When is a Lady not a Lady?

Being a lady is a complex business.  I have just been schooling a gaggle of clucking chickens who were bullying a woman for using the word stupid.

She was using the word stupid to highlight a problem with epoxy resin.  As you know, I work with epoxy resin, and I am well aware how dangerous it is long term, despite being fortunate enough not to have an instant reaction to it.

Sometimes being a lady involves being self effacing and backing the fuck off, as was the case with Little Shiva.  Had I not backed off, the evil giant would have gunned for him instead of me, for one thing, and the beautiful married chick I thought he was with might have been upset.  I did everything I could to remove my eyes from that boy, to no avail.

Sometimes the stakes are somewhat higher.  Being a lady in the case of Haram Bawbag involved dissing his ex girlfriend so that he would stop stalking her and boring the pants off me talking about her and their very dull relationship.

Sometimes, however when the stakes are incredibly high for more than 70 million people, it is important to assert one’s self and let one’s inner cavewoman out for a bit, whether this is practical or not is another matter.  I am not genuinely concerned about Lucifer’s life choices.  I am, however, concerned about some pretty serious shit that affects everyone, and I would like to help if possible.

Tonight being a lady involved telling some poor chick that using a negative word is fine when you are trying to alert people to danger.  I am not sure what these women do when there is a large fire, but saying ‘please exit’ in a quiet voice will not cut it.

Anyway, that was fun, I hope Lucifer enjoyed it as much as I did.

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