Goodbye Britain

Goodbye Britain

How ironic, the Union is finally going to be ended by an Aberdonian Tory in the form of Michael Gove.


Never underestimate the power of a good graphic.  Boris was a good graphic, with good egalitarian rhetoric and an unusually optimistic vibe for a Conservative.  As I suspected, the Nasty Party preferred a Nasty Grey candidate.


Theresa May is a dull schoolteacher, Michael Gove is a backstabber, hated even by dull schoolteachers, Crabb is a psychotic Christian who believes in the gay cure, and who on earth cares about the other candidates?


In the meantime, Labour is eating itself because the Blair/Brownites cannot manage to read any Labour Party history and want to stand behind a corporate breezemerchant rather than the very serious man the members and electorate prefer.  The LibDems are irrelevant, and UKIP have managed to get their referendum, but lost the war in terms of appeal to anyone but racist little Englanders.


It is all very sad, but we are going to have to make more strenuous efforts to cut ties with the other country.  It is even sadder, because if the rUK proceeds with Brexit, I predict that the UK will be far richer within two decades.


What a shame.  People with a little money fear losing it, the public are trained to make snap kneejerk judgements, and apparently nobody listens to or interprets information anymore.  More people will starve to death, and there will be less reason than ever to bother to vote for many.


It is a very sad and predictable day in British politics. Goodbye rUK, I guess we will have to leave, just as the most interesting and potentially lucrative opportunity we have ever rolled the dice on came our way.

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