Another Conservative own goal

It does not look as if the Conservatives giggling away at this


Trickle-down lies


have really understood anything. I am well aware that some key Conservatives read it, and am duly gratified.


It astonishes me that our current Chancellor and Prime Minister seem to have learned nothing from the history of their own party.  They do not understand British politics, they do not understand what popular Conservative policy is, and they do not understand that their decision making is going to lose them the next election.  To an old school Labourite no less!  The depths of stupidity are astounding!


We in Scotland are of course, somewhat left of even popular conservative policy, but we still have conservative tendencies.  The difference is that our idea of nationalism is somewhat more hospitable and opportunity-based.  It does not take a gigantic leap of imagination to come up with the idea of evacuation in place of immigration in the case of thousands of refugee children, meaning that the idea of said children bringing extended families would not be relevant. Rural schools and kindly people alike would welcome the opportunity


Instead the nasty party has struck again.  From Maggie’s actually quite clever idea of ‘feeding the base of the pyramid’ with opportunity, to buy property and shares and actually become rather conservative at any level of income, we have apparently witnessed a Conservative government who do not appear to care whether they are popular or not.


They appear to believe that everyone has inherited wealth that we do not want to pay any tax on, have a ‘divine right’ to shaft anyone poorer than us, that nobody will notice if they actually kill a few thousand people in the form of withholding support when they need it, and that there are sufficient voters to ensure that they get to continue in their reign of terror long enough to get whatever backhand benefits from TTIP and TISA privatisation that they have invested in.


Perhaps the answer is that as long as Cameron and Osborne last this term, they will have secured their investments.  Perhaps the answer is that they are knuckle-draggingly stupid and think that people will actually support continuous cruelty towards large swathes of the population, British or otherwise.  Perhaps the answer is that the system is now so corrupt that we need not bother voting at all, because the numbers will still come in as Conservative whether they are or not.


Whatever the answer to this question is, this government is not competent, and they are not really British.  They represent a very small proportion of the population, who are complacent, arrogant, privileged to the point of being very spoilt, and who apparently sit in their English villages hating everybody else.  I remember an argument with Rachel Johnson some years ago.  Within two emails it became apparent that she has no idea how the other 90 percent live, and is unlikely to ever find out.  How did we end up with a government consisting of people just like her?


Gone are the notions of British conservatism, pride in the nation, pride in achievement and the sense that the British class machine actually worked very well.  In place of this we have a new, rather lazy, rather amoral failed and incorrect idea of a neo-Victoriana, which has no place for the poor, so we might as well just clean up the housing estates and kill them all by starvation, poor healthcare, or the death of opportunity for anyone that is not Conservative.  Gone is the colonialism and pride which gave us an empire. In its place, scrounging rich people who want to cream off the contracts and not bother to pay any tax, and who apparently imagine that they are supported in doing so by thousands of people just like them.


What happened to the importance of popularity in politics?  What happened to the idea that you voted for competent, decent people who cared about something other than their own wallets?  What happened to genuine achievement? Getting handouts from your rich mummies and daddies is not the same as actually doing something for your money. Money does not a true gentleman make.


Emulating Trump in the course of promoting an exit from the EU is not the Boris we are used to either.


If Philip Green’s murder of BHS to fill his pockets with yet more cash is an example of Conservative achievement, we don’t want it.  It is time to replace the figureheads, or get the Tories out before they do any more damage to suit themselves. Altogether we are seeing an attempt to shift from a cooperative society, to a very selfish idea that if you cannot make it, by fair means or foul, then you might as well just die because you lack money.


If the Conservative government does not change course right now, we will see riots in the streets, and with all your taxes in tax havens, you won’t be able to afford the increased levels of policing you will require to protect yourselves.  Suppressing the media will not make your mistakes go away.

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