Why we must ensure Brexit

In case you are in any doubt about your vote, whatever your reason for voting either brexit or remain, here are the countries who will now be asking for their own referendum.  These are not poor countries, and 40-60 percent of Europeans cannot readily be dismissed as racists who do not know anything about politics.


We in Scotland have our own agenda, and so I have no problem with your vote either way, but if you are suffering from any regret, please read through the following, non-tabloid links and see how many people agree that the question should be asked and answered by national populations. (Why does a country with a strong engineering history and an unreasonable amount of coast hate fishermen and shipbuilders?)


For our Tory remainers, do bear in mind that countries who leave will be looking for guidance and a trading partner, so try not to weaken in the short term because you are worried about your house and share prices.  Try not to be selfish for once. Everything is going to be fine.




8th EU nation threatens referendum


Six More Countries Want Referendums to Exit EU


Nearly half of voters in 8 EU countries want EU referendum


Brexit EU referendum Domino

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