Finest British Bullshit

OK, so according to the media, we are supposed to believe that Andrea Leadsom was so hurt by the Times that she immediately gave up to go home and wear an apron, that Theresa May is now an angel, that Boris has been thwarted in his attempt to take a massive pay cut and be PM, that George Osborne is strutting around a remarkably fake looking New York street waiting to be puffball interviewed about some vague double dealing on Wall Street, and David Cameron is doing an impersonation of Dick Van Dyke on his way out of Downing Street, having been released from his weighty responsibility for the entire country.  (Still no mention of the several thousand dead disabled people we are not supposed to notice)


According to the media, we are supposed to be doubting Jeremy Corbyn as a leader, we are all basically Conservative anyway, and the country is supposedly past the need for collective representation because we all worship money and if we don’t, we deserve to be repeatedly stabbed in the face until we do.


Angela Eagle is a false flag, designed to thoroughly put anyone off voting labour until the UK is safely out of the Brexit zone.  I have rocks in my garden with more charisma and leadership ability.  As is usual with the former New labour, someone we cannot see has told them what to do, and they are all repeating the same line because if they keep repeating it, we will eventually believe it.


So what has actually happened?  Here is my view:


As per my previous posts of the last week or so, Boris was not interested in being Prime Minister at all.  He was somehow volunteered for/pressured into the Leave campaign, and could not really be bothered with it, so stupidly trusted Gove to do all the actual work, hence the rather out of character and lame campaign.  They all imagined that people would vote to ensure that everything stayed the same because they don’t actually see people, they see statistics, and according to the statistics, everything in the garden is just lovely for everyone, including the 3.9 million shoeless children and dead disabled people nobody cares to remember.


These statistics are now produced by private companies who do not take a huge interest in responsibility or accuracy, as in order to land the research contracts the line managers pressure the staff into getting high returns. I know because I have extensive experience in social research data gathering.  Even when you are conducting a survey to determine people’s views, the questions are ordered in a way to determine the result.  In a way, all research is futile because in the absence of a previously formed opinion, you basically force one on people. Hence, our governments are deluded into getting the response they wanted in the first place.  Months of work used to go into making sure you got a result approaching accuracy, but the level of response was not enough when the companies were honest, so now they are not.  This is important, because labour are making decisions on the same faked statistics as the conservatives.


So, this morning, in a very predictable turnaround, Leadsom steps down, meaning that no plan has to be published for our Brexit from the EU.  Had the leadership campaign been allowed to continue, we would be told how they plan to go about actually doing it.  The ‘sophisticated opposition’ mentioned by one of her supporters was basically just the Conservative elite deciding that more interesting deals can be struck without the watchful eye of the public.  Whilst some are arguing that Murdoch is responsible, in the form of the Times article, I do not think that this is the case at all.  Leadsom gives the appearance of extreme malleability, so were I a billionaire powermonger, I would push her for PM.  She was clumsy and inexperienced.


Now we are being told that May is the best thing to happen to the UK since the much-lauded Blair.  We already know that this is not the case, and in any case we are a bit more savvy than we were back then.  The line they are taking, that fat cat executives are now to be scapegoated to appease the angry public, is not helpful at all.  It is a commercial irritant, and it will not change the structure of business, the nature of business, or the threats that we absolutely must avoid of business legally challenging government and avoiding taxation on the promise of job creation. The latter is literally killing the country.


So, the usual Conservative rhetoric, that they are going to beat up on the boardrooms, and give you more control over your level of misery, is just that.  Leadsom said she was concerned about mothers getting no stimulation, and her solution was to cut maternity pay – this is the Conservative way of solving problems.  And yet people vote for this self-inflicted punishment, over and over again.  Will the English ever learn?


I have already suggested an alternative solution, and this solution involves taking a larger scale approach altogether. You do not prune a garden by taking off single twigs in the form of fat cat executives and pointing at them.  That is extremely wasteful of your time.  There are far more effective ways of decrowning trees in order to let your newly propagated seeds grow. (HINT HINT)


Anyway, I digress.  Labour, on the other hand, appear to be being directed by the invisible hand of Blair’s PR machine.  I am now wondering if this guy is a narcissistic sociopath.  He appears to feel no genuine remorse for his errors, and is enjoying a very nice life thanks to his devotion to his own wallet. I do not believe for one second that Labour consists of New Labourite robots, tainted with with the poison of the genuine socialists in the party and devoid of any memory at all of what Labour are supposed to stand for.


Jeremy Corbyn, their most popular leader in the last four decades, by far outshines Blair with the public, which ought to be telling our political parties that people are suffering.  You have to starve people into being politically motivated, whether this is starvation of opportunity, starvation of hope, or literal starvation makes little difference.  The population is clearly hungry, and Jeremy Corbyn is shaping up to be a contender.


We are supposed to believe that the PLP consists of extremely stupid people, obsessed with the memory of Blair and Brown, reading incorrect statistics, believing that they would really rather be in the Tory party, but lacking the expensive education.  We are supposed to believe that these people are all suffering from a collective delusion in which they burn the Corbyn witch and return to bland, centrist politics which does not genuinely change anything apart from making life more expensive for the squeezed middle.


It is my view that the people trying to bring Corbyn down are career victims, on a party line set by a retired politician so obsessed with his own image that he is prepared to destroy Labour in order to preserve his creation, New Labour.  They are deluded by a politics which is out of date.  Corbyn represents the core values of the real labour party that we remember pre-Blair.  As such, if these people are so far gone that they fail to recognise it when they are reminded of their own values, they really need to leave the party and form a new one.


As I have said in my previous post Capitalism, Socialism and Corporatism, Conservative and labour are supposed to mutually regulate, and allow us the illusion of choice in how we treat each other.  They are not supposed to determine our culture, our values and predetermine that the poor are to be left behind whilst we create elites that care for nobody.  Money is not supposed to accumulate in vast piles.  It is supposed to circulate, to benefit everyone.


In case nobody in our political class understands this, I repeat once again:








I am sure you can all manage to do better than this.  Should you require further input on core social values, I am sure you can either read a book, or ask questions.

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