So back to the real world

Not surprisingly, another nasty gormless little oik was mis-managing the project, so I am back to wondering whether to bother trying to go back to work given that nobody has seen fit to offer me any opportunities since I retired from my first career.

Very tiresome, but it doesn’t ever seem to change. I suppose I should be glad that I am still seen as such a threat to stupid little boys.

Halfway through Dylan’s hair now, it is going well but extremely boring.

Basically if you want to get ahead the answer is to be as oily and lazy as possible. I see from Twitter that work is not respected at all now. Grafters get booted as fast as possible in favour of more fakers who get ahead by stabbing other people.

Don’t really want to participate in any more of this, it is boring now. I actually laughed at this one because it was so transparent.

Few more days and Dylan’s paint job will commence, it is going to take a while this time as so far it is reasonably good. Papier mache is much better to work with than latex.

I am going to start applying the shell to Little Shiva, it has waited long enough and I am sure Little Shiva is bored of waiting. I certainly am sick of having half finished work knocking around and I am tired of not getting anywhere with anything.

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