Nine years of Raw Research

I haven’t done a post about raw food for a long time, mainly because I am a part timer and do not practise raw foodism all the time.

My version is a convenient but rather comprehensive and inflexible diet, composed of supermix, a concoction I invented whilst settling an argument set up by Durianrider and Wolfe many years ago.  It was quite thin and spindly back then.  Now it has to be bought over a year, because the ingredients come to over a thousand.  The good news, however, is that once you have made it, it lasts more than a year, so I have now taken to deconstructing it to make it more bearable in terms of cost.

After all these years of messing about, major emotional upheavals and errors aside, I have finally accepted that, alongside a bit of kimchi, seaweed and some pork and fish now and again on very special occasions, I am better off on supermix.  Currently I drink it with pineapple, barberries, chilli and ginger, and I have to say it works wonders for my face in particular.

I have also managed to isolate the cause of my sporadic outbursts of psoriasis, and it is not only related to stress, it is related to certain fats, which I should avoid altogether.  Some unexpected lamb caused it last, so I will not be making that mistake again (I did say I was a part-timer)

I am not the only person that has taken a long time, even with some determination, to reach the conclusion that the hippies are right and everyone else is wrong.  It is too easy for the plebs to write off what is said to them on the grounds of it being whacky (Wolfe) dishonest (Harley) eosoteric (Cousens) etc, however if you are a nit picker such as myself, you do see the sense though this.  Even then, life happens and I think particularly for those people with a social life, it is a difficult call to make.

However, now that I have reached the age of CRON, it is particularly invaluable and I cannot tell you how nice it is to work alongside a bunch of norms who are blown out and shapeless to remind me not to do what they are doing.

Having said that, the most important thing that I learned from the raw food era was to have an open mind and try things before you dismiss them.  My father’s interest in natural health was very helpful in encouraging me to investigate the raw movement further, and I am very glad I did, because even a week of trying to eat low carb now has a serious effect on my well being.  It is the difference between being arthritic, wrinkly, covered in psoriasis, grumpy and sciatic; and being my normal self, which is none of these things.

So, for people who have either written it off or think they were made a fool of, you are very short-sighted in my view.  Nothing is wasted, and the knowledge you gained should kick in when you need it if you have an ounce of sense.  I will forever credit Wolfe with giving me the confidence to use my knowledge to create supermix, which saved my mother’s life and probably mine.

I think, however, that on top of the physical benefits, the mental benefits are what have become most apparent.  One’s diet, and one’s ability to excrete quickly, in particular, makes a massive difference to one’s mindset and world view, although I have met some pretty dishonest vegans in my time having said that.  Wolfe is entirely right about a lot of things that I tested, so to dismiss him as nuts is a mistake.  What he is is a marketing whizzkid, whether you enjoy the entertainment as much as I do or not. (yes the fury is still fun, Wolfe)

Once I have finished my current project, which is cleaning up some corruption locally, I need to return to  Boris before a national project begins, which will ultimately send me back to Wolfe to return the favour.  I have a little work to do on my personal presentation, which is underway, and some other things which we have already discussed.

Here is a picture of Krishna.  Why is it not a surprise that he is crying?

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