More decisiveness

Had to go and pick up some live food from work as it would have exploded by Thursday.

I couldn’t take it away when I left at the end of my shift as I was surplus to requirements for whatever social stuff was going on in the office.

Sadly, my glimmer of hope picked expectations over appreciation, so in the spirit of decisiveness, I have offered to change shifts to avoid vibing out the entire room.

It is unfortunate, but not something that I can help.  If I am happy, everybody in the room is happier, if I am sad the same applies.  It would be better if I do not see this person again as clearly there is some weird chemical reaction between us that neither of us have much control over.  He has just demonstrated that it isn’t at all voluntary, and he would rather be with Girl that speaks Arabic.  Good luck to them, and now I would like to exit the scene please.

Why I seem to be shown male tail feathers as they prepare to bonk other people I do not know, but it isn’t anything new.  I am tired of wasting magic on people like this.  At least Wolfe is honest.

Glad not to have any more time wasted, sad to be lonely and embarrassed again.  I am sure they all had a great laugh behind my back, but frankly who the fuck cares?  I probably have a lot more fun in my craziness than they do.

It’s all a bit sad, really, but at least not prolonged.  Apparently more help is available on the other shifts.

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