Interior Stuff

Saxophone, made for Nelson 2001
Misery Mandala, made for David Wolfe
Haram Bawbag, made for unnamed multi millionaire Lybian warlord 2020
Bordello Rhetoric, made for Boris Johnson 2016
Jemima Khan is Fit for Work, Boris Johnson collection
Honey I Made You an Icon, now owned by David Wolfe
Fertilitea, David Wolfe collection, featured in Tatler as an interior object
Forsaken, David Wolfe collection, an exercise in carpet and scale, floor cushion
Get Thee to a Nunnery, David Wolfe collection, playing with light and scale, floor cushion
Priti Patel is Fit for Work, Boris Johnson collection
Raw Sex Object, four men in one piece, completed by David Wolfe, who is Spring in this piece.
Two Grapes, a commercial piece for a restaurant chain.
Lucky Heart, David Wolfe collection
Lazy Heart, David Wolfe Collection
Funk This, David Wolfe Collection
Imperious Heart, David Wolfe Collection
Felicitea, David Wolfe collection
Ormus Cadmium, David Wolfe collection
Beach, in honour of John Owen, a random I worked with 1998
Fertility and Intellect, Professor Samuel Kline Cohn, expert in the Black Death.
Tweedledee, David Wolfe collection, weekend bag
Ormus Uranium, David Wolfe collection, handbag
What’s the Time Mr Wolfe? Handbag, David Wolfe collection
Ormus Rhodium, David Wolfe collection
Call Me Al, Boris Johnson 2017