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Current Problems with Conservatism (yo Boris, check dis out)

OK so I havent bothered writing the BJ story as it isn’t finished yet and I have been rather busy recovering from long term grief issues.

Plus, I did, behind the scenes, give him an opportunity to help himself and me and he failed to take it.  This was via Dominic Cummings, and since he was rather a frenemy as it turned out, the message probably did not get through.

Anyway this post is about the current issues with the financial individuals and members of the Conservative Party currently trying valiantly to ruin your life.

In the course of my current employment, I am fortunate enough to get to talk to the brighter section of the population that actually understand what I’m saying, as opposed to people like my sisters who actively block whatever anyone more intelligent than them have to say. I cannot tell you how many of these people exist, and how much pleasure they seem to take in actually causing the death of other people.  No idea why that would make you feel good, but hey ho. Disordered and generally stupid people are everywhere. It is a source of deep shame that I would be related to some of them.

Anyway, let us start with the crashing of the economy and flooring of the pound.  This is something that the UK does periodically and in and of itself, is nothing to fear.  It will delay your plans for retirement for a year or two if you are wise, but recovery is inevitable due to the prediliction of the very same individuals who caused it wanting to make even more money at your expense and sell various businesses to Americans, who are also benefitting from the low pound. Foresighted American companies such as not for profit hospitals have been building in England for quite a while now, so you can imagine what a low pound means.

Those who have been reading the blog since 2016 or so will know I was very keen to see the pound lowered in value. This is very simple economics, although economists who specialise in the brakes, headlights or exhaust of the car, so to speak, may not see it.  The much neglected ‘cannon fodder’ proportion of the population that tories traditionally ignore will benefit from it in terms of increased work opportunities, now also available remotely as well as in manufacturing. It was high time for a fertilisation of the roots of the British economy, and it will be good to see some results when the neglected underclass finally secure an income as a result of an improvement in exports.

The problem is that there are no real thinkers in the Conservative party at the moment, so they are very bad at either reacting to or explaining what they are doing.  Jeremy Hunt as chancellor is a slightly better option than a guy that would sit and laugh during the Queen’s funeral whilst shafting you between snorts, however this is not good news for the English NHS.

From the perspective of the history of Scottish Conservatism, my own grandmother was an ardent devotee of Conservatism, my previous warnings to Boris of being a bit of a Churchill fanboi still hold true.  Scottish Conservatism historically differs from English Conservatism, whilst they cling to the union as if it is good for them, their current ideas seem to be as long as they cling to it, they are in the ‘might is right’ sector of society and they will hang on to the benefits they got whilst biting and scratching their way over everyone else to pay their boring mortgages.  The sooner we see the death of the Conservative Protestant white golfers of society, the sooner we will see some actual equality and diversity.  Not sure anyone is genuinely interested in actually doing that however, as probably over a hundred of the many companies I have scrutinised still favour the useless male over the committed but diverse worker.

So for the benefit of Boris, whom I must send a smooch for the ‘taking the oil from under drink sodden Scottish noses’ speech, here are the aspects of the history of Scottish Conservatism that you would benefit from, and here are the elements of this you can use to stick an ice pick into your poitical decline.  You remain God’s Gift to the independence movement, although Truss is also proving to be extremely helpful via lack of intellectual rigour and sheer incompetence.

  • Scottish Conservatism, for actual thinkers, was the Victorian idea of charity being a personal responsibility rather than ‘fuck the poor’.  My Victorian Scottish grandmother was a single parent with two children for much of her life, and still managed to buy her own house and feed the neighbours who were ‘poor’ in comparison with a woman who used to stay up all night fulfilling creative projects to pay for the kids.
  • Scottish Conservatism was a statement relating to colonialism.  Devotees were pro military, pro royalty rather than pro English and anti Scottish, as the dumb voters seem to think they have to be now.  I cannot tell you how many Scottish tories are stupid enough to tell me they are no longer Scottish in the course of research. This is something the SNP and the indy supporters interested enough to actually debate with No voters could address if interested in swinging the polls rather than make stupid insulting statements about irrelevant topics.
  • I have to say, I have no idea what Eton and Oxford are teaching people, but it seems to be of remarkably poor quality given the last few Conservative PMs.  Cameron and Gideon evidently failed ‘the Wall game.’  Boris, adept at this game, was a bit of an improvement, but too many holidays and too many poor relationship decisions ruined his tenure, never mind the determination to emulate a hated Prime Minister like Churchill with nothing to justify it.  (I could have helped you, you should have emailed, but after losing my best friend to yet more medical failures I was not in a state to bother pursuing it. I’ve had plenty male friends, you need to stop thinking with your lower abdomen)
  • I am not sure why nobody thinks to keep the public informed about how the British economy actually works, but if a barnstorming speech could be written, the deliverer would help the situation enormously, so I would suggest that should be done ASAP if you want to spare your neck in England.  That is, of course, if you can see the benefit of doing this rather than taking yet more holidays and screwing up your current marriage.

I realise, of course, that lifetime access to Chequers and a permanent income/security detail has now been secured, so Boris is effectively in retirement.  That is what this was really all about in terms of personal benefit.

OK so to translate for the rest of my readers, the British economic machine is cyclical, every so often we floor it to encourage the roots and make the country more competitive.  This is led by a few individuals with a great deal of money who secure vast fortunes by doing it.  I used to joke that the entire unemployed population exist to benefit five hedge fund managers in London, and this is not at all far off the mark.  Every few decades we floor it and restart the engine, a bit like rebooting a computer.  This makes us highly desirable in terms of investment, and keeps a very small country very rich when the reboot is complete.

Do not panic about things like pension values, this is reflective of low unit prices in managed funds and just means you should use any available funds to snap up some more units and keep working if you can for the next couple of years.  I laughed when I was told the Bank of England was buying up gilts to protect pension values, that is not the idea, they are buying up gilts because, if you track the historical performance of gilts, this will make them very very wealthy at a later date.

Bottom line – here is what your current thinking and potential barnstorming speech should contain:

  • A flooring of pound value and restart of the economy is normal and is done as part of an economic process. Whether any of the people doing it have any knowledge of history or not, is another matter, what we do know is that it has been done many times before and will continue to be done from time to time, so panicking about it is not helpful to you.
  • The sector of the population at the lower end, the factory workers, the exporters, the manufacturers, inventors and creatives who really make growth happen will all benefit from a low pound as it makes us more attractive to look at in terms of investment or simply purchases.
  • Thinkers ought to be encouraged in government, not rejected as not politically expedient.  This episode has highlighted to me, in particular, that nobody is interested in getting the job right, they are just interested in grabbing something for themselves.
  • Remote work from other countries is a good alternative to exporting, as this is also lucrative currently.  There are many opportunities to do this, especially when the pound is low as it is more cost effective to look at the UK for a workforce.
  • Scottish Conservatives do not think creatively, do not want to see change and are likely to be pro military, pro charity and pro Royalty.  If anyone wants to present a right wing pro independence alternative to them politically, this is the line they should take.
  • The multiplier works from the bottom sector of the economy, not the top.  If you have little money, you are forced to spend it, as opposed to sending it offshore, so if anyone genuinely wanted to see the British economy grow, they would focus on people suffering at the lowest income bracket, since their spending would further fertilise the roots rather than a mid sector squandering of investment via incompetent business advice quangos such as the ones that employ non entrepreneurs like my brother to give advice to people willing to risk their meagre savings on starting a business with grants and loans that they do not necessarily even need. Education is way more important than men in suits admiring each other’s willingness to dump their mothers into care homes and lining someone else’s pocket whilst they go on yet another unnecessary holiday.
  • Quell the panic in the investments and wealth market, encourage bottom feeders prospects and morale, invest wisely in things like remote work sourcing and export led business.  This is how the economy actually works long term. Don’t ask stupid questions, just do it.  That is how to rescue England.

In the meantime, we in Scotland would like to govern ourselves, and it is not the place of England to be milking the last country stupid enough to be paying to be in the union whilst insulting us.

And that is the end of my ‘How to be a better Tory, by a thinker that isn’t’ rant.  Good luck, and stop listening to stupid people. They delight in causing suffering.



Much affection,







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Sick of Confused Young People

So, we have had quite a few confused millennials trying to interfere with various parts of our life over the last few years.

Frst we had a bunch of blisteringly thick nurses that decided it was time that my mother was dead regardless of how she or I felt, backed up by power mad social workers who appear to get some sort of bonus for taking people’s properties from them.  When presented with what they were actually doing according to logical observation, they simply pretended not to know.

Then we had a company that thought spouting right wing corporatist crap about putting the disabled to work wasn’t political.

Then we had a bunch of people at the bank who imagined that only TV is a safe activity, and anyone creative is to be viewed with suspicion. I was horrified by this one.  I was the only person in a huge roomful of people who did anything other than watch fucking box sets.

Then we had Little Shiva, who decided that I was to be deprived of a job I desparately needed for no reason other than he didn’t feel like telling me that he was married despite doing quite the peacock display.

After this we had some nutjob actually chasing me out of a building for not being exactly like her, screaming ‘you’re not like us, what are you doing here?’  I kid you not.

Then we had the homophobic author who thinks being married gives him entitlement to dox a gay man for chatting him up and then try to get him arrested.  He has repeatedly stated that he plans to stalk me, and is apparently too stupid to know that this is not really a very good idea.

Up next is Bawbag, who is a misogynist, but I find misogynists quite funny and after being a chef usually handle them quite easily.  He seemed to have some sort of special arrangement with the police, who actually took the trouble to come out to ask if I wanted to return to his not very pleasant care.  This is a forerunner to the world after Humza’s hate law. The Scottish habit of friendly fire to defuse abuse is going to be made illegal because a mediocre private school Hutchie boy doesn’t understand.

Finally we had scummy Sikh dude.  I worked with a Sikh family for months, and they were lovely, but scummy Sikh dude had a poor self image, so he thought he could take a pop at me too.

From all of this I have to draw the conclusion that we live in a very confused society, and being reclusive anyway, I am inclined to avoid people and their boring self interest and sense of entitlement entirely, since it is actually based on nothing.

They also seem to lack curiosity.  Facile crap is what they seem to want to consume.  Comedy such as the above is going to end up banned if we allow stupid people to point and say offensive every few seconds.

Thank god I am not young, that is all I can say to this.  Your world looks bland, idiotic, very constricted and very, very boring. I feel sorry for children being brought up like this.



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Time to Quit

So, I dont seem to be getting many answers to my poll, but generally speaking those of us with a brain are wearing masks and thinking it is time for some border control.

Of course, this won’t matter to the English, who voted for this and seem to be quite happy with it for the most part, which is precisely the reason we need medical checkpoints at the border with Scotland and Wales if we are to avoid further medical sabotage from England.

Local governments should also be considering how best to protect their areas.  Sheffield, for example, was showing a lot of cases at the beginning of the spread, therefore they should be checking temperatures at a regular interval, there are also options for spraying people down that the Chinese have used.

It all depends on who you vote for really.  Some aggressive tory voters on Twitter are claiming that they cannot see any issues in their area, so naturally they will want to continue not wearing masks, perhaps reopening their businesses and killing some more elderly people as long as it is out of sight.

One article circulating this morning basically said it best in the headline.  Over 100 medical staff dead, most BAME. That will be fine with the English then.

So, no need to worry then, as long as the patient doesn’t resemble you they don’t exist.

I think the time has come to face the fact there is no helping these people.  Indeed, most of the population are still wandering around with no mask on, so evidently they are also too stupid to exist.

I think really Boris should quit rather than return to public life.  I do not think he is likely to see any benefit from returning, nor do I think that faction is going to last much longer.

Looking forward to seeing an accurate recording of the number of people you have killed via the imaginary herd immunity you forced on the people you were responsible for.  Still no sign of it so far.

Matt Hancock will not need to work again after this episode anyway, he has made more than enough money from the NHS.

Snowed under with work as apparently people like complaining but don’t like being proactive, which is great news for me.


No photo description available.

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Celebrity Coronavirus and other Stories

So, in a week where we discover the fifth strain ‘Celebrity Coronavirus,’  which is the one where you recover in seven days and are magically not infectious, such as Prince Charles and Matt Hancock, or the one where you spend a couple of nights with foreign nurses in ICU and then return to bonking at Chequers in 48 hours, such as Boris Johnson, we discover how full of shit people really are.

I have just left a situation in which an overcrowded shop, apparently relying on God to determine how many of the non-isolating customers die, continue to share the virus.

In my part-time role as essential worker, I was verbally abused every single day I was out for wearing proper protective gear.  As I am immune, I do not actually require it, I was wearing it for the peace of mind of the people I was dealing with and as a public statement that I do not want to kill you.

In Scotland, this is taken as weakness in much the same way being a carer was taken as weakness, so I was accused of various things by mad people until I removed the mask, at which point they ran away. I was talking to a girl the other night who had also had the virus, and she remarked that she thought she was immune and yet infectious, so was breathing on people for fun.

In the meantime, my former co-worker, who has children and a wife who works in a carehome, continues to put everybody at risk by not wearing a mask. I have discovered that I view masks as a code for whether people have a brain and social conscience or not.  The sneering people without the masks are welcome to die as soon as possible. My fellow essential workers feel much the same way.

I kind of hope quite a few of these people die instead of the carehomes full of elderly and the hospitals full of NHS staff.

I had my first symptoms three days before Bojo.  I have worked throughout, have managed to prevent the progress of the virus by antioxidant means, and am still finding it quite difficult to deal with stress without physical symptoms.  In the event I had been in ICU two days ago, I certainly wouldn’t be travelling forty miles to bonk my girlfriend.

The primary reason for this fakery is so that he cannot be challenged too vigorously in parliament.  It is an attempt to be a ‘man of the people’ and distract from the facts.  The second reason is to promote immigrant nurses, which were pointedly mentioned.  This is because they seem to be killing so many staff by not providing adequate PPE that it will be almost impossible to function without them.

In the meantime dear old Stanley continues to uphold the British class system, which he believes he is a part of because the Johnson con has been going so long, by making inappropriate comments to the press.

So, we can look forward, after thousands of needless deaths and spurious loss of life via the DNR orders signed by the disabled, to a persistent attempt to maintain the same bullshit system.

No thanks. You can keep your shitty values.  Mine are better.



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Well now you know how I’ve felt since 2003

Coronavirus interactive map from FT

Feel free to click above for the reason you are stuck in your house and the economy is about to go haywire.

Japanese and South Koreans had their masks on the first day.  They arent irresponsible, filthy braggards like Americans and the English, hence judged incapable of following instructions and sent to bed without tea.

If you have not got yourself an easy to sanitize pair of rubber gloves, some large goggles and a mask by now, I suggest you get one so we can all get on with the rest of our lives.  Here is a helpful site to assist you in making your own mask, since apparently the NHS are demanding that people risk their lives because they have insufficient supplies, despite said supplies being readily available online.


Apparently people who take the flu jab are also at considerably more risk than everyone else, which makes me rather suspicious since I was asked not two weeks before the story broke whether I wanted one.  No thank you, I replied.  I am not a subscriber to funded for profit science.

Vitamin C is also now proving helpful in New York as well as China. Again stuff you all, I am not conforming to become a stupid aggressive moron like the people I met in Waitrose, of all places, last week. Asda is very civilised in comparison.

Being stuck in the house for several years taking care of my mother and father has its advantages.  I am well used to being in lockdown, for one thing, and I have several resources to draw upon to make it profitable.

Other people are not fortunate enough to have disgusting relatives who gossip about them and abuse them every time they blink, so they may be finding this more of a struggle than I am.  Poor things.

It is particularly unfortunate to be in lockdown in Spain apparently, especially if you are a pensioner.  I receive reports directly from hospitals and people who live there and neither sounds desirable.

The lockdown will weaken fairly quickly however, so you can get back to shopping.  Off licenses and large chain retailers are now essential even as I write this.  Business however, needs to change.  I work all over the world.  There is no reason why you cannot do the same.


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Coronavirus Whinging – Sturgeon versus Johnson

I have never seen so much bitter glass wall whinging from the population as right now.

On one hand we have worthless scum complaining that it is all a big fuss about nothing and unless we see two thirds of the population dying we have nothing to worry about so don’t bother protecting your health.

On the other we have people who think that “Nicola Sturgeon lacks leadership skills” and “Boris Johnson must resign” because they haven’t shut the schools.

I patiently explained to the worthless scum yesterday that as one of the people at risk from the infection, I do not trust hospitals and would rather not be ill, therefore I will be taking all the measures I can as not only do I not want to die, I do not want to see other people quietly offed in a hospital because they aren’t judged to be economically worthwhile.  I cannot even say that this is the Tories’ doing, it happens regardless of party.  I have seen it first hand.

I explained to the whinging masses this morning that Nicola Sturgeon and Boris Johnson are entirely unable to close schools because if they do that, the women who work for the NHS, the women who clean, the women who run quite a few of our services will then be unable to work because they have to stay at home to take care of their children, who are at a far lower risk of actual death in the first place.

This would also mean that elderly in care homes would be suffering, as care homes would be understaffed.  Closing schools is not an option.

Closing pubs is not an option because people voted for a society in which people have to work to pay their bills.  As long as pub owners are willing to pay a wage, people need the money to pay their rent.  And yay, this costs the country no money, which is what the majority actually voted for.

As for claiming that the spurious herd immunity bullshit is somehow Boris’s doing. The culprit is the Tories’ scientific adviser, who clearly does not understand that a virus that repeatedly infects you is not likely to give anybody immunity.  Boris Johnson got some bad advice and made a decision based upon the discussion he listened to.  Since then at least three of the people deciding that killing a few more useless eaters wasn’t such a bad thing have the infection, which can only benefit the rest of us since they might actually get a clue.

When are you going to understand that you can’t blame people making political decisions for making the most practical decision for your welfare?  Take some responsibility for yourself.

The last thing anybody should be considering is resignation.  This is a test, and we need to use it to create a better country and a more practical way of doing business as  a nation.

If you can’t formulate strategy, think for yourself or even be bothered joining a political party, mind your own business, and stop attempting to think.

That is what you do the rest of the time.



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Dignity – the unexploited niche

So I was at a meeting for business peeps tonight, and one Scandinavian chick was talking about her work, which is trade union related, loosely, and she wants to do some public speaking related to people who do not seek senior management or even middle management roles.

This is a large unexploited market area.  How to negotiate your position when you do not seek to improve it and are relatively happy in whatever job you managed to land.

I immediately said yes – dignity – the unexploited niche.  Everyone is falling for this American idea that we are all unemployed millionaires.

Of course, with the globalist ideal of ever decreasing wages and borderless countries, we have not had any alternative to this. Collective bargaining is out of fashion, even with our once socialist Labour party. This is not doing anybody any good.

It was a long and interesting meeting, everyone from unemployed doctors working in medical areas that are poorly served to dog trainers, home stylists and web designers were there.  Most interesting, but as office hours go, probably not hugely constructive for the person developing the course.

Another course I am working on at the moment is also very interesting. I would really like to do this one more seriously, but I have to focus on getting a number of other things done first I think.

Anyway that is thought for today. Dignity, the unexploited niche market. Let’s capitalise socialism!

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Staring at the ceiling

Last night was not great, so I spent most of the night applying for jobs, as you do when you are a slashie.

Woke up this morning to one of the previous banks attempting to lure me into discussing their problems.  Refused.  I don’t have time to support people repeating second rate information in an effort to maintain a hierarchy that does not exist as long as I do not agree to it.  If the banks employed more people like me and less people like some of the outstandingly dull and selfish people I have met over the last couple of years, the 2008 crash would not have happened.

I did point this out at the time.  Men who are aware that they are employed purely for their ability to wear suits and smirk tend to do business with other talentless smirkers.  Nobody asks any questions, because nobody wants to have any actual knowledge in case it poisons them in some way.

I often think I would have been better off in the 1950s, when companies were actually looking to improve and still had some form of ethics.  Now they seem obsessed with supporting the needs of people who regard themselves and their mortgages way above any requirements of customers, so I am no use to them whatsoever.

This is not the first time a company I have clashed with has got back in touch a couple of weeks later to say, yes, actually you are right.  I suppose I should be happy about that.  Reality is I’m not that interested in being right.  I’m interested in people getting it right, and that does not pay well.

Also what seems to have been lost in the quest for economic growth is the idea that you are only as good as your last deal.  Companies often feel very complacent when they see their figures, and they do not understand that tarnishing is a gradual process.  When you call them out on it, they are often very surprised and see you as a ‘lone sniper.’

One very glossy financial services company that Little Shiva and I are familiar with are a case in point.  I talked to them  at various levels.  Whilst I rather liked the studiousness with which they attempted to ignore me, during this time at the very top end of the business no fewer than 28 senior members of staff were terminated within a few weeks of our episode.  Little Shiva is welcome to look up the articles relating to it.

Anyway, this doesn’t help me much.  I am tired.  I’m tired of being lonely, I’m tired of nobody understanding anything, and I am really tired of stupid nasty people.

If there is a company out there that would support a manager that empowers their staff, seeks to improve business processes and actually engages people, I would like to work for you please. The research project that my working life has become is no longer on a sufficient learning trajectory to make it worthwhile.  The answer seems to be that we need fewer wankers and more workers.


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Someone asked me what I was doing for a living, and I replied that I am a slashie. I have been a slashie for longer than the term has existed.  I am very interested in work, and jobs that other people would probably sneer at always have some interesting new feature to learn.

Over the years I have covered a lot of different areas, and I am usually pretty confident about the actual work side of things.  The problem with most workplaces seem to be the people.

Over the last twenty or so years, this problem seems to have been reduced by making most of the staff temporary, the idea being that the managers need some experience and get to stay, whilst everybody else is replaced frequently according to the needs of business or whether they are regarded as nice chaps, or whatever.  One company I was told about, a surprisingly household name sized business, was running an entirely illegal financial project, on the basis of temporary staff who could not answer bonus seeking managers back without losing their jobs.

Unfortunately what I have seen since returning to work after taking care of my mother, is that the longer term staff tend to be actually less experienced than the temps, because they have done the same job the same way for far too long.  Personality disorders abound, because they were the people nasty enough to get these ‘safe’ roles, and the workplace is hazardous for anyone with any empathy or intelligence, since these individuals inevitably get rid of anyone who is a challenge to them or who might show up their inevitable weaknesses.

This trend has been enhanced by the steady reduction in rights.

Ageism has massively increased, and now that the Conservative government have passed the responsibility for pensions to employers, it is likely to continue to increase, which is not good news for Gen X or millennials, neither of whom get to retire at all.

The solution to this for business is to create self-employed roles for people who will not be considered for full time employment because it is simply too expensive to pay into their pensions.

Therefore, we have an army of underemployed and paradoxically self-employed slashies.

I have about five jobs, a couple of other projects, and I am not that unusual. When I am asked whether I am available for yet more work, I simply move the times for things around.

Other people focus on one slashie role at a time, and burn out relatively quickly. It is far better to like work sufficiently to spend almost all of one’s time seeing what is available and making sure you are there for it.

Personally, I would ban employment agencies altogether, the cumbersome and antiquated method of employing a middle man is simply foolish when all you want is to

  1. soak up your departmental budget to ensure it for the next year, or
  2. bring in a team to complete a boring job nobody else wanted to do, or
  3. fill a skills gap

There are far more efficient ways of doing those things, and people could be far better off if they were simply contracted out via the many available ways of doing it so that slashies could earn a decent living.

HR departments are also poorly managed, although how you could be expected to read 700 CVs for one job, as happens regularly now, I do not know.

The software available for reading people’s CVs so that agency or HR staff don’t have to bother is also very poor. This is not helping business find the right people at all.

Part of the reason for having an unemployed portion of the population is to enhance choice for business.  It has most certainly gone rather too far if they can’t even read the CVs.


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