A Beautiful Day

Today we took my mother to lunch.

It was a beautiful day, and we took her to a lovely restaurant, followed by a nice boat trip.  Thanks to the resolution of some of the issues that I have been confronted with recently, I was able to give her the day she deserved and now I just have to do some paperwork.

I am in some demand at the moment, so things are likely to be quite hectic from next week.  This week I have a few endings to tie up, and I am guessing a few things will be happening tomorrow in preparation for next week, so that means a lot of other work.

In the meantime, life is almost back to normal after the Staring Brat episodes.

I will be doing some powerboating in town tomorrow evening, which is bound to be fun, followed by some personal upgrades over the weekend.

I would like to meet somebody quite soon, so I will be making some efforts in that direction.  I need some help to get some artwork done, and I am a bit fed up with timewasters at the moment.

I also need a channel, things have been a bit awry recently.  Generally, however, I think things are improving now that I no longer feel the need to take any shit.

Sometimes it is important to do the unthinkable.


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Ina 2 World 0

Today has been a good day.

Very productive, and I feel very positive about the future.  The new positive, ass-kicking Ina is a good person.  She isn’t rich yet, but she is moving in the right direction.

I am moving into a new phase, which will help other people, because they will actually hear what I have to say.  This is a very good thing for me, and a good thing for the people that I choose to help.

I am a lot happier as a result.

There will of course, be a thousand haters for every person that listens but thanks to a kind man, I am now confident to move forward to a better future.

With any luck, Staring Brat 2 will be safe, and things will improve markedly for everyone concerned.

I cannot tell you what a relief this is.  I have also highlighted the problem at the government office, and this will have to be dealt with by them, however it will be a lot harder to ignore the problem for future victims.

So, now it is on to my next appointment.  I will have to be up early to pull this one off, but we shall see how it goes.

Never stop fighting, and never lose sight of what is important, even when the people concerned are little shits that don’t deserve your attention or concern.

Stay focussed, and stay cool.



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Hey Boris

I have just learned that I am over egging the pudding somewhat, so I think I have had a better, and certainly simpler idea.

I would, however like to discuss it, since your resources are better than mine.  It is a very simple idea and requires only me as long as you can use your local contacts.

If you are interested, I will leave a message for you in the next week or two once I have things set up.

I hope you are OK poppet, I haven’t been doing much apart from figuring out what I can take from the staring brat episodes.

Hopefully I will speak with you soon.  In the meantime, you could always email me on betterpersonproject@gmail.com if you have time and I will outline things a bit.


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Narcissists hate happiness

What my sister and all the other narcs I have attracted over the years have in common is that they detest happiness, and they really hate confidence.

The idea that other people can be content, happy or confident is horrifying to them, because they perceive it as being a state that they cannot control.

Therefore, for people like the staring brats, the silly woman I am dealing with right now, and my sister, dealing with a happy, confident and positive person is a bit like being confronted by the antichrist, and it must be stopped as soon as possible.

The crushing of any dangerous happiness or meaningful activity means that they can reassert themselves as the centre of attention and curtail any progress that does not relate to their well-being.

I have committed a revolutionary act today, which is being met with a mixture of dismay and admiration.  Simply saying no has caused a spiral of obvious abuse activity to become very clear to people who have actually been accepting this behaviour for some time.

The woman at the centre of the storm in this case has been causing problems for months, possibly years.  She spotted me the minute I walked in, and I made a point of asking her one question every day.  She very quickly became irritated with my lack of fear, and I knew that problems were bound to follow very quickly thereafter.

To give you an indication of how common this is, if you are a temporary worker you are expected to simply accept any treatment in order to continue to claim your wage.  Everyone so far has simply grumbled and moved on or been fired without complaint, so the idea of standing your ground is quite alien to the people who have administered her whims.

I had to explain at some length that I was fully confident to challenge her on the basis of knowledge that she did not have, that I would be expecting an apology and an acknowledgement that I am well aware that I will not get, and that I am concerned for all the other people that she has done this to.  Depressing people to pander to a narc is not a smart thing to do, and the manager of the office is making full use of my heel digging to put her in her place.

Unfortunately, this seems to be making her panic somewhat, so it is very likely that I will be axed in the course of this episode under some pretext.  She made a complaint about me answering a question this morning, and another one about me asking a colleague to refrain from speaking to me this afternoon.  These were the only two interactions with other people that I had, so as you can see, she too is a staring brat. She seems to be looking for evidence of unhappiness, because I have deprived her of the right to humiliate me, and I have responded by marching around with a fixed grin all day.

Meanwhile, a third party is phoning me every five minutes attempting to humiliate me into accepting her behaviour.  The idea of me saying no to a narc is horrifying to them.

I explained that I had a sister who was exactly the same, and that saying yes to them may well make your life easier, but it isn’t very smart.  I painted the picture and saw the recognition on their faces as I did so.

So, what I am working on at the moment is quite worthwhile in terms of cultural change and raising the general level of confidence and positivity, but as a personal policy it is likely to be disastrous.  That is a risk I am willing to take during this episode.  It is long overdue.

And on a lighter note, I managed to smuggle my number to floral shirt dude.  He would appear to be a gentleman, but time will tell.

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Long Live Ina

This week, we have a long term local government bullying issue  to deal with.  I will be doing the deed tomorrow.

Why me?  Because it’s there.

In the meantime, select your preferred chat up line:


I did not look at your bottom yesterday.


Your nose is a bit wee


I am partial to a floral shirt


Insert faintly inappropriate yet jocular line here


I do not like your voice


Nothing that I can say is remotely appropriate at this time


I quite like the last one. I may not have to, actually, but it’s amusing to think I might whilst messing with a den of tired complacent bitches.

Stay young, stay fearless.  Wear shades.




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What sort of person omits to tell a lady he is married, then gets her fired and persistently hits her website looking to cause further trouble in whatever way he can?

Certainly nobody I would want to know.

Get a life, Staring Brat 2, your wife has your photos out in public and has a bigger audience. The very exclusive audience on this website is waiting for you to go away and buy some more overpriced clothing with your overtime money so that you can pretend you are of any importance whatsoever. Nobody is responsible for your behaviour but you, and it’s me that has been defamed and lost income, not you.

You have zero integrity left.  My opinion of you couldn’t get much lower.  You can thank Staring Brat 1 for your non-status. You are just another creepy, talentless little boy with a personality problem and this is about as exciting as your life is likely to get. That’s reality. The only people circulating this website at your workplace are you and your pal.

FYI the post he got you hysterical about this time was very nice.  You, however, are not.  Go and learn how to keep staff.


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Nine years of Raw Research

I haven’t done a post about raw food for a long time, mainly because I am a part timer and do not practise raw foodism all the time.

My version is a convenient but rather comprehensive and inflexible diet, composed of supermix, a concoction I invented whilst settling an argument set up by Durianrider and Wolfe many years ago.  It was quite thin and spindly back then.  Now it has to be bought over a year, because the ingredients come to over a thousand.  The good news, however, is that once you have made it, it lasts more than a year, so I have now taken to deconstructing it to make it more bearable in terms of cost.

After all these years of messing about, major emotional upheavals and errors aside, I have finally accepted that, alongside a bit of kimchi, seaweed and some pork and fish now and again on very special occasions, I am better off on supermix.  Currently I drink it with pineapple, barberries, chilli and ginger, and I have to say it works wonders for my face in particular.

I have also managed to isolate the cause of my sporadic outbursts of psoriasis, and it is not only related to stress, it is related to certain fats, which I should avoid altogether.  Some unexpected lamb caused it last, so I will not be making that mistake again (I did say I was a part-timer)

I am not the only person that has taken a long time, even with some determination, to reach the conclusion that the hippies are right and everyone else is wrong.  It is too easy for the plebs to write off what is said to them on the grounds of it being whacky (Wolfe) dishonest (Harley) eosoteric (Cousens) etc, however if you are a nit picker such as myself, you do see the sense though this.  Even then, life happens and I think particularly for those people with a social life, it is a difficult call to make.

However, now that I have reached the age of CRON, it is particularly invaluable and I cannot tell you how nice it is to work alongside a bunch of norms who are blown out and shapeless to remind me not to do what they are doing.

Having said that, the most important thing that I learned from the raw food era was to have an open mind and try things before you dismiss them.  My father’s interest in natural health was very helpful in encouraging me to investigate the raw movement further, and I am very glad I did, because even a week of trying to eat low carb now has a serious effect on my well being.  It is the difference between being arthritic, wrinkly, covered in psoriasis, grumpy and sciatic; and being my normal self, which is none of these things.

So, for people who have either written it off or think they were made a fool of, you are very short-sighted in my view.  Nothing is wasted, and the knowledge you gained should kick in when you need it if you have an ounce of sense.  I will forever credit Wolfe with giving me the confidence to use my knowledge to create supermix, which saved my mother’s life and probably mine.

I think, however, that on top of the physical benefits, the mental benefits are what have become most apparent.  One’s diet, and one’s ability to excrete quickly, in particular, makes a massive difference to one’s mindset and world view, although I have met some pretty dishonest vegans in my time having said that.  Wolfe is entirely right about a lot of things that I tested, so to dismiss him as nuts is a mistake.  What he is is a marketing whizzkid, whether you enjoy the entertainment as much as I do or not. (yes the fury is still fun, Wolfe)

Once I have finished my current project, which is cleaning up some corruption locally, I need to return to  Boris before a national project begins, which will ultimately send me back to Wolfe to return the favour.  I have a little work to do on my personal presentation, which is underway, and some other things which we have already discussed.

Here is a picture of Krishna.  Why is it not a surprise that he is crying?

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Staring Brat 2 has now also vanished from the website lists.  This has happened a few times, however, and it has been temporary and usually at the weekend every time, so I am not entirely convinced.

So, since he is off doing something more productive, today is a good day to talk about celibacy.

Surprisingly, for someone who has made repression my inspiration and because of this, rather a preoccupation, I have been celibate for six or seven years.

At the time, I made the decision not to persist with my previous relationships as they were time-consuming, a bit negative and were a link to a life I had left behind in order to make the necessary developments I felt I had to make because of my grand passion for Wolfe.

I could have persisted in a rather masculine sex as sport kind of way, but I am a very honest person, and I did not feel that this was a good use of time.  I would much rather be thinking than doing anything else, and other people tend to corrode your flow somewhat. A great example of this is with pre-dementia and brain altered states.  You frequently find yourself spending less and less time with some friends, because it quite literally makes you crazy.

Sex, especially as it involves personalities you may otherwise not wish to spend any time with, is quite bad for this.

The last partner I had was a rigger called Mark, who was rather good at rope work, yet appalling at verbal communication.  This got annoying very fast, as I am afraid caring is a 24 hours job and it is simply not convenient to be pandering to a silent person’s fantasies whilst you are on call. He was at the end of a long chain of exs, whom I had been involved with almost thirty years previously.  They were all very helpful around lifting heavy items but not very clued up that time had passed and they were not dealing with a sixteen year old any more.

I would like to say I was sorry to see them go, but alas I was not.  I have not been at my most productive recently, due to the dearth of randiness involved in grieving and being very angry about my mother’s death.

Strangely when I actually met Wolfe, I was poised for flight throughout, not because of anything he was doing, but because I feared what I would say.  I think I probably got a long story across very quickly, and so we have a long term truce situation pending my actually getting my act together.  Hopefully things are settling sufficiently that this year will be a little more productive in that direction.  As I was saying to a former friend, the Wolfe story is a love story, rather than a sex story, so it doesn’t have to have an end really.  It isn’t like I am likely to fall in love with America any time soon.

So, I am in the very odd situation of apparently being very charged, with the outlet for the battery being creative rather than sexual.  This seems to be very hard for some people to understand.  I guess it is a bit like being a unicorn or a fairy.

Anyway, as someone who has had a great number of high stress relationships, I cannot recommend being single highly enough.  More people should take it up, for longer periods.  My belief is that if you do finally meet someone worthwhile, it makes you far more generous as a partner as a result of knowing yourself better.  It is far easier to present a considered approach when you have that extra bit of emotional work and self-knowledge to draw upon.  It also makes you self-evaluate things like jealousy before expressing them.  Most jealousy is just a primal waste of time, and very negative. As a means of expressing something else, it is amusing, but only to a third party.  Apart from that, it is a time-wasting bore.

I think also it is easier to let go of things.  I could have assumed that Staring Brat 2 was more significant, for example, as the attraction was uniquely strong, but thankfully I am not a trusting soul, nor do I get angry about things that don’t actually matter, particularly at work.

Anyway, I think there always ought to be something bigger in your life.  Without something bigger, your relationships can turn sour on the basis that they have more centrality in your life than they really should. Anyone can get laid.  Not everyone can build an empire.

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It’s my Birthday

Aww, Staring Brat 2 is the only one still staring at the website after only three days of post recycling.  Happy Birthday to me.

I will be spending it working, since I now have a job with overtime at last.

Since I appear to have ripened somewhat late in life, I will be spending it alone despite having had a great deal of attention paid to me in the last week or so.  I have had the choice of a twenty something drunk, a thirty something shy geek (he is probably in the actual running, since I rather like shy geeks and he is very cheeky)  and yet another gym bunny.

Why I have such appeal for gym bunnies is a mystery, since I am clearly not a gym bunny.  My vitality is much like my mother’s and is powered by chocolate, ginger and a lot of greenery. I do not particularly like muscles, but apparently they like me.

I also walk six to nine miles per day, although this is rather time consuming and the sooner I get my weight down far enough to run the better.  Showers at work are a thing now, so that makes life a bit better in that respect.  I do spend around three hours on walking at the moment, and this is likely to increase unless I can up the speed.  I am up to three miles an hour without a problem, but I do see lighter people speeding past me, so I have a long way to go.

A couple of interesting jobs in the pipeline.  One has fairly massive earning potential but look as if it may be quite monotonous, and one is at a useful angle in terms of developing a couple of my new projects. We shall see what happens.  I may end up working from home yet.

I have drawn the conclusion from the frisson of male interest that Staring Brat 2 and I have something fairly important in common, despite our many differences, and I do not share this characteristic with any of the other people showing interest.  It makes me question my aversion to taking things at face value when otherwise attached people show interest in me, since I am aware that trying to pretend that you are something you aren’t is largely futile.  Unless Staring Brat 2 is stupid, he will know what I mean eventually. It will be too late for us to do anything about it, but that’s OK.  I couldn’t live with myself if I caused the inevitable break-up if he decides to be happy.

Anyway, it couldn’t be worse than last year, when I discovered after years of personal change, that the love of my life was married.  That was a bombshell.

Twisty has been vile again this year, so I do not think he will survive this time. I am gutted that I let Boris down, although I hope it will make no difference to his triumph and that he can forgive my somewhat chaotic year.

The glow and twinkle are back, in the meantime, and I am quite enjoying my dull job, together with more down-to-earth people who do not know or care what I do when I am not there.

What a strange age to be, to suddenly be so appealing?  I can only say to other women of my age group – get out there, there seem to be a lot of neglected younger men that need our attention!



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