Climbing Trump Tower

I happened to tune in just before Steve, from Virginia, an ‘independent researcher with an important message for Donald Trump,’ was yanked to safety by an impatient and very strong policeman.  He looked about nineteen, and very confident that he would not get a hearing any other way.


Since Ina Disguise exists for exactly the same reason, I am thankful that I do not live in America, and that I did not know that wealth imparts such power in the USA.  In the UK, if you have something to say, then a PA checks it and passes it on if it seems useful. In America, you are supposed to accept that your bank account dictates your worth, and nothing that you have to say matters unless it is wrapped in dollar bills or accompanied by a spectacle of some kind.


The reactions online were interesting.  Would he have been shot down if he was black?  Was he crazy?  Would they let him complete the climb?  His video, which clearly stated that he did not think that he would get a hearing otherwise, indicates that he is a shy geeky guy that likes climbing, and feels that he has something important to say to Donald Trump.  Since it is likely that he is considerably more intelligent than Donald Trump, I doubt that Donald Trump will understand what he has to say, which is a shame.


The most shocking part, was the men who complained that he looked like a girl, and that they would like to see footage of the beating he would get from the police once he was in the building.  He apparently left the building in a stretcher, so either he was extremely tired, or he cannot walk at present.


After seeing scenes of evident brutality in Turkey recently, this is of some concern.  Are we so overcrowded, as a planet, that seeing people get beaten is simply entertainment, and is it so impossible that a young man has something relevant to contribute to an arrogant and extremely spoilt man’s publicity campaign in the form of running for President?


Why on earth would a country be so deluded as to assume that a man who has struggled for nothing in his life, who evidently despises women and people of other races in equal measure, be competent for a role which has become pivotal to the rest of the world?  With power comes responsibility.  Should the rest of the world be forced to allow an ill-educated, vicious, and evidently thoughtless nation pick the person in effective control of the balance of global power?


In the course of watching this, I discovered facebook live, and have been watching people all over the world discussing health, talking about themselves, partying, having sex and generally sharing even more information about themselves. Most of it is not very interesting, progressive, or useful.  Just lonely people trying, like my cat, to reassure themselves that they exist at all.


Poor Steve from Virginia is now being sent for psychiatric evaluation as a result of his stunt.  Having been in much the same situation of not being listened to, and feeling forced into the public eye in order to exist at all, apparently, I completely understand why he felt he needed to pull a stunt.  Presumably climbing is his thing.  I hope that he gets to submit whatever he has to say, at least.


It has been suggested that Trump is actually paying him to do this, since he got into a spot of bother with his second amendment suggestion for Clinton yesterday.  If this is the American idea of diplomacy, then we have a lot to fear in the near future.  Neither candidate is good for the rest of the planet.


If it was up to me, and it is not, I would get as far away from the special relationship with America as possible.  I noted in a recent poll that I am not the only person who feels this way.  Putin has never been so popular in Europe.


As it is unlikely that America will make any significant changes, we can look forward to more input from China and Russia within our lifetimes, and a war will probably be invoked to take care of our current over-population problem.


Such is the illusion of choice.  You can see clearly what is going to happen, and since nobody listens, there is little you can do about it.  Might as well climb Trump Tower, create an alias, or go off on some other tangent.  Brutality, cheap manners and lack of taste wins, because America decides who gets the guns.  This is not the world I choose to live in.  With role models like this, forget America as a worthwhile ally and think again.




Note for regular readers – I had yet another massive laptop disaster, and Best Adventure Ever has been lost for the fifth or sixth time.  Lucifer Ogilvie is also gone, but it was a minor loss in comparison.  This is another new computer, and I will be rebuilding the old one, since evidently it is my lot in life to spend several months building the equipment I need as I am not particularly wealthy.  There will be a short delay as a result.  Anyone would think that somebody does not want me to complete the Wolfe projects.  Tough tittie, I will be doing it anyway, since I am too shy to go climbing any towers.

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