Why the negative media blackout on Brexit?

We seem to have relentless negative press on Brexit.  I am not sure what they are teaching economics graduates, but I am assured that Bloomberg and the FT do have some, so why they don’t seem to know anything about economic history I do not know.

I got into a chat with a lovely chap with a South American name on Facebook today.  He was posting about how stupid and racist Brexit is:

“That’s not how it works.”  I said

“We are told it’s because English people are racist.”

“Speaking as a Scottish person, I can verify that English people tend to be more xenophobic, yes, but that’s not why Brexit is a good idea.”

  • The media are failing to report properly.  A low pound may be bad for cheap holidays, but it is good for manufacturing and tourism jobs, both of which are massive unskilled employers.  Rather than murdering the elderly, disabled and unemployed, we could have far more people operating a far healthier cash economy if Brexit goes ahead.  We have been doing a bit of driving in Scotland recently, and we are already seeing the benefits of a return to tourism in Scotland.
  • It will not lead to a decline in immigration.  Instead we will get far more middle class Indian, African and other non EU immigration.  These immigrants are far more likely to create new native networks than people like the Poles, who simply send their money home, where it is spent and used to employ work gangs from exploitative countries.
  • Britain is a better option for some immigrant populations than others in terms of our historic ability to absorb alternative ideas rather than create frictional stresspoints.  My current project, should it get off the ground, seeks to demonstrate this.
  • Britain is in a far better position to negotiate a more distant relationship with the EU and make better use of foreign trade, which benefits everybody, including the EU.  This is a golden opportunity, not only for tertiary and potentially virtual business, but for trading secondary goods.
  • It is high time we redeveloped our own military sector and made our own decisions rather than sitting in America’s pocket.  There is absolutely no reason why Britain cannot make independent decisions.  I am afraid I disagree with Boris on the issue of America.  America is the most toxic and dangerous country in the world currently, and it would be prudent to establish ourselves as more in line with alternative partners.

I understand that people may be confused that some of the most eager exponents of Brexit, for example Jacob Rees-Mogg, are moving their money out of the UK whilst still punting a potentially risky exit from Europe, however he is the only person in the government who seems to understand the benefits of a low pound for sectors of the population that people like Iain Duncan Smith would cheerfully see dead at the side of the road.  I think, personally, that given his wealth, it makes perfect sense to be preserving what he has whilst benefitting others.

I am sorry if your French car, your Italian wine, and your holiday will be more expensive.  Some people are starving to death or being deliberately neglected to death under the current system.  Tough tittie if you don’t like what responsible people would rather see happen to PREVENT PEOPLE BEING ACTUALLY KILLED.

No more bridges, poppet,





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