A Beautiful Day

Today we took my mother to lunch.

It was a beautiful day, and we took her to a lovely restaurant, followed by a nice boat trip.  Thanks to the resolution of some of the issues that I have been confronted with recently, I was able to give her the day she deserved and now I just have to do some paperwork.

I am in some demand at the moment, so things are likely to be quite hectic from next week.  This week I have a few endings to tie up, and I am guessing a few things will be happening tomorrow in preparation for next week, so that means a lot of other work.

In the meantime, life is almost back to normal after the Staring Brat episodes.

I will be doing some powerboating in town tomorrow evening, which is bound to be fun, followed by some personal upgrades over the weekend.

I would like to meet somebody quite soon, so I will be making some efforts in that direction.  I need some help to get some artwork done, and I am a bit fed up with timewasters at the moment.

I also need a channel, things have been a bit awry recently.  Generally, however, I think things are improving now that I no longer feel the need to take any shit.

Sometimes it is important to do the unthinkable.


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