It’s my Birthday

Aww, Staring Brat 2 is the only one still staring at the website after only three days of post recycling.  Happy Birthday to me.

I will be spending it working, since I now have a job with overtime at last.

Since I appear to have ripened somewhat late in life, I will be spending it alone despite having had a great deal of attention paid to me in the last week or so.  I have had the choice of a twenty something drunk, a thirty something shy geek (he is probably in the actual running, since I rather like shy geeks and he is very cheeky)  and yet another gym bunny.

Why I have such appeal for gym bunnies is a mystery, since I am clearly not a gym bunny.  My vitality is much like my mother’s and is powered by chocolate, ginger and a lot of greenery. I do not particularly like muscles, but apparently they like me.

I also walk six to nine miles per day, although this is rather time consuming and the sooner I get my weight down far enough to run the better.  Showers at work are a thing now, so that makes life a bit better in that respect.  I do spend around three hours on walking at the moment, and this is likely to increase unless I can up the speed.  I am up to three miles an hour without a problem, but I do see lighter people speeding past me, so I have a long way to go.

A couple of interesting jobs in the pipeline.  One has fairly massive earning potential but look as if it may be quite monotonous, and one is at a useful angle in terms of developing a couple of my new projects. We shall see what happens.  I may end up working from home yet.

I have drawn the conclusion from the frisson of male interest that Staring Brat 2 and I have something fairly important in common, despite our many differences, and I do not share this characteristic with any of the other people showing interest.  It makes me question my aversion to taking things at face value when otherwise attached people show interest in me, since I am aware that trying to pretend that you are something you aren’t is largely futile.  Unless Staring Brat 2 is stupid, he will know what I mean eventually. It will be too late for us to do anything about it, but that’s OK.  I couldn’t live with myself if I caused the inevitable break-up if he decides to be happy.

Anyway, it couldn’t be worse than last year, when I discovered after years of personal change, that the love of my life was married.  That was a bombshell.

Twisty has been vile again this year, so I do not think he will survive this time. I am gutted that I let Boris down, although I hope it will make no difference to his triumph and that he can forgive my somewhat chaotic year.

The glow and twinkle are back, in the meantime, and I am quite enjoying my dull job, together with more down-to-earth people who do not know or care what I do when I am not there.

What a strange age to be, to suddenly be so appealing?  I can only say to other women of my age group – get out there, there seem to be a lot of neglected younger men that need our attention!



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