Depression Britain with Philip Schofield

Millionaire Philip Schofield berates mother for spending tenner on herself at Christmas

First of all, sorry I have not been posting regularly.  There is something about losing all your work, despite paying a so-called professional a fee for taking care of it, that leaves you feeling rather demoralised.

Work on the collection stopped over Christmas as it was difficult to keep the supplies coming on with the post.  The game is moving on, but since my eyes started to deteriorate the sewing is rather behind at present.

Also, this is likely to be a very difficult personal year, as my former friend has quit his position taking care of things. (he didn’t, so it is probably just as well)

Anyway, do take a look at the above article, wherein multi-millionaire Philip Schofield berates a foolish former teacher for spending a tenner on alcohol at Christmas and admitting to it.  How different from the bland children’s TV presenter many people remember?  He is presumably looking to be on the New Year’s honours list next year for services to the poor.

Speaking of which, the honouring of two civil servants for services to welfare seems to be some kind of Tory attempt to undermine the monarchy, given that even I was shocked by this.  Advisers to the Queen should be aware that it is not only the starving poor that view this with some horror.  Are we to honour the supervision of starving a sector of the population, at a time when THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH JOBS IN THE UK and the Conservatives, this time in the form of the blisteringly thick Andrea Leadsom, are tooting their little hunting horns to maintain immigration to keep farmers’ wages bills down?

Speaking as someone who has habitually worked twenty hours a day most of my life, although it is now for the princely sum of £5k per annum, (since the fact that carers effectively save £45 to £50k per year in fees to Tory-owned care homes is apparently worthless)  I have never stopped in all my working life to begrudge money to people who cannot work or are not considered to be worth employing.  I cannot even conceive of being that thoughtless and mean spirited. Shame on you, Philip Schofield.

We are not amused, Boris.  We are not amused at all.


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