And so the Brexit War truly begins …


Today’s news is not great.  With any luck however, it means that Theresa May is heading for retirement and the deal is not final yet.  We have to wait and see.

For the remainers and the nats that still read this now and again – here is why Brexit has been a good thing so far, regardless of the reasoning or cause:

  1. Half of the population demanding cheap holidays and claiming that the other half are racists for wanting the poor to have work in tourism and manufacturing is neither informed nor sensible.
  2. Do you know the difference between money in and money out?  The UK has run a trade deficit for decades, which has been used in part as an excuse for austerity measures, hurting the poor, disabled and elderly.  Not only have tourism and manufacturing revived, I am now able to work outside the UK and bring money in, which was not worth doing with a strong pound.  Even a child must understand that money flowing into the economy is better than money continuously being spent.
  3. 55% of Scotland were stupid and sufficiently badly educated about history to want to reject independence.  They frankly no longer deserve any consideration, which is why 1 in 3 of us moved on to consider the matter of whether the UK should be in the EU. In any case, a frictional position is far better in terms of long term future for Scotland.
  4. Brexit was never anything to do with immigration.  All that happens is that we get more immigrants from the commonwealth instead, the good thing about it was the stimulation of the unskilled sector, so that immigrants and the poor alike can actually eat.
  5. Whether the Tories are fighting or not is not really important given that the opposition haven’t been particularly effective, nor have they been remotely considerate of Scotland.

So now is the time for some action in terms of making sure that deal isn’t final.  A deal that suits nobody is utterly pointless.

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