Celebrity Coronavirus and other Stories

So, in a week where we discover the fifth strain ‘Celebrity Coronavirus,’  which is the one where you recover in seven days and are magically not infectious, such as Prince Charles and Matt Hancock, or the one where you spend a couple of nights with foreign nurses in ICU and then return to bonking at Chequers in 48 hours, such as Boris Johnson, we discover how full of shit people really are.

I have just left a situation in which an overcrowded shop, apparently relying on God to determine how many of the non-isolating customers die, continue to share the virus.

In my part-time role as essential worker, I was verbally abused every single day I was out for wearing proper protective gear.  As I am immune, I do not actually require it, I was wearing it for the peace of mind of the people I was dealing with and as a public statement that I do not want to kill you.

In Scotland, this is taken as weakness in much the same way being a carer was taken as weakness, so I was accused of various things by mad people until I removed the mask, at which point they ran away. I was talking to a girl the other night who had also had the virus, and she remarked that she thought she was immune and yet infectious, so was breathing on people for fun.

In the meantime, my former co-worker, who has children and a wife who works in a carehome, continues to put everybody at risk by not wearing a mask. I have discovered that I view masks as a code for whether people have a brain and social conscience or not.  The sneering people without the masks are welcome to die as soon as possible. My fellow essential workers feel much the same way.

I kind of hope quite a few of these people die instead of the carehomes full of elderly and the hospitals full of NHS staff.

I had my first symptoms three days before Bojo.  I have worked throughout, have managed to prevent the progress of the virus by antioxidant means, and am still finding it quite difficult to deal with stress without physical symptoms.  In the event I had been in ICU two days ago, I certainly wouldn’t be travelling forty miles to bonk my girlfriend.

The primary reason for this fakery is so that he cannot be challenged too vigorously in parliament.  It is an attempt to be a ‘man of the people’ and distract from the facts.  The second reason is to promote immigrant nurses, which were pointedly mentioned.  This is because they seem to be killing so many staff by not providing adequate PPE that it will be almost impossible to function without them.

In the meantime dear old Stanley continues to uphold the British class system, which he believes he is a part of because the Johnson con has been going so long, by making inappropriate comments to the press.

So, we can look forward, after thousands of needless deaths and spurious loss of life via the DNR orders signed by the disabled, to a persistent attempt to maintain the same bullshit system.

No thanks. You can keep your shitty values.  Mine are better.



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