Whazzap Bojo

Saw you were in, don’t know what you want. I presume you want a less irritated answer to very simple things which appear to be confounding your alleged experts.

Here is your list of shit to do.

If I was you, I would get NHS regional procurement onto Alibaba and sort out the PPE without the usual process. This is a procurement rather than a supply side issue.

I would also be making a speech recommending Vitamin C/fruit and that the public should get themselves industrial masks and rubber gloves to avoid any supply clashes. They will have to find their own way of covering their eyes.

Besides that, sanitizer is far more cost efficient to make. I have about 8 litres because I made it myself.

Don’t throw too much more money at this, as once we can get people to mask, goggle and glove, the medium term issue is vastly reduced.  Oh thanks for the lame business help, that is wonderful, not.

If they can’t manage to show sufficient responsibility to protect each other, then I am sure you will get Vallance’s required infection rate and more. I would suggest you deal with that issue before it deals with you.

Experimenting with expectorants at the moment, update will be later this week.

I see the USA is really winning this week.  Go Team America! We do not want to come first in this race.

Stay well,


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