What sort of person omits to tell a lady he is married, then gets her fired and persistently hits her website looking to cause further trouble in whatever way he can?

Certainly nobody I would want to know.

Get a life, Staring Brat 2, your wife has your photos out in public and has a bigger audience. The very exclusive audience on this website is waiting for you to go away and buy some more overpriced clothing with your overtime money so that you can pretend you are of any importance whatsoever. Nobody is responsible for your behaviour but you, and it’s me that has been defamed and lost income, not you.

You have zero integrity left.  My opinion of you couldn’t get much lower.  You can thank Staring Brat 1 for your non-status. You are just another creepy, talentless little boy with a personality problem and this is about as exciting as your life is likely to get. That’s reality. The only people circulating this website at your workplace are you and your pal.

FYI the post he got you hysterical about this time was very nice.  You, however, are not.  Go and learn how to keep staff.


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