28 Days

So I decided to pursue my plans to woo the Prime Minister this morning and investigated the rules on getting married in the UK.

I’m thinking Gretna is a suitable place for us to run away to, so I reckon we have to get the paperwork started quite quickly, as 28 days notice is required as a minimum.

After the 28 days has elapsed, we can simply meet up, pop off to Gretna, get that sorted and then get on with our lives.  I can then provide any required assistance via Skype, meaning that we are both free to pursue our otherwise busy lives.

This also solves the sock issue, so we don’t need to negotiate that.

Thereafter, there is the question of public appearances.  Bearing in mind that I have two very spoilt cats, I will have to conduct this new life making use of the excellent transport links between here and London.  Some fresh security arrangements will have to be made, so I will have to do a bit of organising in that respect.

We can then work on the strategy we discussed in 2016 and life will get a lot easier all round. We certainly don’t have any problems communicating, now do we?

Looking forward to your request for documents.

Much love,


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