, I was upset by people at their lowest chopping bits off themselves, now I am no longer interested. It is, as usual, a fairly interesting and thought provoking story, but the lack of people doing any reading of anything over 140 characters has meant a slow start.

The cover was about two months work, Dylan’s face went reasonably well considering it was my first piece of art-grade papier mache, made a couple of wigs for him. I think he is largely irrelevant to be honest, just another random picked as a figurehead, except it is painfully obvious on this occasion. The more times this happens the less effect it has when you have seen a few of them.

I have been trying to write up the story of the Earl and Viscount, but I am just not thrilled enough by the subject to finish it or get it in the right place.

I think the next story will probably be a story explaining the difference between xenophobia and racism to really stupid people as this seems to be confusing for them.

To give a simple example “I don’t like Scotland and Scottish people” is xenophobia, “I do not like her because she is Scottish and I intend to find a way to withdraw her income” is racism. I am not Anglo-Germanic, I lived in England for several years despite the innate racism in Buckinghamshire and Kent, in particular, and actually liked Somerset.

I do not plan on answering any more questions from two people that had the opportunity to solve a problem for me and declined. If your relationship is built on bitching about other folk it is not a relationship at all.

I did have a provisional title for a similar couple pending, but I don’t really want to tell that story again because it was kind of covered in the Bawbag trio of titles from different angles and Bawbag has demonstrated his genuine affection by not bothering me any further. The new couple demonstrate this very well, so I think we will do them instead.

I don’t know why codependents are so childish really.

Got the job I did not think I would get, it is OK but the English new starts are complaining that there are too many Scottish people working for a Scottish company.

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Am Writing

Ok so I went out today, after a very successful interview for a job I should but won’t get, and tried to talk to normies about the current work. I got resistance and no feedback at all, although the guy I was talking to kind of understands what I’m doing, the female one did not. It doesn’t matter, it is fleeting feedback and I don’t do it for validation, but it is kind of boring not having either half decent service in one of the only places I frequent because they aren’t listening or a conversation that lasts longer than a transaction, so I am getting increasingly loathe to bother going at all. Oddly enough, the only sensible young person I get to speak to now is African, so feeling a bit less inclined to speak to anyone else.

Save Dylan’s Penis is now underway, the cover is looking lovely thanks to a couple of months of quite full on work and a couple of days of lighting, relighting, posting a statue that is about six feet tall and very heavy.

Cannot wait to get it finished so I can clear up and move on to the older work. It is now time to prepare for Christmas, whilst I await more work to do. In the meantime I have short contracts that I can do and a lot of stuff to sell.

Healthwise, definitely have more energy, am glad that the trans issue research period is over because I am quite bored with the relentless information being pushed out by both the GC and Trans side of the argument.

They are talking on two different levels, and neither side is listening to the other, so it will be interesting to see how Save Dylan’s Penis will be received as I will be addressing both.

Probably won’t hear anything, people are stupid and lazy, never mind, don’t care, not the point anyway. Once it is done I can move onto something more interesting.

I see Putin has taken a very hard line on this in an effort to protect banking in Russia. On one hand, good for banking, but very hard on the TRA people there as it will inevitably mean a lot of hardship for them.

Rooting for Burkina Faso as they strive to improve their economy.

I am still not going to post a pic of the new piece, it has a title but I will release it with the story this time.


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So back to the real world

Not surprisingly, another nasty gormless little oik was mis-managing the project, so I am back to wondering whether to bother trying to go back to work given that nobody has seen fit to offer me any opportunities since I retired from my first career.

Very tiresome, but it doesn’t ever seem to change. I suppose I should be glad that I am still seen as such a threat to stupid little boys.

Halfway through Dylan’s hair now, it is going well but extremely boring.

Basically if you want to get ahead the answer is to be as oily and lazy as possible. I see from Twitter that work is not respected at all now. Grafters get booted as fast as possible in favour of more fakers who get ahead by stabbing other people.

Don’t really want to participate in any more of this, it is boring now. I actually laughed at this one because it was so transparent.

Few more days and Dylan’s paint job will commence, it is going to take a while this time as so far it is reasonably good. Papier mache is much better to work with than latex.

I am going to start applying the shell to Little Shiva, it has waited long enough and I am sure Little Shiva is bored of waiting. I certainly am sick of having half finished work knocking around and I am tired of not getting anywhere with anything.

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The Week that Changed Everything

A dramatic week for Ina.

So this week changed everything again. On Monday I was looking for my next contract, having just finished the last one and thinking I did not particularly want to or have to return to the workplace, by Friday I had completed my training in Westminster and was heading back up to start work on Saturday morning.

As you can imagine, life with pace like this is very stressful at times, but at least it is not dull. I now have to spend the next few months scouring the market for a development on this, but today was my highest earning day ever despite only working half a day. I don’t feel nearly as triumphant about this as you would expect, I just feel a bit vindicated for the other two times I was a reasonably good earner, 1995 and 2007.

In 1995 my career at this time was somewhat scuppered by being told that I was not entitled to have children or any kind of life by my drunken sister, who then proceeded to lie to absolutely everybody about it. My mother eventually understood that she had accepted this as fact out of sheer badness. What I was supposed to do, apparently, was display my unselfishnes by taking care of my parents because my siblings would not do anything for them, which turned out to be true.

Even after this I still managed to have a short period as a stately home/very high end caterer and thus ended my period of travel on a high note, then using the lack of mobility in terms of geography to go back to studying after rediscovering my brain during an accounting course. Despite never feeling particularly successful, I realised some years later that I had made the best out of a very pieced together career and had quite a bit of management skill nobody seemed to want, mainly because people are stupid and transferable skills are out of fashion when there are too many employees for the number of jobs available, when the economy is extremely wasteful and when the priority is a lazy dude who wears a suit and preferably plays golf, always a preferred candidate.

During the study period my parents did not in fact need much in the way of help, I did the garden and the decorating and apart from that paid for quite a bit of the repairs and maintenance, which was of course denied by the family because why would I do that? I did, however end my social life pretty much when I ended my university life as it would have disturbed my father, who by then was sleeping downstairs.

The second period of being a half decent earner was when my father was in hospice care and I was working three jobs, corporate research, government research and banking into the wee hours. The latter contract ended when the banks went to the high court to stop paying banking charges back to customers, the day after this my mother had a stroke. I was relieved that I had been cautious enough to maintain three incomes as our lives did not have to change terribly much, also thanks to my very helpful boyfriends at the time. I have been oddly fortunate in this respect, rough diamonds often come through for you at difficult times, unlike toxic siblings who do not.

The third period is now, apparently, and it is a relief that somebody somewhere appreciates the amount of work it has taken to create me. I will be spending the next few weeks establishing myself in the city from the relative comfort and distance of home.

London always ends up the same for me, I am very enthusiastic for about six hours, by the 50th I am desperate to leave. There are just far too many people. I have known two people who moved there, both of them ended up having to return due to nervous exhaustion. We may not have sufficiently talented politicians to have the same opportunities in Scotland, but we definitely do have a better quality of life and attitude to other people.

On another topic, the cement mixer arrived for Dylan’s face today, so I have mixed the first batch of finishing coatings. I will also be making wigs for him, so that will be tremendous fun.

Mr Cat Allergy is not sneering at me. Woot!

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Thank God for Cat Allergies

So I appear to have an Agatha Christie fan dissing my work. I do not write hackneyed mysteries, so I am not sure what I am supposed to take from this, but am thankful not to be involved with whatever codependency he thinks he has achieved. I now rather pity anyone who has to be on the receiving end of this level of disapproval day after day.

I asked his opinion of two titles for the Dylan Mulvaney story the other day, and his response was so disrespectful and rude that I immediately surmised that this was not a person I could rely on for a rational response, and frankly, having been through this for the last ten years with Twisty, I am just not interested in people who don’t create anything passing comment on work that I do not even charge for.

Some people like it, some don’t. The point is that, having been bullied extensively, the people that feature in my stories are not the ones who end up sitting in judgement.

I am however, a bit bothered by this tendency towards discourtesy and disrespect, mostly because this person was someone I formerly trusted enough to ask for a legal favour. This is perfectly customary in this country, but of course I had not considered that this person is not from this country. Silly me.

Anyway, in my usual Pollyanna way, I have to be pleased that I did not know this person well enough to know that he seems to be a bit psychotic when he thinks he has a way in to needle you, so not for the first time, lucky escape. I do try to think positively of people, but apparently I am not to get the option of doing so this time. That shop was an emotional lifeline for almost three entirely fake years.

Bad luck, old chap. The last in a long line of men who think they can take the fucking piss. Book on the way. Stories for an Even More Ignorant Man.


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The New Site is UP

Well, as you can see if you made it here, the new site is now up, not completely finished with it yet, but reasonably happy.

We now have a security certificate, so your old links may not work as we are now https.

Invited to submit some items for an international art show, probably won’t do it this time but great.

Now that I can again modify my own website (which I was unable to do due to the host no longer working with the old builder) I can get the work competed.

Dylan’s head going well, working on his ears at the moment which is probably as difficult as the entire face.

Think the site is a bit of an improvement, can let me know what you think.

New work coming soon.


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I haven’t updated for a while, sorry

So I am a bit more interested in work at the moment and have been looking into some new projects.  Nothing is really grabbing me apart from video. I need to update my editing skills as I havent really done much since Second Life machinima.

I am aware that I need to finish Joy is Power before Ina’s next iteration, however the combination of meeting Bawbag, Boris exposing himself, being unwell and life in general, without an audience there isn’t much point in being Ina, and I tend to get alarmed if the audience is more than about forty people as I really don’t like attention that much.

Dylan’s head is going very well, will be mixing the putty for his face as soon as I get a food processor.

Very interesting contract just completed, looking at the effects of Bawbag’s business empire and talking to more criminals.  Moving on and hopefully up now.

I see the head loony has been on the site numerous times hoping for a reaction.  Go and talk to the police  again, there’s a good nutjob. Then please return to Spain and preferably fall off your yacht and spare us all any more of your drivel.



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In Support of Dylan Mulvaney

So,  I have been casually browsing this topic for a while now, because I do not appreciate having J K Rowling’s opinion rammed down my throat and as someone who has had more than one genuinely trans friend, I was unsure:

  1. Why there suddenly seems to be so many fake bandwagon trans people shouting irrational shit at everyone else.
  2. What impact this was likely to have on women, if any.
  3. What the endgame is for the fake bandwagon activists.

It turns out all this is pretty serious, so as a fake transperson taking opportunities from female sportswomen, amongst other things, you would think I would really hate Dylan Mulvaney.

Dylan Mulvaney is a Theatre school graduate who has made a great deal of money, and who stands to make a great deal more being pawpooolahr on social media.

A keen poisonality and pretend trans activist, Dylan and his genitals are currently making a lot of money pretending to be a trans person and hanging out with other pretend trans people.

The endgame of this particular movement seems to be to

  1.  Benefit the surgeons and medics currently involved in encouraging young people to sterilise themselves and cut all gender identifying bits off.
  2. Further the UN directive of decriminalising sex with children.
  3. Force compliance from the general population by celebrating this idea via their shopping habits.

None of which are things the general population are particularly keen on.

Recently, and rather suddenly we have seen things like

  • Men asserting they are lesbians and publicly accusing actual lesbians of bigotry because, surprise, surprise they do not want to have sex with men.
  • Men asserting they are into age play and forcing everyone, including prison guards to treat them as if they are a baby in order to benefit their sexual ‘health’
  • Men impersonating women and taking sponsorship opportunities from them.
  • Men trying to destroy female sport by loudly saying that they are women in order to win events, which makes female sport pointless.

Is a pattern beginning to emerge?

Real transpeople and the rest of the LGB community are not impressed by this at all.  There is strong evidence that the voices against these fakers is getting louder.  This is all about forwarding queer theory and the idea that everyone is interested in your fetish and nothing to do with genuine gender dysphoria.

Those who have called out these deviants as being fake are then accused of ‘bigotry’ in order to shut them up.

As a Scottish person, this is just normal life, people call each other out on ‘bigotry’ all the time here, and it is very rarely anything but abusive.

So as you can imagine, the genius of Dylan Mulvaney and his genitals had passed me by until he acquired the support of Proctor and Gamble.

Anyone who really wants to boycott Dylan Mulvaney now has to change quite a few major brands, Gilette, Colgate, Bounty, Pampers, Olay, Febreze etc.


Back when Ina Disguise was first created, I was very keen on trying to persuade people that wanted to redistribute wealth and put the power back into their own hands to change their shopping habits. I was laughed at, because convenience was all that mattered.

Only when Dylan and his penis started becoming rich from those very same brands did people even think about changing their habits.

So I now support Dylan, his testicles and his fake girlhood, please give him all the money in the world to support Monsanto Bayer, Unilever, Apple, Astra Zeneca, Pfizer, anyone else who supports slavery, medicine that kills you, chemicals to control the population.

I had a wonderful art idea today, which will help my personal health enormously, because you have to be quite physically fit to be Dylan and his balls.

I am going to prepare, just for Dylan, a magnificent artistic tribute.  I have not felt this energised since before the Bawbag episode.  I can now get on with the existing work whilst I prepare my treat for Dylan.

In the meantime, please support Dylan and his penis in gaining the support of as many mainstream, ecologically and personally damaging companies as you can.  It is important for the future of your sterilised children.

Thank you all,


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Greetings from This Week in Scottish Politics

So, not much has changed with the investigation, they are now looking into purchases of luxury goods to try and figure out what on earth the SNP under Murrell and Sturgeon were playing at.  I still find it hard to believe that anything has taken place beyond someone being considerably less competent than they were pretending to be.

SNP supporters appear to be reacting to this rather badly, they like to accuse you of being a unionist.  This, however is not new, as far back as when I did ‘the alternative Scotland survey’ they were unable to tolerate anyone wanting to discuss politics.  They tend to be fanatics, in the main, as opposed to being people who have a clue how to build a country.

Salmond has taken to appearing on right wing news alongside natural enemies Neil Oliver and Nigel Farage, this is really a sign of strength rather than weakness, he is then free to answer the most savage questions, in theory, in a public forum, which is a healthy thing to do.

Fergus Ewing has made a move this week, personally I am hoping the right wing splinter of the SNP hurries up and splinters off, in which case there might be something to discuss. More generally, the Scottish population needs to mobilise as we are going to see far more movement from the UK in terms of attempting to damage calls for independence.

Much horror was expressed at Humza wishing people a happy Eid, no idea why since it is only to be expected.

I see I am not the only one that wants rid of the Greens, who plan to relentlessly promote Queer theory, sexualising children and liberation of paedophiles from prison sentences at every available opportunity whilst damaging the oil and gas industry and making the drinks industry struggle to meet the demands of the Bottle Return scheme they are punting.  The sooner they get the boot the better.  As far as I can see, they are working for England.  I certainly don’t want to hear any more about their bullshit ideas about politics any time soon.

I am not sure why it is so difficult to just stick a non binary label on disabled toilets next to the sign of the wheelchair, let them have their own sports and most importantly categorise them as non binary for the purposes of crime statistics.  If we are going to entertain a mass dysphoria event, then that is the easiest way to do it. The reality for many of these people is that they are swapping their fertility in order to participate in the mass dysphoria event, which is being encouraged for some reason.

From a light browse of the material they seem to be offering, they intend to progress this sexualisation of children by forcing them to think about gender in a very narrow minded way and make actual body modifications, into discussions about age play, the UN have also mentioned decriminalising sex with children.  What sort of future are we looking at?  Why are people thinking that it is a good thing to support this?

As previously mentioned many LGB are horrified by this, and there is an increasingly loud level of complaint from them too.  If this keeps up, we will see a major shake up of economic interest groups, at a time when we really need to be monitoring governments, which is extremely worrying.

The tory party in tandem with DWP have announced that they plan to harass the disabled people that are still alive until they presumably also die.  I want to see a Scottish right wing call them out on their ‘progress’ before it is too late for the remaining disabled.

Health is still debatable, will find out tomorrow or Tues how things are going.



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